The L Word

Season 5 Episode 9

Liquid Heat

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

A heat wave hits L.A., causing power failures every now and then. On the Lez Girls set , Jenny discovers that Niki and Greg spent the night together after the movie's premiere and fires Greg on the spot. This irritates Tina, who's struggling to keep the production going, so they end up arguing on her reckless decision. Fortunately, Adele calls up William on the phone, passes him to Jenny, and makes him change her mind. Later on, Jenny looks for Niki but finds out she's left the set. Joyce and Phyllis excitedly discuss Phyllis' divorce case, which they're winning, thanks to Joyce's excellent work. Phyllis wishes she had never let Joyce go but Joyce stands by her conviction and keeps to a professional line. Kit receives a sit-down invitation from the SheBar owners that aims at clarifying some recent misunderstandings between the two clubs. Alice is also invited and she asks Tasha to come along, now that she's been discharged from the military. Bette and Jodi return home since it's too hot to continue lessons at California University. Bette gets a phone call from Tina, confirming their appointment with Dan Foxworthy, the therapist. Jodi cools down by diving in the pool with her clothes still on and signs Bette to join her. Instead, Bette refreshes up with the freezer's cold breeze while still talking to Tina on the phone. They make some small talk about Angie and conclude it's better to avoid being in the same room at the same time. Bette tells Jodi that Tina called because they are going to see a therapist over some parenting disagreements. Jodi starts cuddling Bette but she's not in the mood. Jodi is annoyed by Bette's attitude and demands to know what's going on with her lately. Bette, her back to Jodi, confesses she's in love with Tina; however Jodi cannot read her lips so ultimately Bette, turning around, blames it on stress and job troubles. Tina asks out Sam, the director of photography, but she declines having realized there's still something between Tina and Bette. Jenny writes a love letter to Niki and asks Adele to deliver it to her and tell her to meet Jenny that night in the trailer. She doesn't want to leave the set nor does she feel like going to the SheBar gathering she's been invited. Shane talks her into it anyway by saying it's time like these she needs some distraction. Jenny and Shane are the last to arrive at SheBar. Kit, Bette, Alice, and Tasha are already sitting around a long table when "Double D" and her lover Cindi make their entrance. After some initial bickering between the two parties, Bette takes over and acts as mediator. They reach an agreement upon sharing customers only after Alice accepts to advertise SheBar on one of her podcasts and Jenny promises to give Cindi a small role in her movie. Back at The Planet, Kit serves Bette two cappuccino macchiatos but then recalls Jodi doesn't drink that. Bette clarifies it's actually for Tina. Kit suspects something's up between the two of them but Bette denies any involvement. Kit just tells her to be careful not to hurt Jodi. In another corner of The Planet, Shane records a podcast in which Alice apologizes to Max for some unkind comments she made on Max's previous podcast. Molly and her boyfriend Richard drop in to say hello and Shane gets completely distracted. Molly introduces Richard to Shane, Alice and Max. They share an awkward moment before Molly and her boyfriend leave. After the podcast, Jodi's interpreter, Tom approaches Max and asks him out on a date. Max accepts. Tina and Bette are on their way to Dan's office. They take the elevator but suddenly the power goes off and they are trapped inside, with no chance to call for help. Bette becomes panicky but Tina calms her down. It's 6 p.m. and Tasha is sitting on the couch, savoring all the sounds of the busy city streets she had never time to listen to when Alice walks in. She sits next to Tasha, they hold hands, smile at each other and kiss. In the elevator, Bette and Tina sit down opposite one another and, by imitating Dan, they talk about their situation, their fears and how much they have in common. Tina points out they are having an affair behind Jodi's back but Bette tells her she doesn't feel it the same way: when she's with Tina, she feels like home. Tina's moved by Bette's words and simply kisses her. Around the same time, Shane and Jenny are sitting on a bed, on the Lez Girls set, waiting for Niki to show up. Molly calls Shane and asks her to come over at her place because she's scared by the lights going off and on. Shane doesn't believe it for a second and Molly confesses it was just an excuse to get Shane come over. After reading the letter, a repentant Niki goes to Jenny's home to make amends for the trouble she's caused. Everything's dark due to the power failure and thinking it's her beloved Jenny, she kisses the slim silhouette who welcomes her in, only to discover seconds later it's actually Adele. She apologizes to Adele, saying Jenny doesn't need to know about it, and runs to the set. She finds Jenny waiting for her. They confess their love for one another as they fall in the bed, hugging and kissing. Shane is at Molly's home. Molly is evidently nervous since she can't stop blabbing about how she dumped her boyfriend and what a nitwit he was. She leads Shane to her bedroom and after some small talk she expresses her real intentions by taking off her top. Despite the blackout, Max and Tom's romantic date evolve to the next level as they end up in bed together. By the end of the episode, we see five couples making out: Shane and Molly, Alice and Tasha, Bette and Tina, Max and Tom, Jenny and Niki. Unfortunately for Molly, her mother Phyllis walks in on her and Shane. Soon after they have another mother-daughter argument with Shane eavesdropping behind a door. In the elevator, the power comes back on and Bette and Tina are taken aback. They hurriedly settle their clothes and decide not to tell Jodi anything before the Pink Ride is over. They exchange "I love you"s and again kiss just in time before the ekevator door opens up and they see Dan waiting for them outside. He looks concerned and makes sure they are fine. Tina and Bette tell him they actually used that time to clarify some things on their own.