The L Word

Season 5 Episode 9

Liquid Heat

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Deleted scene: A series of tremors hit Los Angeles
      Bette is home alone. It's another blackout and she's walking around in the house with a flashlight. She turns on her laptop and finds IM messages from Jodi, asking her whether she's felt "all those little tiny earthquakes". A car alarm goes off outside and the house starts to shake.

  • Quotes

    • Jenny: (to the crew) I know that you've been talking about me. So, I just wanna say, yes, it's true. I did lose my temper. And now I'm on my way to apologize to Mr. Fallen, and I have made a mistake. And the dumb-shit actor boy is no longer fired.

    • Dawn: I wouldn't want another production mishap to befall your little shoot. You know I have a brother Joey who's near and dear to me who is--
      Jenny: Go fuck yourself.
      Dawn: Now, why would I do that when I could fuck you?
      Jenny: (whispering to Shane) I think she's psychotic, what do I do?

    • Bette: I love you, I have no doubt about that. I'm just afraid that ...
      Tina: That everything you're feeling is because we're really not together? It's an affair.
      Bette: No.
      Tina: But it is.
      Bette: For me, when I really search myself, it doesn't feel like an affair. For me... it feels like I'm coming home.

    • Dawn: Then we ask Shane here to have a little sex as friends, and then what does she do? She breaks that trust by seducing my girlfriend.
      Shane: Oh, oh, oh! Denbo, you need to start singing a new song. Because I did not seduce her, and, second, you told me that it was okay.
      Dawn: No, she didn't.
      Shane: Oh, yes, she did.
      Cindi: Dawn...
      Dawn: Shut it.
      Shane: You know what? I got an idea, how about you keep your mouth shut for two seconds and actually let your girlfriend talk?
      Dawn: Because she's got nothin' to say.
      Cindi: (to Dawn) Go fuck yourself.
      Shane: See, I thought that was somethin'.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Shane: (referring to the mafia-themed meeting at SheBar) God, this is fucking crazy!
      Alice: I know, it's total Four Families, isn't it?

      This is a loose reference to the 1972 mafia movie The Godfather. The film portrayed five major mafia families in New York City. In the movie, the families had different names than the famous, real-life "Five Families" who control organized crime in NYC.

    • Molly: (to Phyllis)What, because Shane's never read Proust, she's beneath me?

      Marcel Proust was a French writer who lived from 1871 to 1922. His most well known novel is In Search of Lost Time, a seven-volume fiction novel that is over 3,200 pages long.

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