The L Word

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on Showtime

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  • I cried so freaking much!

    Oh my gosh this episode was too painful for me to watch! The episode itself was quite good, but the one thing I do want to comment is about Dana’s sickness. It’s too hard to see her die! She used to be really perky, really quirky clumsy and so funny! I loved the old Dana so why are they doing this to her?
    I cried like a baby, I don’t think I’m gonna like what’s coming next. I’m sad.
  • ...

    This epsiode was an average one in my eyes - not nearly as good as last week, but then, it would be hard for anything to live up to that!

    I'm confused about Dana - I thought she was expecting to have one breast removed, but now it seems as though that was a shock and she's iller than she was? Unless that means she still has cancer...anyway, they should explain that better. The whole story-line is being handled very well. It was lovely when Lara called Alice, and Alice was just fabulous in her few minutes at the hospital - consoling Lara, telling off Dana's parents - her best screen-time yet all season in my opinion.

    Tina wasn't as unbearable as last week. Though Bette was brilliant with her. Tina's 'straight' speech to Helena was acted quite well.

    I'm enjoying Angus and Kit as a couple though I didn't like their first conversation this episode. Bette reacted perfectly, as did the guilty couple, when she returned home to find them - the look on her face as she ordered them to change the sheets was superb.

    Am I the only one who doesn't think Alice's 'vampire' would be the committed relationship type?

    Helena is growing-on me, she was really lovely this episode, though I can't see anything in the woman she likes.

    I also found Jenny bearable, which is hopefully a good sign. No doubt she'll go crazy on us again soon though. And, no publisher would have flown that distance! I also don't remember who Rebecca is :oops:

    Moira's bit seemed a biy pointless this episode. It's good to see Shane and Carmen work through things so quickly, they're a great couple. Though surely Shane has been monogomous to Carmen for quite some time now anyway, and so knows that she can cope with it?
  • "Cutting-ede" indeed... begging for more.

    The most heart-breaking episode of the season so far. I'm still paralized by the beauty and emotion of the last scene.

    This was a very slow-paced episode of "The L Word", however it dealt with very relevant and emotional issues, such as Dana's operation and the later consequences. It was well-constructed, perfectly written (as usual) and all put together in a very intelligent and natural manner.

    If you don't fall in love with "The L Word" after seeing this episode you won't probably ever do it. I can't imagine a better episode, and we're still halfway through the season. It felt like a finale, and that's what's great about "The L Word": they take so many risks, they don't mind delivering the important stuff before the final episodes. I'm sure there's still a lot of action that will go on in the next episodes.

    The label "cutting-edge show" was always a promotional tactic for me (I always thought about "Queer As Folk": if this is innovative and cutting-edge...what's "Queer As Folk"? It's a pioneer right? We seem to be forgetting about that). But "The L Word" has proven to be very different (I'm not saying better, I still adore QaF), much more than an original and unique show. It should be used in the future to teach how to create the perfect drama show. The feelings and behaviours of these women are so true that it hurts as if they were your own family. Maybe that's a statement that's been said about many drama shows, but with this one, you actually feel it. The last scene in which "the gang" visits Dana was a proof of that (it actually felt like a cohesive and close group for the first time since season 3 premiere).

    The acting is one of the strongest points in this show. Leisha Halley made me cry, Jennifer Beals' look was actually miserable and Sarah Shahi made me tremble in emotion. Those three women deserve an Emmy. Mia Kirschner is one of my favourite actors in the show, I loved her talking to the publisher, so sweet and real. Lara's character had a bit of developement at last and that was one of the elements that made this episode round. You could actually put yourself in her position and feel her desperation.

    So, that's it, another great L episode that leaves you begging for more and more. I can't wait to get the whole season and watch the entire thing altogether to fully appreciate the show's essence in its totality, since each episode depends on each other so much and it's hard to wait a whole week to get into the story again.

    So, it's a fact, isn't it? Season 3 of "The L Word" is a triumph.

    Best: Almost everything (as stated above), especially the last scene.
    Worst: Some predictable reactions on behalf of some characters (Jenny screaming in The Planet, Carmen throwing pizza at Shane).
  • Lifesize uh.... in this epidsode looks like its very complicated. Bette wanting to be with Tina so bad. Dana's serious conditions. Lara relationship with Dana.Then there's, Shane's ex affair involving Carmen's love for her.

    I really kind liked this epidsode. I'm very surprised how Alice acted at the hospital she acted very adult like dealing with her obsession in all. The Carmen and Shane thing wasn't all that depressing. Carmen started to throw pizza everywhere wasn't really necessary. I know she was upset but it wasn't all that serious. But, it was funny when Carmen sprayed that foam stuff on Shane. Everyone knew Shae was going to mess up somewhere. Kit seems very happy with Angus I'm very happy that she has someone. Dana's parents were very disrespectful to Lara at the hospital. Bette and Tina are the most boring couple in lesbian histroy now. I don't even have a comment on them yet.Jenny caught Max in the back room. I knew something like that was going to happen.
  • Are you even ready for the best episode of The L Word since "Limb From Limb"???!!


    Season 2 was so such a letdown after the phenomenal Season 1, so I was glad when the third season started picking up (somewhere around...episode 2?)

    But now we finally have for the first time since season 1 a fricking FANTASTIC L word episode!

    The writing is dead-on. We have the serious drama with Dana, and the Shane-Carmen plotline to be explored, which is all handled beautifully.

    Leisha Hailey as Alice shines in her usual comedic quips, but also in her very dramtic scenes.

    The scene where Tina and Bette discover Kit and Angus in the house is priceless.

    All in all an amazing installment, and really sets the bar back up for the rest of this season.
  • Such a sad episode: Dana is so sick, all the couples in trouble. But still this show manages to bring us some funny moments, witch don’t destroy the sad image of this episode.

    Bette threatens Tina for a decision. Forget anyone else or she leaves for New York. I mean that’s not nice, because she promised to watch for the family at the end of last season and now she’s willing to leave everything behind.
    Dana gets in the hospital and after the OP everything is much worse than before. And her parents still can’t accept Lara. But my question is why didn’t Dana fill out a patient advance directive that would give Lara every right? I just don’t understand, but for that we see Dana’s parents can’t face their daughter, even in this moment.
    I’m glad that Alice finally overcomes her obsession for Dana.
    Shane and Carmen are fighting over Shane’s affair. It gets pretty ugly. But they can handle it – at least for the moment.
    Max (former Moira) is fu**ing Billie and Jenny manages to stand up and tells Max just don’t hide and takes her/him with her.
    For Jenny everything is going fine: She got a publishing contract. We’re so happy for her.
    The funniest part is when Tina and Bette finding out that Kit and Angus are a couple. I so enjoyed the shocked Bette and Tina all supportive about it! I so liked it: You’re like teenagers. Then the new rules: Not in front of the Baby and not in Tina’s and Bette’s bed. So nice.

    After all a very, very sad episode, but I enjoyed watching it.
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