The L Word

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Showtime

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  • This episode is about the girls going on the Pink Ride together.

    This was a great episode. The gang goes on the Subaru Pink Ride to help fight breast cancer. They had created their own little team named Team Dana to honor the death of Dana, their good friend that died of breast cancer. Shane and Kit talking as Molly (Shane's stalker)comes up and starts talking with them and Shane telling her to go home. Also Niki shows up with Jenny sporting a nice Girltrash T-shirt. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the relationship between Shane and Molly. Shane is actually trying with Molly who loves her enough to go across the country to find Shane. They make a great couple. Another couple is Alice and Tasha who were having a discussion about whether they are going to move in together or not. After Tasha has not been around much because she had met up some friends that she used to hang out with, including an ex-girlfriend of hers. Jenny and Niki are very happy and in love. Even Niki tells Shane that she loves Jenny. They decide to make a tape in their tent which falls into the wrong hands and can be used against them. Alice tells an interesting ghost story around the fire and then the gang decides to play "I Never" which was doomed to end bad. They get to the topic of what it means to cheat and what is considered cheating. Everyone has their own opinions and have different reactions from each of the couples sitting around the fire. Bette upsets Jodi when it is outed that Bette has been seeing Tina behind her back. Later Shane and Alice talk to Tina in her tent about her and Bette. They were not surprised to know that they were back together and neither was anyone else. They all agreed that no matter how much they loved Jodi that Bette and Tina have always been meant for each other. At the end Jenny asks Niki if she thinks that they will make and she says that she promises that she will love Jenny forever. Bette sits and cries by the water feeling bad about what has happened. The gang is broken as they ride back home.
  • The Subaru Pink Ride gets dark.

    A really great episode from this season. In this episode we see the girls in a race campaign againt breast cancer at first sight a not intereseting premise, but the interesting thing here is when the girls gather together in a camp and begin telling stories and playing the game "I never" thats where all the secrets are revealed and Jodi realizes tha Bette is cheating on her with Tina.

    What a sad moment for Jodi, Bette and Tina, Jodi seems so happy with Bette but she loves Tina.

    Tasha wants a future with Alice while Adelle is showing her trues intentions.
  • The girls participate in the Subaru Pink Ride to help support breast cancer research.

    Let me just start out by saying that this was a truly amazing episode. The entire fifth season of The L Word has been absolutely amazing. I thought that this episode had the perfect blend of drama and comedy. I absolutely loved Tina in this episode, especially her interactions with Jenny and Nikki. I also really liked the whole Shane and Molly storyline in this episode. Based on Shane's interactions with Nikki, I have a really bad feeling about where that whole situation is headed. The whole reveal of Bette & Tina's affair to Jodi and the rest of the girls and Tom was so well written and played by everyone involved, but especially Jennifer (Bette), Laurel (Tina), and Marlee (Jodi). All in all, this was another amazing episode of The L Word, and I can't wait to see the next episode.