The L Word

Season 3 Episode 7

Lone Star

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2006 on Showtime

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  • An obvious storyline and absolutely nothing surprising in here, that was lame.

    Billie is kicked out, but it was so obvious that he was going to screw everything up. Let’s hope he doesn’t destroy Max too.
    Tina is getting better and better especially when she shot her little sex toy off.
    Dana breaks up with everyone was so obvious after the last episode. She really destroys her life and I’m not sure Alice can even stand that. It was all too obvious, maybe I’m angry that my favourite couple just broke off.
    What’s confusing me more and more is that Helena is hanging out with the others in Bette/Tina’s pool. I mean the past history between Tina, Helena and Bette as third wheel. So how come that she suddenly is around all the time. I hoped we get an answer, but still nothing… And why isn’t Helena living in her super luxury houses or maybe she is but is hanging out by her employee? It’s getting confusing more and more.
    So after all the show is already producing filler episodes and it’s just started in this season. I so hope for a better story in the next weeks.
  • Last week was so good, I knew this would happen...

    When I read that Elizabeth Ziff (a.k.a. "ezgirl", the infamous composer as of season 2) would be writing a full episode this season I cringed.

    Now I know why.

    Where was the emotion in this episode?

    Nothing felt genuine, and the poor actors were trying their hardest.

    And how necessary were all the F bombs?

    Now I am NO prude. The F bomb is just about my favorite word. But it was just so obviously over used, it was like every other word! Forced.

    I love Dana, but she's become a shrew, and it was impossible to like her in this episode.
    Yes I know she's very ill, but I hope she snaps out of this anger soon.

    The episode itself looked really beautiful, but I don't know yet if that really achieved anything.

    All in all a blahh episode.

    Let's pick it up.
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