The L Word

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2006 on Showtime

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  • This episode delivers a lot of action, but without a clear plotline. Everything stays in the unclear. It’s more a piece of art, than some common episode. But still I enjoyed it.

    Things start to finally take off.
    Dana gets told that she has to operate her breast, because she got cancer. But she denies the seriousness of the whole situation. But what surprised me, was that her friendship to Lara holds up, but I like it this way.
    Carmen blows off Shane after she caught her with her ex, right before they started to get it on.
    But what does Shane, supposedly so madly in love with Carmen? She just goes and fucks her ex! I so hated that.
    Bette being enlightened during her meditation - what the fuck is that?
    Max/Moira is starting to change into a man, completely. But for what? Is she going in for treatment?
    Alice and her new vampire girlfriend, what sick thing is that? Ok, I understand the idea behind it, but seriously what is it? Sure all is made up pretty good.
    Helena tackling around Alice, I think it’s so not her. Because Helena is such a strong character, I don’t understand why she struggling around.
    Bette and Tina get in serious trouble, not only that their roles changed completely and Bette got trouble adjusting, also because Bette thinks about moving to New York. Why is that necessary?

    This episode shows really a lot of nudity, maybe a bit too much. That’s for sure. And everything is shaken around, like never before. Couples break apart, but new connections were created. Will they be something serious? This episode provides us with a lot of break-ups or other serious trouble, but nothing is a clear plot line, it’s more like some blurred piece of art. Somehow I liked it, but I think it wasn’t the big hit!
  • Tina and Bette not the most romantic couple anymore. Alice not insane as much anymore,and Shane and Carmen no comment on the niether of them. Dana I'm very disappointed of her she doesn't have any confidence about her illness.

    When I watched this episode I was very suprised,or amazed. Bette and Tina are agravating now or should I say Tina, Bette is trying to make it work and it looks like Tina trying to make it worst. Dana and Lara relationship are drifting apart from what I'm seeing.I think if her friends were there including Alice she would have more confident. Shane,Shane,Shane she really screwed up with her ex,if she was to tell Carmen she would be pissed off or more than pissed. But, everyone knowns that something was going to happen if it was Shane or Carmen but,everybody knowns it would be Shane she can't be committed its just not Shane. Carmen really over reacted in the WAX I could see if Shane could of had made a move but she didn't that when Carmen could of reacted like that. Alice and her lesbian speed dating thing was hot. I think they would be hot together. A very special episode!!!!
  • Talk the talk, or walk the walk...

    I think the thing about The L Word is that because each episode flows into each other, it\'s difficult to watch them individually because there\'s a lack of closure. If watching them once after another like on DVD for instance, I think the experience would be much better.

    That's how I feel anyway. I watched Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and I'm finding it difficult now watching only one episode a week because of the lack of closure.

    I thought this was a great episode as well as the previous episodes of this season.
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