The L Word

Season 2 Episode 1

Life, Loss, Leaving

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Shane is walking to the TV studio, her jeans are torn. However, inside the studio her jeans have miraculously repaired themselves.

    • Opening Teaser: None.
      Like the first season premiere, also this episode doesn't have an opening teaser. Instead, we see a recap of Season 1.

    • In this episode, it is rumored that Marina tried to commit suicide. We also hear five different explanations of how it supposedly happened.

    • The opening credits show the audience that both Laurel Holloman and her character, Tina Kennard, are pregnant.

  • Quotes

    • Bette: (after Tim tells her he's moving to Ohio) I'll miss you.
      Tim: Who knows, maybe some other poor sucker will move in here with his sexually confused girlfriend, and you can introduce one of your predatory friends and she can seduce her, and his whole life can fall apart.

    • Bette: It is completely and totally over.
      Tina: When did you end it?
      Bette: This morning, and I told her that you were the love of my life and that I didn't know what I was doing and that I must've gone temporarily insane.
      Tina: Did you tell her in person? Or on the phone?
      Bette: Why, does that matter?
      Tina: Because I drove by the house at 2:00 AM. And your car wasn't there. (shouting) Did you fuck all night before you told her I was the love of your life this morning?!

    • Alice: Well, what about you, you don't have anything to say?
      Dana: You're the one who kissed me first.
      Alice: I do remember you kissing me back.
      Dana: After you started it.

    • Alice: We need, like... rules of un-attraction.
      Dana: Okay, like never be alone together, in places like the bathroom at The Planet.
      Alice: Right. Never be alone together.
      Dana: Especially never be alone together... in places where's there's like a bed or a couch.
      Alice: Right, or - or - a table.
      (Dana nods.)
      Alice: Or a floor. Or the backseat of a car.
      Dana: Oooh, that would be good... (realizing what she said and backtracking) That wouldn't be good!

    • Bette: She abandoned me, as much as I abandoned her. We both did it.
      Alice: Yeah but only one of you was having an orgasm.

    • Kit: Let me talk to Tina.
      Bette: And what would you say?
      Kit: That my sister is a pootie chasing dog, who deserves to be tied down and whooped upside the head, put it doesn't change the fact that she loves you more than her own life.

    • Alice: Oh, so you still live by the "code". "Don't do relationships."
      Shane: It's not a code, it's me.

    • Woman: (about what Alice is knitting) Dear, I don't think you're gonna be able to get anybody's head through that thing.
      Alice: You know, though. I think this would make a really good harness for a strap-on dildo.

    • Carmen: So I heard this mix at The Knitting Factory last weekend. I mean this is... this is exactly where I wanna be in like 5 years from now.
      Shane: I like a girl with ambition.
      Carmen: Fuck you!
      Shane: Okay. If you want.

    • Tonya: (to Dana) Honey, Shane is doing Arianna Huffington.
      Dana: You're doing Arianna Huffington? She's fifty, Shane!
      Shane: Her hair.

    • Alice: So listen, do you, um... you wanna talk about anything, or... 'cause that's what friends are for. If you'd like to talk.
      Shane: No, I got nothing to talk about.
      Alice: Shane.
      Shane: What? Aw, quit bein' such a lez!

    • Alice: (about Tonya) I cannot take Cruella DeVille this morning.

    • Alice: Dammit... why did I get this assignment? I'm so not a knitter.
      Shane: Well, it's crazy popular and all the fags I know are doing it. Even some of the straight boys, too.
      Alice: Right! See? Men should be knitting, and women should be running the world. That's how I see it.

    • Dana: Fuck you!
      Alice: Okay, that's totally against the rules.

    • Alice: This coffee tastes like poopie shit!

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