The L Word

Season 1 Episode 8

Listen Up

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2004 on Showtime
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When Jenny's old roommate (guest star Sarah Strange) from college comes to stay, Jenny decides to use the opportunity to reveal the details about her affair with Marina. Bette and Tina join a group in preparation for becoming parents, and Dana faces a tough time when she must come out to her conservative parents.moreless

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    Sarah Strange

    Sarah Strange

    Annette Bishop

    Guest Star

    Kim Hawthorne

    Kim Hawthorne

    Yolanda Watkins

    Guest Star

    Devon Casagrande

    Devon Casagrande


    Guest Star

    Lolita Davidovich

    Lolita Davidovich

    Francesca Wolff

    Recurring Role

    Matthew Currie Holmes

    Matthew Currie Holmes


    Recurring Role

    Susan Hogan

    Susan Hogan

    Sharon Fairbanks

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Goof: At Dana's mother's award ceremony, the camera pans past a blown-up picture of her family straight to a photograph of Sharon as a young girl with a horse. However, a few seconds before this, we see a wide view of the photos and the horse picture is on the other side of the podium to the family shot.

      • Lolita Davidovich (Francesca Wolff) is credited as a Special Guest Star.

      • Dana, who has so far been "in the closet", comes out to her parents.

      • Opening Teaser:
        Santa Rosa, California -- 1968: A young Sharon Fairbanks (Dana's mother) makes a pass at her friend, Leslie, who pushes her away.
        The Connection: This shows us that Dana's mom has denied her true sexuality since her friend rejected her pass all those years ago.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Alice: (about her Subaru ad) Okay, I'm pretty sure they have no idea what it means.
        Dana: You think?
        Alice: Or they totally get it but they've spun into some black hole of denial and turned into robots or something.

      • Annette (spying on Marina and Francesca): Twat!
        Jenny: No more twat. No more twat for me. Twat gets me into trouble.

      • Sharon: (about Dana's Subaru ad) Oh, what did it say again, dear? It said, uh... what was... oh, "Get out and stay out!" (laughs)
        Dana: (nervous) Yeah...
        Sharon: I'm not really sure what that means.
        Dana: Uh... it means, uh... It's a marketing campaign for, uh, women. Who are like me. Who, uh... who are... out. Doorsy. Outside a lot.

      • Jenny: I never said I was a lesbian.
        Annette: So it just... came outta nowhere and bit 'ya on the ass? Just like that? Because I mean, y'know... (turns to Jenny) I love women. Yeah, for companionship, I figure I could do without the company of men entirely. Except, dude... can't get down with the puss. I love a dick.
        Jenny: I think I'm bisexual.
        Annette: Oh, brother.
        Jenny: I do. I really do.
        Annette: Jenny. Is this just your way of telling me that you had a huge crush on me in college?

      • Jenny: Why couldn't I have been born with a trust fund, you know? All I wanna do is just sit at this desk and just write and...
        Annette: That's because most people with trust funds aren't tortured enough to write.

      • Annette: So, like. What did, where'd you meet him? What does he do? What is he... what is he? What does he look like?
        Jenny: At a party.
        Annette: Yeah.
        Jenny: Uh... owns a café.
        Annette: That's cool.
        Jenny: Annette, I'm not proud of what I did. It was really shitty.
        Annette: What, is he funny?
        Jenny: (shakes head) Definitely not.
        Annette: Smart?
        Jenny: I don't know!
        Annette: But hot.
        Jenny: Marina's definitely hot.
        Annette: (smiles) Marina... Whoa. Dude, that's the one thing I haven't done!

      • Alice: (Dana is signing her magazine ad for Marina) Yeah, sign it. "Dana Fairbanks. Professional lesbian". (Dana rolls her eyes) Oh, c'mon. It's going wide next week. It's gonna be in every magazine you read.
        Marina: That's amazing. You won't be able to keep the girls away. Your parents must be so proud.
        Alice: Dana... did you not do it?
        Marina: You didn't come out to your parents yet?
        Shane: Well, I think Subaru's gonna do it for you.

      • Annette: (about Marina) Yeah, man, we gotta stalk her! We'll just stalk her a little bit, just so I can see!
        Jenny: No, no, no stalking.
        Annette: Why?
        Jenny: Because, um... her girlfriend's back in town.
        Annette: Her girlfriend?
        Jenny: I know.
        Annette: Does this just keep getting better?

      • Annette: What's the girlfriend's name?
        Jenny: Francesca Wolff.
        Annette: Oh, barf.

      • Annette: I love your apartment, by the way.
        Jenny: You do? Do you think it has good energy?
        Annette: (smiling) I think it's a tool shed.

      • Annette: Is there another woman?
        Jenny: (hesitant) Sort of.

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