The L Word

Season 3 Episode 7

Lone Star

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2006 on Showtime
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Tina takes a business trip to Canada and has a chance to explore her feelings for the opposite sex. Dana's treatment puts a strain on her and Lara's relationship. Meanwhile, Jenny helps Moira in her transformation to Max, Carmen and Shane dedicate parts of their bodies to each other, Alice reverts back in her obsession over Dana, and Kit takes control. In a special appearance the B-52's perform at The Planet.moreless

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  • An obvious storyline and absolutely nothing surprising in here, that was lame.

    Billie is kicked out, but it was so obvious that he was going to screw everything up. Let’s hope he doesn’t destroy Max too.

    Tina is getting better and better especially when she shot her little sex toy off.

    Dana breaks up with everyone was so obvious after the last episode. She really destroys her life and I’m not sure Alice can even stand that. It was all too obvious, maybe I’m angry that my favourite couple just broke off.

    What’s confusing me more and more is that Helena is hanging out with the others in Bette/Tina’s pool. I mean the past history between Tina, Helena and Bette as third wheel. So how come that she suddenly is around all the time. I hoped we get an answer, but still nothing… And why isn’t Helena living in her super luxury houses or maybe she is but is hanging out by her employee? It’s getting confusing more and more.

    So after all the show is already producing filler episodes and it’s just started in this season. I so hope for a better story in the next weeks.moreless
  • Last week was so good, I knew this would happen...

    When I read that Elizabeth Ziff (a.k.a. "ezgirl", the infamous composer as of season 2) would be writing a full episode this season I cringed.

    Now I know why.

    Where was the emotion in this episode?

    Nothing felt genuine, and the poor actors were trying their hardest.

    And how necessary were all the F bombs?

    Now I am NO prude. The F bomb is just about my favorite word. But it was just so obviously over used, it was like every other word! Forced.

    I love Dana, but she's become a shrew, and it was impossible to like her in this episode.

    Yes I know she's very ill, but I hope she snaps out of this anger soon.

    The episode itself looked really beautiful, but I don't know yet if that really achieved anything.

    All in all a blahh episode.

    Let's pick it up.moreless
Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming

Billie Blaikie

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Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler

Jenny's Editor

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Deirdre Blades

Deirdre Blades

Beautiful Older Woman

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Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith

Lara Perkins

Recurring Role

Alexandra Hedison

Alexandra Hedison

Dylan Moreland

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Olivia Windbiel

Olivia Windbiel


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: After Jenny gives Moira her testosterone shot, she places the syringe on a ledge. When the camera zooms in on the syringe at the end of the scene, the syringe is now sitting in a dish on the ledge.

    • Goof: When Alice is comforting Lara by the pool there is the distinct sound of a lawnmower near by. When we see Bette comforting Dana at the same time inside the house, we distinctly hear other outside noises but not the lawnmower. It then starts again suddenly a moment later, though the door has been closed.

    • Deleted Scenes:

      Scene #1: Bette leaves baby Angelica with the babysitter
      Bette has called her former assistant James in to babysit Angelica while she goes to the B-52's show at The Planet. The baby is crying and Bette is reluctant to leave her but James assures her he'll take care of her while Bette is gone.

      Scene #2: Tina has a drink
      Tina is sitting alone on the bed in her hotel room, sipping wine and thinking heavy thoughts. Although the scene was deleted from this episode, a part of it was edited into the next one, episode 3-8: Latecomer.

    • Opening Teaser:
      Los Angeles Opera -- 1996: Bette and Alice are listening to a performance at the opera, and while they're listening, Bette fondles Alice to orgasm.
      The Connection: The girls form the seventh link in The Chart, finally connecting to Alice who then later obviously starts The Chart, first on a paper napkin and then on her computer. The same aria is playing later on in the episode and it's revealed that this occasion was Bette and Alice's third date on which Bette dumped her for having found a straight woman -- Tina.

    • Goof: The name of Helena's daughter Jun Ying (Eileen Bui) is written in the closing credits as "Jun Yin". The writers have obviously forgotten how to write her name between seasons.

    • Goof: Possibly not scripted is the incident that when Paul Popowich (movie producer Josh) grabs his laptop case from the backseat of the car, he hits himself in the face with it.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Jenny: Helena, you're a gold star?
      Helena: Well, I mean, sort of. The english, puppet school boys that I shagged as a teenager, they were just an expierements. And they were so feminine, it doesn't really court.
      Alice: Helena, that does not count. I think you might be a spoiled star.

    • Bette: Remember this aria?
      Alice: Oh, you mean our third date where you finger fucked me at the opera before telling me that we weren't right for each other? Oh, and you just met a straight girl that you think you might fall in love with. No, I don't remember a thing.

    • Tina: (to Josh) I was so ready to jump in the bed with you. Now it turns out you're an ignorant ass. God, why can't you just shut up and fuck me.

    • Helena: (to Dylan) We should just be friends. Can we try that?

    • Dylan: I like you... a lot.
      Helena: What's that mean, Dylan?
      (They start kissing.)

    • Helena: I wanted to call you... but this, this is a very difficult situation for me. You know, you're with someone else and you're straight. That's what you told me.
      Dylan: I am straight.

    • Helena: What starts in chaos, ends in chaos.

    • Dylan: You haven't called me.
      Helena: You know, Dylan, I made a promise to myself to... stop sleeping with married people.
      Dylan: Danny is my boyfriend. We're not married. We live together.
      Helena: Yeah, but in lesbian world, that's married.

    • Lara: I am here. I'm not going anywhere.
      Dana: Why? Why are you still here?

    • Carmen: At least we didn't get our names tattooed.
      Shane: That'd be the ultimate K.O.D., wouldn't it?
      Tattoo Artist: K.O.D.?
      Shane / Carmen: (simultaneously) Kiss of death.

    • Josh: (talking about his movie) We're just cutting the scene entirely, it's just gratuitous sex anyway.
      Tina: (leaning closer) I don't have a problem with gratuitous sex.
      Josh: (a beat) I like a woman who gets right to the point.

    • Lara: I feel totally lost.
      Alice: Dana's lost too. And I need to find her.

    • Editor: Everyone is excited about The Some of Her Parts --
      Jenny: Oh, cool. Awesome. I'm really excited, I'm kinda nervous and just like --
      Editor: Except me.

    • Bette: That's great. So she went to Canada to be with fucking Josh Becker!
      Angus: (totally oblivious) Who's fucking Josh Becker?
      Bette: Tina.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Carmen: (to Alice) You're just jealous because my girlfriend and I are two gold stars that have found each other.

      Gold star, as defined by Bette in this episode, means that a gay person has never had sex with a member of the opposite sex. Angus also explains the definition of the term "lone star" (the title of this episode): a person who has only slept with one person in his/her entire life.