The L Word

Season 4 Episode 11

Literary License to Kill

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Showtime

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  • So much is going on...

    I really liked that Bette and Tina talked and comforted each other, although I don't like their characters that much anymore. Bette has to realise that the girls are right and that she needs to become a little less controlling. And Tina changing her sexual orientation like her underwear is really getting on my nerves...
    Although we've hardly seen her, Jenny was really annoying this episode. Due to the whole book and movie thing she's becoming even more arrogant than she used to be. I guess she'll be having a hard time keeping her feet on the earth...
    Helena might finally be realizing Catherine's not good for her. And Shane and Paige... WOW, I can only say. They're so good together and Shane is really making an effort. But I'm afraid of how it might turn out. The last time she's been so engaged was when... well, she was engaged :D and left Carmen at the alter. But I think Shay has changed her and I really hope she'll stay this way!
  • cone on Bette, think!!

    So why is Bette so hard headed?? She lost Tina, she almost lost her daughter, Jenny a supposed friend portrays her horribly in a book and now she lost Jodi. When will she realize that she is so much of a control freak that she drives those around her away?? Is Jodui finally the one who when she loses, she will realize that she needs to change. When she tried to go find Jodi and missed her might heart sank. I am so hoping that in the season finally she goes to find Jodi and tells her all that she did wrong and gets her back!!
  • Amazing episode.

    First of all I wanna say that I'm glad that Kit decided that she's straight, because it would've been a bit stupid if all of the sudden she was gay too, it makes life too simple then.

    It pisses me off that Jenny wrote about them in her book like that and only changed their names by little, proves how much you can trust her, which really hurts me because I used to love her.
    She was my fave character at first, but ever since the start of her walking next to her shoes I've been disliking her.
    I think the fame got a little to high to her head, which saddens me.
    She uses her friends and their personal life to become famous, making the rest of the world think it's fiction while in fact she's writing about her friends, exposing their secrets to the rest of the world without even asking them.
    It's disgusting, I hate it.

    Shane was right about the set-up, Katherine is totally using Helena sho deserves better, I had hoped that this season would bring something different for her, like her learning how to live without any money and get a job, any kind of job and struggle to get money instead of doing it this way.
    Katherine isn't trying to help Helena stand on her own two feet, she's just using her, I knew that from the start and hoped Helena wouldn't fall for it... sadly; she did.

    I love Max this season, I feel so bad for him about losing his mom, but it's nice to see that he's moving on and now about to work for Alice and everything.
    I hope thing will go well for him, he deserves it.
    and the whole sex-scene was HAWT!
    and then of course Bette's line "**** you Jenny" was fantastic, I love how first you had the hot and cute scene and then suddenly Bette, that made me LOL

    It's nice to know Bette & Tina are talking normally again and that Tina's comforing Bette, I really hope they get back together, for some reason it always tears me up that they're apart, they were so great together.
    Then Bette again with her "**** Jenny, just **** Jenny, please... she deserves to be fired, I'll ****ing fire her for you.", that was genius XDDDD

    Paige & Shane are very cute together, I always loved Kristanna, she's a great actress and she's stunningly gorgeous, so her being on The L Word is fantastic.
    Then also having her be with Shane is even more amazing, they have real chemistry and I hope that something doesn't happen to them, I hope that they both keep fighting for what they have because they're such an amazing couple.

    Again: Jenny sucks this season.

    and God.. Kit
    Someone needs to help her before it's too late.
    I'm just so worried, just as worried as if she's my friend and everything.
    She'd better be OK, I'll go nuts if anything happens to her.
    She's always been my spark of hope in this show, the strong one, the motherly-type, and now she's losing it, she lost her strenght.
    I really do hope she'll be OK.

    I also feel so bad for Tasha, I really hope she and Alice will be OK too
  • This was very special to see Bette and Tina talking and comforting each other.

    I am very glad to see that these two are finally getting back to talking without arguing. I felt the pain for Bette when she asked Tina to be honest and tell her why she ran from her. Tina was honest in her answer and Bette seemed a little taken back. I think she was sorry for being that way and realizes she needs to change. Maybe that is what she needed to hear from someone that she still cares for. Tina was right when she said Bette had met her match in Jodi. She is as headstrong and not willing to give in as Bette. I just hope the lines between Bette and Tina continue to stay open.

    Kit needs to get her act together. She is so not a LESBIAN! I don't know why she would do that to Papi. Papi is a player and she doesn't fall for just anyone. I felt bad for her. I just hope she understands that Kit needs to go back to Angus and not cause any trouble in their relationship. There are a lot of women out there for Papi and I'm sure she will find someone else to love her the way she wants to be loved.

    When Katherine throwed Helena out she should have taken that as a sign that things were over. I think Katherine used her during her weakness and now that she lost her money she is through with her. Helena should leave her and find someone that is interested in her for who she is and not the fact that her MOMMY has some money. After all she cut her off already.

    Shane is relly falling hard for Paige. I just hope this dosen't end up a mess. She really cares for Jared too. I think he is kind of a replacement for Shay. I liked how the two kept the party a secret from Paige. That was cool.

    Tasha has some issues she needs to deal with. She is having a hard time getting over what happened in Iraq and now she has to go back. I think Alice is good for her but she just doesn't understand that Tasha is dealing with a lot of memories that will be hard to forget. I think they love each other but the memories keep coming up and putting distance between them.

    Max seems undecided as to what he really wants to do now. I think he was right for leaving his job. He did it professinally too. He didn't make a scene and get all mad about it. I think he kind of turned the tables when he shook everyones hand and wished them well. Good for you Max.

    I so agreed with Bette when she said Jenny was dead meat. I think she is going to let her know how she feels about the book and Jenny will not like it one bit. The Alpha-Bette will show her self. Jenny has used all of her friends to get ahead and thinks she has done nothing wrong. Get real Jenny!
  • Is Jodi leaving? Are Bette & Tina getting back together? Will Bette kill Jenny over "Lez Girls"? Is Kit finally forgiving Angus?

    Good episode - a little bit of everything. Jodi is leaving (hallelujah!) and Bette & Tina are talking - good sign. Only thing that confuses me is that I read somewhere that Marlee Matlin signed on for several more seasons - guess we'll have to wait and see on that one. Can't believe Max's boss was so insensitive to give away his project (to the girl he championed, no less) while he was away to his mother's funeral. I'm glad Max left the way he did - lots of class.

    Glad to see Kit's realizing she needs to get her stuff together and that she's turned to Angus. He may have screwed up, but he deserves a second chance. I hope this means she's forgiving him. I feel bad for Papi, though - she finally falls for someone, and that someone isn't returning the feeling.

    Shane & Paige - always good to see those two together. Cute how Shane & Paige's son hoodwinked Paige into thinking they forgot her birthday.

    Don't understand why Katherine threw Helena out of the hotel room, and I don't understand why Helena let her. That relationship is just not good - I hope Helena smartens up soon - she deserves better.

    Only one more episode - I see a couple potential cliff-hangers. Be interesting to see what they come up with...