The L Word

Season 2 Episode 1

Life, Loss, Leaving

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on Showtime

Episode Recap

After a recap of Season 1, the episode opens in present day Los Angeles. Tina undresses as she is getting ready for her OBGYN appointment. She talks about her relationships with Bette, how she thought they were on solid ground. She also tells the doctor how her miscarriage was very difficult to Bette, and that she wouldn't have been able to handle a second one. Then it's revealed: she is pregnant – and Bette doesn't know. Neither does any of her friends, as she insists on not telling them yet. Tina is having the baby on her own. It's morning and Bette is in bed with Candace, making love. Candace seems very happy but Bette is troubled by something. She doesn't say what it is. The same morning, Alice and Shane are having coffee at The Planet. Alice has been given an assignment to knit something, and she is very frustrated with it. The coffee tastes terrible, and Alice wonders where Marina is. She hasn't been seen in days. As they see Tonya walking in, they pretend to be deeply engaged in a conversation so that Tonya wouldn't join them. Oblivious to all this, Tonya sits at their table anyway. She tells that Marina has tried to commit suicide, and that her mother has sent her back to Italy. Dana comes in after her morning run, all sweaty. Alice is uncomfortable with her there. Tonya notices that something is off and confronts Alice, but she explains it away by being upset about the news about Marina. The group discusses Bette and Tina, how Bette still hasn't called her and apologized for cheating on her with Candace. Tonya exaggerates how Tina supposedly walked in on them having sex, and Alice has to correct her. When Tonya hears that Bette is still seeing Candace, she gets really revved up even though Shane tries to interrupt her. Tina has just walked in; she is standing behind them and has heard everything. Jenny is walking with Gene on Farmers' Market. He tries to make conversation but Jenny is distracted when she sees lesbian couples. They stop at an onion stall, and Jenny flirts with the vendor, a cute Asian girl. Just then, Gene has a breakdown. He yells at Jenny for not having sex with him, and staying in the relationship without realizing she is 100% lesbian. Jenny says that it's not really for Gene to decide, but he just storms off. Dana confronts Alice in the bathroom at The Planet. She wants to talk about what happened between them. At first, Alice is reluctant to talk about it, but she then says that it was a mistake... but leaves it hanging in the air. Dana replies, "If you say so." They bicker about who kissed whom first, and end up kissing each other again, passionately. Alice comes out of the bathroom, flustered. She sits down at the table with Tina, Tonya and Shane. Shane has found a new client after Cherie Jaffe: Arianna Huffington. Dana arrives at the table a few moments after Alice; they both look guilty. Alice and Dana both also make the same mistake about Shane's client: they think Shane is "doing" Arianna Huffington. Shane has to explain to them that she is doing her hair. As Tina is about to leave, Bette walks in. She apologizes to Tina and explains that the reason why she hasn't contacted her earlier is that she wanted to be absolutely sure that the thing between her and Candace is over. Bette begs Tina to forgive her, saying that she is the love of her life. But Tina confronts her: did Bette break up with Candace on the phone or face to face? Bette is confused; she can't understand how that matters. Tina gets upset. The previous night she drove by Bette's house and didn't she her car there. Bette obviously spent the night having sex with Candace before breaking up with her. Tina knocks over the table (accidentally pouring coffee on Tonya's blouse and skirt) and storms off. At Ivan's garage, Ivan and Kit are talking about old picture cars. Ivan shows her inside because s/he has a present for Kit. As Ivan hands her a jewelry box, Kit refuses, but Ivan explains that it's not what Kit thinks. Inside, there's a key to Ivan's apartment, which is just two blocks away from The Planet. Kit says that it's not a done deal yet, that she has to work things out with Marina's mother about the sale. There's also another key on the ring and Kit asks what it is for. Ivan shows her the car – it's Kit's own Chevy but restored to its original condition. Kit is very taken with Ivan's gesture but doesn't know how to express her gratitude. As she is about to kiss Ivan to thank her, Ivan stops her. S/he wants Kit to be ready for it, and she is not ready yet. At Tim's house, Tim is carrying cardboard boxes as Jenny talks to him. He is moving to Ohio, and has taken a coach position in Oberlin. Since Jenny still hasn't found a new place, Tim offers her his house. Jenny says she can't afford the rent, but Tim asks her to reconsider; the rent is paid until the end of the month. Jenny is grateful as she has other things on her mind as well. She is thinking about taking a writing class at the university because she feels that lately her writing isn't going anywhere. Jenny sits in her writing studio with her laptop, trying to write. She reads over what she's written so far and stops. She is stuck. Suddenly, she has another burst of inspiration and starts typing the keys. In a dream sequence, we see young Jane on a carnival field, watching her parents fight. As her father leaves, Jane says, "Don't leave." The man turns over; it's Tim. Bette is having a glass of wine by the pool. Tim comes by to say goodbye. Bette is surprised; she hasn't realized Tim is moving permanently to Ohio. Tim jokes about some poor fool moving in the house with his girlfriend so that Bette can introduce her to her "predatory friends". Tim asks for Tina since he wants to say goodbye to her too, but Bette doesn't have the heart to tell him that Tina doesn't live at the house anymore. They hug for goodbyes. Jenny is going through her mail. She has received a rejection letter for a manuscript she has sent in. She pins the letter on the wall next to all the other rejection letters she has gotten before. Shane arrives at a TV-studio. She meets Arianna Huffington and starts to work on her hair. A girl walks in with Ms. Huffinton's soy latte and introduces herself as Carmen. After Shane is done with Ms. Huffington's hair, they pass by Carmen again. Shane is intrigued by her and Ms. Huffington urges her to go after her. Carmen tells her that carrying around coffee is just her day job. Her other job is a DJ at several clubs. Shane is called over the public announcement system and she gets ready to go, but Carmen invites her to a music studio to listen to a mix. She puts on the music, Shane flirts with her... and they start kissing. As Shane undresses Carmen, she uncovers a large tattoo that goes around her hips and back. She says it's for her father whom she never met; he was supposedly a Mayan medicine man. Meanwhile, an assistant is feverishly looking for the girl responsible for Arianna Huffington's hair to do the finishing touches, but Shane is too busy with Carmen in the studio. An irritated Bette is in her office, listening to a presentation about an artist who hopes to find funding. Bette is not impressed. James walks in and hands her note. It reads: "Candace Jewell on the phone." Bette doesn't want to take the phone call and she says to James to tell Candace to stop calling. Jenny is at a diner where she is now working as a waitress. She goes to a table to take the customers' order but Robin walks in. Jenny is happy to see her and cheerful, so Robin says, "You haven't heard, obviously." Jenny doesn't know what she's talking about. Robin finally tells the truth about Marina. She tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills at the Bel Air Hotel. Luckily, they found her in time, and called Robin who then called Marina's mother in Umbria, Italy. When Robin went to see her at the hospital, she was screaming Jenny's name. Jenny is devastated with the news. Dana and Tonya are walking down the street. Tonya drags her to look at a hugely expensive espresso maker. Dana doesn't want to register for anything that expensive for their wedding presents but Tonya disagrees. Dana's phone rings; it's Alice (calling from her knitting circle) and she wants to meet Dana. Dana lies to Tonya and tells that it's her old tennis partner. They agree to meet the following afternoon. Bette and Kit are having Chinese at Bette's place. Bette looks really sad, like she's about to cry. Kit consoles her by agreeing to speak to Tina for her. Bette changes the subject; she thinks Kit's business plan looks solid and she is willing to co-sign her loan. But Kit doesn't have the $50,000 needed for the down payment. When Kit suggests that Ivan might be able to loan the sum, Bette refuses. She says it would only make the relationship between Kit and Ivan even more complicated. Robin and Jenny are at Jenny's writing studio. Robin is taking care of Jenny; she had fainted at the diner. Robin consoles her, saying that she shouldn't blame herself for what happened to Marina. When Jenny says she still hasn't found a new place to live and can't afford the rent in Tim's house, Robin asks her to move in with her. "I think we could be happy", she says. Jenny is unsure. Alice meets Bette at The Planet. She asks Bette to stay away from the house for a few hours that night; Tina wants to stop by to pick up some of her stuff and she can't face Bette. Bette tries to defend herself for what she did by saying that she tried everything to stop the thing between her and Candace from happening. Alice doesn't buy it, and they get into an argument. Kit goes to see Ivan. When s/he doesn't answer the door, Kit lets herself in with her own key. Loud music is playing; Ivan obviously didn't hear her come in. Kit wants to talk about the loan for her business, but Ivan doesn't hear her. Kit walks into Ivan's room and sees all the equipment s/he uses to look like a man, among other things a wig and a strap-on penis. Suddenly, Ivan comes in, looking like a woman and wearing nothing but boxer shorts. S/he is stunned, then furious, and pushes Kit out of the room. Kit tries to reason with him/her but Ivan is really upset and she wants Kit to leave the apartment. Kit quietly leaves. Alice and Dana meet at a jogging path in the canyon. Alice wants to talk about the "thing" between the two of them. She says that maybe it they admit to each other (and themselves) that they are attracted to each other, the forbidden fruit is not so enticing anymore. Dana agrees, and the both say it out loud: "I admit I'm attracted to you." Then they agree to make up rules so that they won't get into situations where they find the other the most attractive, like never being alone in the same place. Tim is leaving. Jenny asks if she could keep Tim's stopwatch as a keepsake of their relationship. Tim put is around her neck, but seems oddly detached. Tina comes by the house. It's late at night and the house is dark; it looks like Bette is not home. When she turns on the light in the bedroom, she finds Bette sitting there. "I needed to see you", she says. Tina goes to her closet and quickly starts packing up her clothes while Bette tries to apologize to her. Tina doesn't listen. She just grabs her stuff and leaves. Bette screams after her. Shane arrives at a nightclub. She spots Carmen at the bar, drinking beer. She waves at her, but another girl mistakenly thinks Shane is greeting her instead. Shane is torn; she doesn't know which one to approach. Tim walks around in the house; it's completely empty. Shane is making out with the other girl. Carmen walks up to them and tries to ask Shane what's going on. Shane explains that she just wants to have fun, and doesn't make any plans. Carmen walks off. Shane tries not to be affected, but she's not fully into it when the girl is trying to make out with her. Jenny is sleeping. Tim gets undressed and crawls into the bed with her. Jenny is reluctant but Tim wants to have sex with her. When he's done, Tim gets up and leaves for Ohio. He doesn't want to wait until morning. As he's going out the door, Jenny says, "Please, don't leave." A tea kettle whistles in Bette's kitchen. She goes in to grab it but burns herself on the handle. She pours herself a cup of tea and walks around in the quiet house, lonely without Tina. Across the driveway, she spots the equally lonely Jenny, alone in Tim's empty house.