The L Word

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2004 on Showtime

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  • A great episode of the L word. Exactly what makes this first season so great.

    This episode is a real classic one. Bette fights for a progressive culture centre and clashes with the board over it. Tina is supporting her with everything, even she feels, that she comes after the work. We also see Bette fighting for her work when she smuggles herself to Peggy Peabody’s suite.
    Dana finally gets on a Date with Lara is so sweet. First the scene in the kitchen, when you really don’t know, if they fall over each other in there, then the scene when Dana picks Lara up is even sweeter! Dana unable to do anything without her friends, is hanging on her cell phone till the absolute last moment and even got clothed up by her friends. She’s so shy in that moment, but then Lara appears with all her beauty and all dressed up, so all Dana’s doubts were gone. Well we really have to admit, that Lara looks really beautiful in that scene, but she always looks cute, even in her chefs uniform.
    Jenny still struggling with her feeling for Marina is only at the beginning of a deep fall, but there attraction to each other is really tense, you can feel it in front of the TV! And the last scene between them, will confuse both of them.
    Alice the powerful girl who can handle everything is also struggling with her ex-girlfriend, but she finally manages to get rid of her. Well she tells her, all the stuff her friends told her. So sad the scene is I had to smile about that fact.
    Shane has also her problems with a girl she once slept with, a really obsessed one. She finally manages to convince her to give up the flyer thing, but it’s the first time she has to face consequences for her actions.