The L Word

Season 4 Episode 10

Little Boy Blue

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Showtime

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    A good episode, definitely better than the last one.

    Bette/Jodi fight was great, but pessimistic for them :( Yes, we know Bette is a control freak, but I didn't think she was particularly control-freaky at the party; she was more of a perfectionist with the organisation whereas her reaction to Kit was that of a caring sister.
    Yes, Bette shouldn't have signed for Jodi, but she also did that out of love, not out of power.

    I don't like the new film producer woman. Clearly she is one of the objects leading to the inevitable reunion of Bette and Tina. Her speech and mannerisms also strike me as being quite Jenny-esque.

    Was surprised to hear Kit say she doesn't love Angus anymore.

    Are we getting an individual Tasha storyline coming up?

    Max stuff was okay, but a bit full-on considering he is nobody's favourite character and none of his plots are linked to the others anymore, so the writers just seem to be pushing the transvestite agenda without much creativity.

    Helena is obviously going to lose everything very soon.
  • these girls need to get their stuff together...

    Alice and Tash – such a cute couple, too bad the don’t ask don’t tell policy is going to screw up their relationship. Helena and Catherine, Catherine has so much power over Helena and her money, it is scary. Jodi and Bette, SO HOT, what happened to them, Bette needs to chill before she loses a great lady. Jenny, just needs to kill herself already. Shane and Paige, come on Shane, let her into her heart. Tina, ditch the man and go for Kate. Kit – girl needs to go to a meeting. Max – so I got all teary eyed when her/his dad called him son.
  • Max goes home for his Mom's funeral and to face his family; the rest of the gang heads to the track for a different kind of gambling, while Bette plans the perfect little party to introduce Jodi to her friends.

    Catherine and Helena devise plans for more gambling—this time with the horse races! They take all the girls with them, and lose lots of money on their "sure thing". That is, everyone except crazy Jenny who bet on the horse whose name she really liked. Tasha runs into someone in her company, who's apparently may not understand the "don't tell" policy. Hard times ahead for soldier Tasha.

    Max and friend arrive at the old homestead where some of the most painful scenes occur: Max is immediately disparaged by some relation (Siobhan. Sister? cousin?) and his dad says hateful things at first. But upon hearing the his wife acknowledged Max's true identity long ago, he relents (as much as he can in a single day). He gives Max the gift his mom wanted him to have: her travel charm bracelet. (Will he be man enough to wear it?) and in private spaces, his dad calls him "Son". But it's a long road to complete and public disclosure, which seems realistic to me. At least they've some made headway.

    Bette prepares for a dinner party to introduce Jodi to the rest of the gang, and she's her usual anal self about it. I know Jodi has never seen such a fuss! But things don't go well from Jodi's point of view, and she's upfront in telling Bette about it. But Bette's feeling that her displays of control are really ways of saying "I love you." As Bette interferes with Tina and director Kate's flirty talk; justifiably gets in Kit's face about her drinking; and continues to try to interpret for Jodi after being asked several times to desist! Many are annoyed by her actions, but poor Bette, feeling all victimized, just doesn't get it. Oh, and I really loved the scene where Paige and her son come to see about Shane. That was sweet. But the conversation about the story telling? That was *hot*!
  • What I loved about this episode, was how they finally got a lot out of the sign language. Definetely very powerful scenes where Jodi was arguing with Amy, and the arguement between Bette and Jodi. It was powerful. Just so very good and well done.

    Bette and Jodi reach a whole different stage, but ofcourse the happiness doesn't last too long when Jodi notices Bette's control issues. Jenny didn't bother me much in this episode, shes just not on my top 5 yet. Oh man, I can see that Tasha is going to start having problems because of Mr. Homophobia. Alice seems to be very happy, which usually means something is going to happen at the end of the season thats gonna put her down for the next season. Tina, she couldn't be trying harder to make componsate for what she doesn't have with Bette anymore.
  • Dinner party at Bettes and a funeral in the Midwest...

    Poor Bette - how unfair of Jodi to get angry at Bette, when Bette only wanted to make it a nice evening for her and for her to meet the friends. And she shouldn't have blasted Bette for speaking harshly to Kit - as a sister, of course she'd be concerned seeing her alcholic sister drinking! What, she was supposed to ignore it? Enable Kit to go on drinking? I know Bette is a bit of a control freak, but that's just who she is, and I'm surprised that Jodi doesn't get that. Here's hopin' that was enough to drive Jodi back out the door.

    The best thing in this episode (other than the little exchange between Shane & Paige about their, er, story-telling - I think that's gonna be my favorite scene) is Max going home to his Mom's funeral. This is such a real issue that doesn't get a lot of air time. What seems almost unreal is that the dad appears to all of a sudden be more accepting of his daughter's change, whereas, before, he was adamantly very against it. Even slipped and called Max "son" - that was great. I have to admit that I'm turning around on Max - he just used to irritate me, but the character's being rounded out more and more, and becoming more plausible.
  • This brought back memories when Bette and Tina were together having parties....

    I felt so sorry for Bette in this episode. When Tina said she had done these parties before you could see the hurt in her eyes that it was not with her. I think it took a lot for Bette to invite her to the party espically when she found out she had a date with a woman. She was trying so hard to make everyting just perfect for Jodi. I don't think Bette over-reacted to Kit's drinking. She knows how it has affected Kit and she didn't want that to happen again. I think someone should have told Papi before the party. At the end when Jodi unloaded on Bette I was very upset. Bette was only trying to help and it would have been different if she was signing and talking at the same time. The way she was doing it no one really knew what she was saying. I don't think Jodi should have been that negative towards her. Bette made it very clear when she said maybe Jodi should think about how she is feeling. Bette has done a great job learning to sign and Jodi seems to take it for granted. I just don't think their relationship will last. I hope Bette will see that and try to make ammends with Tina for the sake of little Angelica. Hope I have not offended anyone... this is just my opnion.
  • Jodi questions Bette's motives

    I was never a huge fan of Bette and always liked Tina. Especially when Bette cheated, I was supporting Tina completely. But then she entered her little crisis and after the whole kidnapping of Angelica, Bette was growing on me a little. And now I really feel sorry for her. Jodi's accusations aren't true imo. Bette worries about Kit and it's right that she spoke up. Nobody said something and that was just wrong. When you care about someone, you don't let the alcoholic drink a bottle of wine.
    About Tina, well, I get how Bette got a little bossy towards her. They were in a relationship for so long and just had had a kid together when Tina decided she liked men. And now she's coming to Bette's party with a woman and is so obviously flirting with her... Bette maybe should have kept some of the things she said to herself, but I completely get how she's feeling and I wish she'd just get rid of Jodi. She's an interesting character, but she's pissing me off already...