The L Word

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Lobster

    nuns on the bus = lobster
  • Boring, nothing really happened.

    In this episode nothing really happends.We find out that Bette and Tina are in a financial bind, which would be quite obvious since Bette is unemployed and was the breadmaker for the family, and Tina is not working either. Dana visits the doctor, still finding out nothing about her condition.(But we all no what happends there.)Jenny introduces the group to Moira, no one really warms up to her. This LA thing seems like it was a bad idea for her, she doesnt really fit in, and no one seems to be helping her adjust, not even Jenny. The show is draggin its feet,and if it keeps this way its going to loose some of its audience.
  • Dissapointing

    I was annoyed by this episode, nothing really happened.

    What was with the opening scene? Lesbian nuns? I know of a few guys who would love to add that particular scene into their twisted little fantasies but I just did not understand the relevence of it to the episode. Just to point out that lesbianism is taboo in the Catholic church? Duh, what else are you going to shock us with? A great new invention called plastic? It was pretty pointless & relatively redundant. Personally I think they were just trying to find some filler to make the show longer. But enough about the nuns.

    What is the deal with Moira? Why do I have the nagging feeling that she is going to become the lesbian equivilant of a wife beater? I have nothing to base it on at all just a feeling I have - then again it may be unjustified as I missed the previous episode. Something about her rubs me the wrong way.

    I loved the Shane hair care / studio thing. I like that she is getting some stability - even if it means that the writters are probably just setting up her character for some major fall.

    Alice is getting very creepy. Forget the drugs, demons like hers can only be cured with restraining orders & lots of them. Get over Dana, she wasn't worth it to start with. Anybody who will start to sleep with you while engaged to someone else will only do the same thing to you later on. Dana is tennis trash, let her go off with her one dimentional redhead, they belong together.

    What is Bette's issue with dealing with their financial situation? Who tries to pick up a huge check for all of their friends while in the middle of a crisis like that? Is she so proud that she can not admit to her closest friends what is really going on?

    Bah... next week better be better.
  • She's back

    This was my least favorite episode of this series so far, mostly because every character was at their worst. Bette and Tina were both obnoxious and annoying both in their interactions and their actions. Maybe I'm confused about Tina's past work experience but she seems in no way qualified to do this job, and Bette's pride over money was dumb and really hard to watch. Jenny just expecting Moira to fit right in was ridiculous and that dinner made for such awkward moments that I didn't feel like watching. Dana/Alice/Lara is pretty funny still but I don't like the breast cancer story line. Really awful.
  • Funny, natural, passionate, this episode was beautiful. Great work from The L Word cast and crew. Here's my review.

    Episode 3x03 of "The L Word" delivered some great stuff. The writing for this episode was exquisite, ranging from natural to passionate, just what "The L Word" should always be. The metaphor about the lobsters couldn't be more appropriate, it fit perfectly in the way many of the storylines are progressing.

    The heart of this episode was Moira. She suddently finds herself among these perfectly beautiful and feminine women and doesn't know how to act. The interaction between Moira and the girls was excellent, I mean, it was so well written and acted. I loved the way everybody reacted to Moira's comments, and I loved the way they behaved at the dinner table. They were elegant, cosmopolitan, and yes, snobbish, but they acted as they should, they didn't want to hurt Moira but they couldn't hide what they are. Everything from this aspect of the episode screamed "natural". I think it's a great way of telling us "This is what we are, take it or leave it".

    As for Daniela Sea's performance, well, her acting skills are a bit amateurish, but somehow that kind of acting works for Moira. Daniela's hesitating performance conveys realism to the character. I'm beginning to really like her. Let's see what happens in the next episodes to make a final veredict.

    As for the rest of the characters: I'm afraid another crisis for Tina and Bette might result in a definitive break-up, I'm eagger to see what will the writers do to their relationship, how will they manage to make things work for them. Carmen and Shane are adorable, I love how they're exploring Shane's feminine side in this season, first with the white dress, now comparing her to Moira. Carmen looked as hot as always, and I'm beginning to think Sarah Shahi is one of the finest actors in the show. Alice seems to be settling down, I love the way Leisha Hailey works out the most unrealistic part of her character, no matter what incredibly stupid thing the writers tell her to do, she pulls it through pro. Such a great actor. I didn't really care for Kit in this episode, but the truth, I never really cared about her. I don't know what to think about Dana's possible breast cancer. I don't like how they resort to the cancer thing to make a character more interesting or to "spice up" the story, I think it's a symptom of a lack of creativity (as with Brian from Queer As Folk or Samantha from Sex and the City). I think we don't need this. Finally, Jenny didn't have much presence in this episode, even though it was all about her comeback. She looked beautiful and nice, I don't share the hatred that many fans of the show feel about her, however, I love the fact that they finally let the dark-depressing-gothic side of Jenny out of the show. I want a bright Jenny, I think it'll work.
    Overall, I think this was a great episode of "The L Word", with some hilarious moments (Moira: "Let us butches unload the truck, c'mon Shane!"; Alice's drugs speech and the "Did you change your hair?" moment - I couldn't stop laughing). The objective of doing a brighter season is being accomplished by now, but with so many shadows approaching in the horizon, it seems it won't last long. Let's hope it does.

    Best: Alice's dinner with Dana's stand-up.
    Worst: Bette wanting to pay for the dinner. So predictable; The teaser.
  • three strikes your out.... right?!?

    The first three episodes of The L word this season have all struck out. This episode is the worst of all three. Nothing much happens, there are a few loose ends from last season that were tied up. Jen comes back from a 6 month trip she took to recover from.... humm... not really sure, it is all kind of convoluted since last season. I guess she is recovering from the abuse she had as a child.

    Bette and Tina are back to the old couple we saw last season. They are both too self centered to see what they have got in front of them. Then there is this really stupid twist of Tina starting to cyber sex with a male. Kit seems to be falling for the new (male) nanny of Bette and Tina's (in my opinion she is the only one who saves the show this season).

    Last of all, for the life of me I can't figure out why it is taking so long to set up the scene for Dana to discover she has.... well, we will just have to wait a while longer to find that one out. Although it is painfully obvious what is going to happen.

    Just not a very creative season. I used to hate having to waiting a WHOLE week to see the next episode, now I just forget all about it and then remember mid week that I need to watch it to see if something happens.

    This is a very slow start to the season. I am really hoping for a home run soon though.
  • When you just watched it, it looks absolutely boring, but start to think about it and it won't look that bad anymore. Here's some help for you...

    First I like to say, you really have to think about this episode first before you grade it. Why? When I watched it first I was disappointed! But after I thought out the whole episode I think it has some really good points, but as I said they should have done a better job in showing them to us.
    What are the most important things in this episode (and the interesting ones)?
    First Jenny’s back home with her new girlfriend. Well that might not go too well. They were on their Trans America trip for a few weeks. You can consider it as some kind of “honeymoon”. Everything is perfect on the trip, but after that the deep hole of daily life and reality is on again. That’s the hardest part for a relationship: After a perfect time, to adjust again in your daily life. For Moira it’s harder than for jenny I think. Because Jenny got her friends all around her and Moira doesn’t have any. Then Moira lived in the Middle West where she was always in the defence as a gay girl. I think that’s the reason too, why she acts, dress and acts like she does. She plays the man, so the people didn’t see that they are lesbians when she was with another girl. Somehow that’s reasonable. But now they are in L.A. the big city were mostly everyone let’s the others live. She’s finally in a place where she doesn’t have to fight for her being; she can finally be herself, but she already made the daily fight for her surviving her own, she probably can’t stop it anymore. It sure will be interesting how she will adjust herself or if she has to go back where she came from.

    The second important think in this episode is that we see the roles of Bette and Tina have changed completely. In the first place they agreed that Bette goes to work and Tina stays home. But since the child is born it looks more and more that Bette will stay home and Tina will go to work. The sad think is: they didn’t realize that completely. I think it would be nice when Tina would get a job to run a movie company and Bette could stay home, because I always had the feeling that Bette wanted a child more than Tina. So Bette wants to stay home and is willing to destroy everything just to stay home. She0s even willing to give up her art collection witch she loves so much. I really hope Tina gets the job otherwise Bette will destroy both of them!

    Third: The story around Dana is moving on. Why don’t we see her on court anymore? Back in season one, we always saw her on court, but now? I really hope that her relationship to Lara will stand the fact of her illness.

    Fourth: Alice seems to move on, but I’m not sure about that. And what happened to the Alice – Helena relationship? I can’t figure that out. Helena was all over her in the last episode and now? Gone!

    Fifth: Shane seems to have a great opportunity for her future. I would have liked to see more of it, but maybe next week.

    Sixth: Kit is hitting on Bette’s babysitter/nanny. It somehow irritates me, the fact that she does and then all the sudden speak about music and you can do it and all that stuff? I really don’t know what to do with that. Maybe we get a solution next week.

    So after all this episode wasn’t that bad, as it looked it the first place. But I really would have enjoyed an episode that would be great in the first place not after I made a total recap for a review! And somehow it looks like a lot is started but nothing got finished. Some parts were cut short; some things look like a pick out of some bigger part… I really don’t know. Sure there were some interesting things to think about just as I wrote above; on the other hand it was a surprisingly empty episode.

    To the end I would like to remember the only really funny part in this episode: When Dana waits in the hospital and the nurse or whatever she is starts to talk about Alice’s show and how stupid that Dana must be and then she has to realize that this Dana is sitting just there.
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