The L Word

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

The gang is at the Subaru Pink Ride gathering. The spokeswoman of the organization gives a speech to the audience and highlights how important this event is for those who are still fighting cancer and those who have lost their lives to it. Tasha meets with some old friends with whom she used to play basketball before joining the service. They invite her to their club and she promises to show up later on. Alice seems a little jealous – she thought she knew every lesbian bar in town – but they laugh it off. Tina sights Niki, Adele, and Jenny together and loses her temper. She scolds them because Niki shouldn't be seen with Jenny, as agreed with her managers. Niki reassures Tina she won't be noticed but soon after a fan approaches her for a photo. Frustrated, Tina throws up her hands and exclaims she's quitting. Molly comes up to Shane who's been avoiding her since their last encounter. Shane won't listen to Molly's apologies because she's hurt by Molly's opinion of her. The race begins and everybody takes off. Bette and Tina seem unhappy and as they bike side by side, Tina tells Bette she prefers Jodi knew they only thought of having an affair rather than knowing the unpleasant truth. With Molly at her heels, Shane tries to ride away as fast as possible. At the first pit stop, Niki asks Shane whether she and Jenny ever hooked up, which Shane denies firmly since Jenny is her friend. Shane takes off as Jenny arrives and tells her Molly-the-stalker is coming closer. Shane tries to ride away, but Molly eventually catches up with her and makes a bet: if Shane can reach the next stop before she does, Molly will leave her in peace – otherwise Shane will have to listen to what she has to say. They race and Shane is about to win when Molly shouts a "I love you" from behind, distracting Shane completely and allowing Molly to win. Soon after, she explains it was only a trick to stop Shane from winning. Molly admits she's confused about many things in her life but of one thing she's sure: she really wants to be with Shane. Shane stares at her and smiles, then hugs her and kisses her with everybody clapping hands in the background. The gang enters a cabin. It looks like a shrine with chairs lined up and some candles lit before a wall full of pictures of many women who died of breast cancer. The girls stare amazed at the number of pictures on the wall. Alice instinctively takes off Dana's badge from her shirt and attaches it to the wall. With watery eyes, they spend time remembering her and light up candles in her honor. Back on the road, they enjoy their ride until they reach a camp where they're going to stop for the night. All the couples make their tents. Tasha tries talking Alice into hanging with her old friends but she reacts coldly at the idea. Adele builds a royal tent for Jenny and Niki – she's made a deal with a sponsor and they want photos of Niki posing in front of the tent. Bette is dead set on reading the instructions herself and won't let Jodi help her. Jodi walks away, leaving Bette to fend for the tent herself but soon Bette falls head over heels. Molly observes Shane's tent (on sale at CostCo) is rather shabby and small compared to Jenny's. Shane herself is surprised at Jenny's tent and fools around by loosening a string of the tent, which eventually tumbles down on Jenny and Niki. They both yell for Adele to come help them. Tina is thankful to Jodi for helping her build the tent. They make some small talk, mainly about Bette, whom lately Jodi finds quite moody. "Was she moody with you?" she asks Tina. Jodi also wonders about Angelica but Tina reassures her everything's fine. Jodi gives her a strong and warm embrace and bids her a good day, leaving Tina to her guilty conscience. At night, they make a campfire and sit together. Alice is curious to know if Adele is dating anyone. She admits she has her eyes on someone but doesn't want to reveal who it is. Niki queues with Shane for the showers and can't help noticing Shane's body when she undresses. Bette keeps watching Tina and Jodi, thus attracting Kit's attention, who whispers to her sister that she's not acting right. Alice finds Tasha in the tent, absorbed in high thoughts. Tasha asks Alice what her goals in life are at this point, whether she wants to have children. Alice says she does want kids, eventually, but not quite yet. Right now, she's more excited about the possibility of getting the talk show job. Tasha proposes they move in together; Alice is happy to hear that and agrees. They join the rest of the gang for dinner at the campfire, while Shane and Molly retire to the bike cabin for some privacy. Jenny surprises Niki by giving her a strap-on dildo as a gift. Niki's not sure what to do with and Jenny explains she wants Niki to wear it when they have sex. Niki starts playing around with her new video camera – also a gift from Jenny – while they take turns in filming each other and stripping their clothes. They heat up the night in the tent, forgetting that the video camera is recording everything. Adele watches their shadows from outside the tent. Later on, the group gathers around the campfire and has fun. Alice tells a ghost story that doesn't scare anyone. Niki and Jenny make a frightening entry as they come howling from the bushes, wearing some ugly masks and clasping knives in their hands. Jodi suggests they play a game so Shane proposes "I've never", which consists of making a statement starting with those two words and whoever disagrees with it has to take a sip of beer. They take turns as the topic slowly centers on cheating. They discuss the ways of cheating and Alice starts blabbering about Bette being a big cheater, once upon a time. Laughing and playing, Jodi by chance asks Bette if she's ever cheated on her. Tina cannot stand it anymore and she stands up and leaves abruptly. Bette cannot lie any longer and her eyes speak the truth for her. Everybody is astonished at the discovery of Bette and Tina's affair. Jodi is devastated and closes herself in the tent. Bette goes running after her but Jodi texts Tom to tell her to get away – she doesn't want to see her. Alice and Shane go talk to Tina. They can't believe their ears and have a "I–never-saw-this-coming" drink. They console Tina, saying she and Bette belong to each other. In Kit's tent, Kit scolds Bette for screwing it up again, reminding her how disastrous her relationship with Tina was. Bette can only say she's always been in love with Tina. Niki and Jenny, sitting next to the dying fire, wonder if they're going to last, while Adele hides the sex tape in her pocket. In the morning, Bette cries all alone on the lakeside. When she returns to the camp, Max tells her Tom and Jodi left already. The gang gets back on the road and rides off.
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