The L Word

Season 4 Episode 12

Long Time Coming

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Bette, Alice, and Shane are the best!!!

    One of the funniest and best episodes there was!!! I just love how their friendship is so real! How Tina and Bette just want each others' happiness, how you see the "soft" side of Papi when she's with Kit, How Alice and Shane are such loyal friends to Bette, and of course I love Alice's comedic timing!!!

    The new characters this season were really great (Jodi and Papi are my favorites!)

    When they are stealing the sign, and Alice get caught on to something on the roof, she is hilarious!!!

    I also love Max, but can't stand Jenny!!!!

    All in all I thought this was a really good episode.
  • Love this episode! The show's best season finale of all times! I do miss Dana (I mean why not kill off Jenny?) but still loved this season & episode & some of the new characters!

    Love this episode! The show's best season finale of all times! I do miss Dana (I mean why not kill off Jenny?) but still loved this season & episode & some of the new characters!

    Kit & Angus: I'm so glad that Kit is getting herself on the right track again and I hope her & Angus will be back together and strong, last long the next season. I think they are great together! Everybody cheats from time to time don't they?

    Tasha & Alice: I really love this couple not only are they an interracial couple and are so freaking cute together but they just have this hotness that heats up the screen. I don't understand why they would make them fight so much (although it's semi cute) and this whole thing with the war & I hope for Alice & lesbian interracial couples everywhere they can last & be happy, Alice needs love & I hope Tasha is the one to give it to her, they both should be happy together. Bringing Dana back for a *hallucination* was really interesting-maybe the writers regret killing her off, I was so happy to see her again!

    Bette & Jodi: I wasn't sure what to think about this relationship at first, but the two of them have really grown on me a lot as a couple. The whole sign language is so intense & genius, I love the true feelings that Bette & Jodi show for each other it's really intense & leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat or tearing up because they are so cute together. Tina & Bette never had this they were quite boring, they were safe, boring but the sex was better, maybe because S4 lacked real sex (only got it from Tasha & Alice, Shane & Paige-thanks guys) The whole process of winning Jody back was brilliant - and I almost cried when Bette brought her that sign, & when T was admitting her feelings for Bette but actually helping her put Jodi back together.

    Shane & Paige: Okay I thought they could not pair worse than Carmen- I was very wrong. They look awkward, kiss/love awkward, although I do like where they are trying to go with Shane with the whole growing up, taking responsibility, caring for her brother, falling in love, just everything, but they should have picked someone with a slight better personality & chemistry for Shane. I like how Piage one of the more relaxed girls Shane has been with & I think that is really great & easier for Shane, but shape the characters personality better, get an actress that suites Paige & suites Shane. I do like Kristanna as an actress just not as Paige. And I did find during the sex scene the little things they put in between where a bit disturbing

    Tina: At first I thought she was boring, & there was sometimes I did not like her but recently she has grown on me!

    Helena: I love her (despite the fact she reminds me of a British Nelly Furtado & Courtney Cox-ugh) but not so much in this season, & last season could she not just showed the tape Dylan sent her to prove they were using them for money? Somtimes she does not think but shes great!

    Max: I adore Daniela Sea, Max must be a very tough character to portray & all the struggles that come with realizing you were born in the wrong body. But something a character said about how if they woke up wanting to be white (born black) they would not try & change themselves. Transexual confuses me weather being one is like wanting to change something of yourself you don't like (nose is too big, you are too fat, you are a different race, gender, etc) or something mental, this really does not go into that at all, on top of the fact that Max probably is an androphilic.

    Jenny: Why oh why have they not killed Jenny off? So many people want it L Word people if you read these kill her off okay? I thought she was okay at first, annoying & I fast forwarded through most of her screens but still okay. I actually started liking her devious ways till she went crazy & kept playing the victim card when she was *free*. When she bought that dying dog (for the reason she did) oh my gosh how evil! And on top she recently bought another *healthy* dog to use again, makes me sick she feels she can use animals like that. But oh my gosh this whole arrogant, & I am a victim but better than everyone else, everybody look at me persona is getting annoying & defiantly pushed off to the edge this episode. Not all past victims or abused people end up any way like her.

    But L Word why did you dissolve the *supposed* bisexuals? Bring some in/back dammit! Keep Papi also she is real cool & since no more Dana, her & Alice-on the occasion Bette bring fun, excitement & laughs to the show! As well as Helena but when she does stupid things or gets confused! Also hate all how Jesus Christ & God used as arbitrary exclamations so many times, why stereotype all lesbians/people on that show like that, not to mention stereotype the Christians on this show.

    This season was really good, unexpected in many ways. I'm excited to see how it goes on next season, I hope my hopes for this show & predictions happen for TLWS5!
  • The show's best season finale of all times

    I didn't know it was already the season finale when I watched this episode...
    Well, in my eyes it was the best finale this show has had so far. There wasn't any cheating or breaking up, but it was mostly happy. I'll go through it one by one.

    Kit&Angus: I'm so glad that Kit is getting herself on the right way again and I think the two of them will be back together and strong next season. It was a tough time, but the fact that she might be forgiving him and that he waited for her shows that they are great together!

    Tina: I haven't liked her for quite a while, but she's actually growing on me again. It was kinda surprising that she seems to want Bette back. I like that they still have this connection and don't fight anymore... I just hope Tina will get over it and move on.

    Tasha&Alice: Okay, let's get it over with. I must say I really don't like this constellation. Maybe it's cause I'm absolutely against war and I don't understand how you can do that to yourself. And I'm really sorry for Alice, because she might lose a loved one again. Bringing Dana in at this point was really amazing, I was so thrilled to see her again!

    Max: I'm excited to see whether he'll go through with the transformation or not. He has been growing on me a lot lately and I can't imagine the struggles of this characters and what's still to come.

    Helena: I was so happy to see that in the end she finally decided not to play Catherine's game anymore. But taking all her money? What is she getting herself into? She might have won that money, but could she prove it if she needed to? It's too bad Helena can't stand on her own feet, but would rather go for a deal like with Catherine than be "poor".

    Phyllis: She brought quite some fun to the show this season!! And getting her together with that Joyce freak was a brilliant move!! Really good!

    Bette&Jodi: I wasn't sure what to think about this relationship at first, but the two of them have really grown on me a lot as a couple. The whole process of winning Jody back was brilliant - and I almost cried when Bette brought her that sign. Might have been because of the great song in the background. "Dear Mr President" by Pink. Amazing. Also a great reference to Tasha's situation!!

    Shane&Paige: They are so great together. After the whole Carmen-chaos I thought Shane was gonna lose herself in old ways again and never let someone in again. But she did. Due to Shay her life completely changed and now she doesn't seem to be afraid of committing, having a family and that sort of stuff. I really truly hope that they stay together. Hopefully the friends' references to "That's not Shane" or Helenas comment towards Catherine in the end aren't supposed to be a foreshadowing on what's going to happen...

    Jenny: Last, but not... well, actually Jenny might as well be killed off. For an episode or two I really liked her this season. That was when she was showing some human emotion with that vet girl. But then she screwed up and ever since has been acting like an egoistic arrogant fool. Drowning or dying from thirst and hunger somewhere in the middle of the sea would be a suitable destiny for such a drama queen. Please kill off Jenny. Or make her nice. But I can't stand her this way any longer...

    This season was really good, although unexpected in many ways. I'm excited to see how it goes on next year. It does go on, doesn't!?
  • Oh how i will miss them all till the next season...

    I thought this was the best episode by far since the pilot...It made you laugh,cry and laugh again..It was full of emotion's it was thrilling to watch..I hope in season 5 TiBette can finally work there way back to each other..I loved the Dana and Alice scene it was great to see them interact again (i have miss Dana). Phyllis/Joyce was soooo funny...I hope Jenny sail's off never to return EVER....
  • Best episode of the season!

    Leisha Hailey is God(dess?). Besides being musically talented and comedically gifted ("Go without me! Leave me behind, it's okay! Save yourselves!" lol), she's the best actress of the bunch. Dana's "return"? Wonderful! Finally some GOOD news for the relationships that have been under so much stress this season? Even BETTER! "Long Time Coming" indeed! Poor ol' Max got a short shrift here, but I have a feeling we'll see more of that later on..

    and Laurel Holloman is hotter than ever. See you next year! :)
  • love!! love!! love!!!

    love is definately in the air in this season finale.. Tasha and Alice, Bette and Jodi, Shane and Paige.. i think this is the only season which ended with love..

    they really pulled it off this finale.. honestly, i don't really like this season of the L word, it's not that I hate it I just don't like it.. but I was surprised by how well written this season finale is..

    i loved the scene in the last part of this episode where Bette is kissing Jodi and there is this beautiful music playing in the back ground.. i think it is just so romantic.. i can't wait to see what will happen to them next season..
  • can't wait for season 5!!

    So I cried and then cried a little more, then laughed some. All in all a great episode. So I got a little teary when Dana came back, just because I miss her and all that she was saying about Alice wishing they had never meant was sad. I laughed when Jenny got stranded out in the ocean. Serves her right, I hope she gets lost for ever, but I know that won’t happen. I cried tears of joy when Bette and Jodi kissed and Jodi told her not to break her heart. I love them as a couple. And I cried for reasons of sorrow when they showed Alice and Tash lying on the beach, sad. Can’t wait for next season.