The L Word

Season 4 Episode 10

Little Boy Blue

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Showtime

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    A good episode, definitely better than the last one.

    Bette/Jodi fight was great, but pessimistic for them :( Yes, we know Bette is a control freak, but I didn't think she was particularly control-freaky at the party; she was more of a perfectionist with the organisation whereas her reaction to Kit was that of a caring sister.
    Yes, Bette shouldn't have signed for Jodi, but she also did that out of love, not out of power.

    I don't like the new film producer woman. Clearly she is one of the objects leading to the inevitable reunion of Bette and Tina. Her speech and mannerisms also strike me as being quite Jenny-esque.

    Was surprised to hear Kit say she doesn't love Angus anymore.

    Are we getting an individual Tasha storyline coming up?

    Max stuff was okay, but a bit full-on considering he is nobody's favourite character and none of his plots are linked to the others anymore, so the writers just seem to be pushing the transvestite agenda without much creativity.

    Helena is obviously going to lose everything very soon.
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