The L Word

Season 1 Episode 13

Limb from Limb

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2004 on Showtime

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  • An episode to remember..

    This episode was a fine example for a season\'s final. Provocative , well written and controversial it created the right mood for season 2. I watched all 3 seasons at once, so i didn\'t have to wait some months to see what happens next in s2, because if it was so i would be really anxious. That is a sucess of this last episode.
    Bette and Tina managed to destroy the best relationship in the show, and i tend to believe the blame belongs to both.. Bette was so depressed and rushed to do things that broke.. Tina was not there,they had that communication problem from the beggining that kept growing.It was inevitable. The sex scene was great because it was realistic and totally justified after what had happened.. This is what happens in real life when there is tension in a personal relationship.
    Shane gave in to her feelings and got disappointed but it was natural..she just chose the wrong person,and as a cynical person herself should have known how this world - unfortunately- works.
    Dana and alice seem to have found the strength to accept their feelings,and made the way for the hilarious s2..
    I was disapointed in the way Marina left.Being a big fan of her i hated the way the writers left this unfinished business with Jenny, or to put it differently ended this story in such a cursory and badly written way..Let\'s see what happens in s4.
    Despite this last story i must admit i loved this season final.By far the best of all seasons..