The L Word

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • The "Previously on..." part contains a scene not included in the previous episode. There is a scene with Alice, Tasha, and Kit at The Planet where Alice says that Tasha is getting a lot of job offers. This differs drastically from the actual scene from the previous episode, where Alice was just asking Tasha to come with her to the SheBar meeting to protect her.

    • Deleted Scene: Niki has some fun with a video camera
      This scene takes place in LA before the Pink Ride. Niki is filming with her new video camera, given to her by Jenny, of Adele packing Jenny's things for the ride while Jenny lounges on the bed. Niki complements Adele on her bone structure, causing Jenny to ask "Are you flirting with Adele?" Niki responds, "Maybe." Niki throws Adele on the bed and tells Jenny that they kissed the other night. "It was really hot." Shane pops her head in the doorway to ask if the girls are ready yet. Niki then starts to flirt with Shane, saying the she's noticed Shane looking at her. "You think?", Shane asks. Jenny notions Niki and her camera to her and says, "They can't have you -- you're mine."

    • During the first day of the Pink Ride, Niki is wearing a Girltrash t-shirt. Girltrash is a short web series created and directed by Angela Robinson, who has also written and directed many episodes of The L Word. One of the stars of the show is Rose Rollins (Tasha).

  • Quotes

    • Alice: Are you in love with Bette? Again?
      Tina: I've always been in love with Bette.

    • Kit: What the fuck is wrong with you?
      Bette: I don't know. It just happened.
      Kit: Shit like this just don't happen. I mean, you don't wake up next to somebody by accident.

    • (Alice, Shane, Tina talk about her affair with Bette after the "I Never" game.)
      Shane: I never saw this coming. Ever. (they all drink)

    • Alice: Are you having an affair with Bette? Again?
      Shane: Since when?
      Tina: Maybe a month?
      Alice: A month? Why didn't you tell me?
      Tina: Because you have a big fucking mouth.

    • Alice: Bette, I mean, come on. You cheat. You were a giant cheater. I mean, it was a phase, I'm not-- I'm not saying that you are now but. You cheated on Tina. You cheated on me. There was a lot of cheating. I mean, come on, you guys saw it; you were there. Ba-boom. Ginormous cheater.

    • Molly: So, does that mean that I could sleep with any one of your friends and you wouldn't care?
      Shane: Not if you came home with me afterwards.

    • Shane: I don't know, I think that sexual jealousy always weighs down a relationship.
      Tina: That's because you're a ho.

    • Molly: You've never been in love?
      Shane: I don't think so. I mean, maybe I have, I'm not really sure what that is.

    • Shane: I don't think kissing counts. It's not cheating. Nor do I think sleeping with someone.
      Alice: Fucking?!
      Shane: Well, you know, unless you sleep with a person more than once. (everyone sounds their disapproval) Not in my book. It's not.
      Niki: I agree with Shane, I mean, messing around is just messing around, right? I mean you can still be loyal to someone in your heart and, I mean, what's the big deal?
      Alice: Wow, you guys have great morals.

    • Niki: So, you talked to Molly.
      Shane: Yeah, what can I say, I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
      Niki: Here I thought you were hard to get.
      Shane: I'm not hard to get.
      Niki: Hmm, not hard to get, just hard to keep.

    • Alice: So, what's your deal. Are you gay or what? C'mon.
      Adele: That depends.
      Alice: Depends on what?
      Adele: It depends on who's asking.
      Alice: I'm asking. Are you seeing anyone?
      Adele: I'm single.
      Alice: This is great! We should set you up. 'Cause, I mean, that's what these rides are for. Curing cancer and one night stands. Totally.

    • Kit: I sure hope you know what you're doing.
      Bette: I have it completely under control.
      Kit: Keep tellin' yourself that, baby girl.

    • (Shane and Molly make the tent fall on Jenny & Niki.)
      Jenny: Adele! We're being killed!

    • Molly: What kind of bullshit tent is this?
      Shane: It was on sale at Costco.
      Molly: And you expect me to have Advanced Placement lesbian sex in this shitty runt tent?
      Shane: Yeah, I do.

    • Tina: (seeing Jenny and Niki's tent) What the fuck is this, the Taj Mahal?

    • Alice: (trying to set up a tent) Isn't there a hotel or something that we could check into?
      Kit: Girl, and then rent a car, so we can drive the rest of the way?

    • Molly: I don't know if I'm gay, I don't know if I'm straight, but I know that I want to be with you.
      Shane: We had terrible sex.
      Molly: No, it was great for me! You don't just get on a bike and know how to ride it - same with riding a girl. So I freaked out. Big deal. You've just been with so many girls that you don't remember your first time. Well, guess what, it was my first time. And it was great! It was better than with Richard, and with guys, and with anybody! And I'm really into you! And I swear, next time, I will so go down on you!
      Shane: Molly, Molly, you're making a scene. Please. (pause) Seriously, why do you want to be with me? Think about it. Because you've been using me to get back at your mother the whole time.
      Molly: I haven't. I haven't been using you. I've never flown to the Pacific Northwest to chase a girl I barely know. And I'm here and I'm really crazy about you. And I need you to give me another chance even if I'm awful in bed. (pauses) I know I'm still Gay 101, but I'm a really fast learner and before you know it I'm gonna be Advanced Placement Gay, and then Graduate Level Gay, and fuck law school, I'll get my Doctorate in fucking Gay!

    • Molly: (racing Shane to the pit stop) I love you!
      Shane: What?! (skids to a stop) Whoa, wait!
      Molly: I won.
      Shane: No, no, no, no. Wait, you're in love with me?
      Molly: No. I just said that so you would stop.
      Shane: You cheated. (throws her helmet at Molly)
      Molly: Ow! So what, I still won.

    • Jenny: (after getting off her bike at a rest stop) My pussy is so numb.

    • Niki: So did you guys ever hook up?
      Shane: Who? Me and Jenny? Fuck, no.
      Niki: Well, my friends are always hooking up with one another so...
      Shane: No, not in this case.
      Niki: You know, she's really beautiful and you're not so bad yourself... so I'm surprised.
      Shane: Well, I figure just because you can, doesn't always mean that you should.

    • Bette: Hey, I need to tell you something.
      Tina: What?
      Bette: You look really great in those pants. (laughs)
      Tina: Fuck you! (smiles)

    • Shane: (to Molly) I don't want to be your fucking loser fuck buddy. I really don't. I don't want you to pity me. I don't want you to save me. I don't want to be your teacher into the gay world. I don't want any of it. So, just go home.

    • Shane: Molly, go home.
      Molly: It's a free country. I can support boobs if I want to. Go boobs! (audience cheers) See.
      Kit: So you flew all the way up here? Shane. Shane, she flew all the way up here to keep fighting with you, girl. That's true love. That's true love!

    • Tina: You guys are not supposed to be seen together. I promised your managers. You're gonna get me fired.
      Niki: Tina, it's not like we're going to be having sex on the side of the road. Here, look, I'll put these on and no one will even recognize me. (puts on sunglasses)
      Guy: Excuse me. Hi, are you Niki Stevens?
      Niki: Yeah!
      Guy: Can we have your autograph?
      Tina: I quit! I fucking quit!

    • Alice: (before starting the Pink Ride) I am kicking your ass.
      Tasha: Oh, please.
      Alice: What?! You think I can't take you?
      Tasha: (laughs) No.

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