The L Word

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Funny, natural, passionate, this episode was beautiful. Great work from The L Word cast and crew. Here's my review.

    Episode 3x03 of "The L Word" delivered some great stuff. The writing for this episode was exquisite, ranging from natural to passionate, just what "The L Word" should always be. The metaphor about the lobsters couldn't be more appropriate, it fit perfectly in the way many of the storylines are progressing.

    The heart of this episode was Moira. She suddently finds herself among these perfectly beautiful and feminine women and doesn't know how to act. The interaction between Moira and the girls was excellent, I mean, it was so well written and acted. I loved the way everybody reacted to Moira's comments, and I loved the way they behaved at the dinner table. They were elegant, cosmopolitan, and yes, snobbish, but they acted as they should, they didn't want to hurt Moira but they couldn't hide what they are. Everything from this aspect of the episode screamed "natural". I think it's a great way of telling us "This is what we are, take it or leave it".

    As for Daniela Sea's performance, well, her acting skills are a bit amateurish, but somehow that kind of acting works for Moira. Daniela's hesitating performance conveys realism to the character. I'm beginning to really like her. Let's see what happens in the next episodes to make a final veredict.

    As for the rest of the characters: I'm afraid another crisis for Tina and Bette might result in a definitive break-up, I'm eagger to see what will the writers do to their relationship, how will they manage to make things work for them. Carmen and Shane are adorable, I love how they're exploring Shane's feminine side in this season, first with the white dress, now comparing her to Moira. Carmen looked as hot as always, and I'm beginning to think Sarah Shahi is one of the finest actors in the show. Alice seems to be settling down, I love the way Leisha Hailey works out the most unrealistic part of her character, no matter what incredibly stupid thing the writers tell her to do, she pulls it through pro. Such a great actor. I didn't really care for Kit in this episode, but the truth, I never really cared about her. I don't know what to think about Dana's possible breast cancer. I don't like how they resort to the cancer thing to make a character more interesting or to "spice up" the story, I think it's a symptom of a lack of creativity (as with Brian from Queer As Folk or Samantha from Sex and the City). I think we don't need this. Finally, Jenny didn't have much presence in this episode, even though it was all about her comeback. She looked beautiful and nice, I don't share the hatred that many fans of the show feel about her, however, I love the fact that they finally let the dark-depressing-gothic side of Jenny out of the show. I want a bright Jenny, I think it'll work.
    Overall, I think this was a great episode of "The L Word", with some hilarious moments (Moira: "Let us butches unload the truck, c'mon Shane!"; Alice's drugs speech and the "Did you change your hair?" moment - I couldn't stop laughing). The objective of doing a brighter season is being accomplished by now, but with so many shadows approaching in the horizon, it seems it won't last long. Let's hope it does.

    Best: Alice's dinner with Dana's stand-up.
    Worst: Bette wanting to pay for the dinner. So predictable; The teaser.