The L Word

Season 4 Episode 10

Little Boy Blue

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Max goes home for his Mom's funeral and to face his family; the rest of the gang heads to the track for a different kind of gambling, while Bette plans the perfect little party to introduce Jodi to her friends.

    Catherine and Helena devise plans for more gambling—this time with the horse races! They take all the girls with them, and lose lots of money on their "sure thing". That is, everyone except crazy Jenny who bet on the horse whose name she really liked. Tasha runs into someone in her company, who's apparently may not understand the "don't tell" policy. Hard times ahead for soldier Tasha.

    Max and friend arrive at the old homestead where some of the most painful scenes occur: Max is immediately disparaged by some relation (Siobhan. Sister? cousin?) and his dad says hateful things at first. But upon hearing the his wife acknowledged Max's true identity long ago, he relents (as much as he can in a single day). He gives Max the gift his mom wanted him to have: her travel charm bracelet. (Will he be man enough to wear it?) and in private spaces, his dad calls him "Son". But it's a long road to complete and public disclosure, which seems realistic to me. At least they've some made headway.

    Bette prepares for a dinner party to introduce Jodi to the rest of the gang, and she's her usual anal self about it. I know Jodi has never seen such a fuss! But things don't go well from Jodi's point of view, and she's upfront in telling Bette about it. But Bette's feeling that her displays of control are really ways of saying "I love you." As Bette interferes with Tina and director Kate's flirty talk; justifiably gets in Kit's face about her drinking; and continues to try to interpret for Jodi after being asked several times to desist! Many are annoyed by her actions, but poor Bette, feeling all victimized, just doesn't get it. Oh, and I really loved the scene where Paige and her son come to see about Shane. That was sweet. But the conversation about the story telling? That was *hot*!
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