The L Word

Season 5 Episode 2

Look Out, Here They Come!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Shane lives out a Wedding Guest Fantasy.

    Can I just say I think every episode is great? Sometimes I miss that there aren't (m)any hot guys to look at, but there's always so much going on I just get sucked in. I can hardly wait for the next episode.

    In this episode, we find out that Tasha didn't go to Iraq because she's been outed. I think this is a very, very important issue gay people & women in the military)that doesn't get the attention it deserves, but The L Word is doing a great job of bringing the issue to light, without being negative about the military.

    And Shane, wow...Tina got her a job styling the hair for her boss's daughter's wedding, and she hooks up with not one, but TWO bridesmaids, AND the mother of the bride - at the wedding! Dang! She could have hooked up with the bride, but she knew it wasn't the right thing to do. I love that she's a Player with a conscience.

    Can I just say that Jenny is becoming the character I love to hate? She's being so rude to everyone and her ego gets bigger by the minute!
  • This season is so different from last one, and I totally enjoy it!

    I can't believe our Shane's BACK! The love giver is officially back from last season, and I want more from that coz thats why i started to watch this show in the first place. It's really funny to see three women chasing up with a car and running in their high heels just for shane.

    Also the crazy b*@ch Jenny got herself a "considerate" assistant, kinda feel sad for that girl.

    You know what I luv this episode mostly? See, when the producer proposed several senarios, then it led to those scenes which i never thought would happen - totally blow outta my mind! I'm so overwhelmed by that. can't beat it!

    Look forward to see Max's line, Alice & tasha's future line, and surprisingly cellmates' luv story...Is that just me or anybody also felt thats weird they actually have a lesbian prison in the town?
  • i was just reminded why i love The L Word so much...

    i loved everything about this episode!

    the scene where Shane refuses to kiss Madison was just perfect. i wonder who that "someone she used to know" that Madison reminded her of "a lot"?... Tasha and Alice seem to be taking their relationship seriously and that's good. i liked everything with Helena on it, she's so fun. Tina's scenes were great too, and you never get tired of hating Jenny... Mia is a really good at portraying her.

    it was the greatest for a very long time! still, i miss Carmen. i wish she was the one Shane remembered and that sort of foreshadowed her return (or even just a tiny guesting) to the show.
  • Shane gets a job at a wedding. Max meets a girl who is a huge fan of Jenny. Kit visits Helena in jail who is growing closer to her cell mate. Tasha gets some unexpected news that could end her career in the military.

    Jenny and Tina-The episode starts out with Tina and Jenny getting told that there should be more lesbian sex in Lez Girls. Tina and Jenny battle it out as to why certain characters just would never wind up together in the film. Since Jenny's book and movie are based on her friends (although she claims the works to be fictional), the situation is heated. I thought it was funny when the guy mentioned that the characters of Bette and Shane should hook up and Jenny and Tina both said "That would never happen." The reason i thought this was so amusing is because i just posted a comment on a forum stating that Bette and Shane have never been together and what an experience that might be. So Jenny is as arrogant as ever in this episode as usual. When Max meets a girl at the planet who is a huge fan of Jenny's, he introduces her to a reluctant Jenny. Jenny cracks comments about the girl and acts like she would rather be anywhere else on Earth than chatting with this girl. Jenny then adopts her as her new assistant after she usues her to run some errands. Jenny shows up at the wedding Shane got called to work on hair for in a ridiculous black dress that would very much so take the attention from the bride. Later on, Tina shows that she has had just about enough of Jenny's crap, and frankly so have i. Meanwhile, Tina appears to be on a date earlier in the planet with a woman where she did nothing but talk about Bette. Tina is still obviously hooked on Bette and when she asks the woman if they could meet another time, the woman tells Tina that she needs to take care of some things.

    Phyllis and Joyce-Phyllis tells Joyce that she wants to see other people and Joyce freaks out. When Phyllis breaks up with her Joyce acts like they are still together. I thought it was hilarious when Phyllis sent Joyce for another drink and said to Jodie and Bette "Help me!" Bette's advice was to break up with Joyce again because she obviously wasn't getting the hint, and states "Some lesbians you have to break up with more than once."

    Bette and Jodie-Not a whole lot going on with these two this episode except for Jodie expressing to Bette that she thinks Bette doesn't approve of her apartment. Bette gives in and says they can go to Jodies apartment tonight.

    Max-Besides Jodie's assistant taking a liking to him and finding out he used to be a she, there wasn't much going on with him either. He also was the one to introduce Adele to Jenny.

    Helena-After she drops the soap in the shower, a woman named Jackie threatens Helena with a knife and tells her to click up. Helena's cell mate Dusty walks up and says "Let her go Jackie." Jackie says "Why should I?" and Dusty says "Cuz she's with me." I thought that was great. I think Dusty is hot and we don't know what she's in for either yet, but she seems strong and kind of hostle. Later on when Dusty has a nightmare, Helena tries to wake her up and Dusty attacks her a little in a defensive way. Helena asks if Dusty is ok and kisses her. They wind up making out and what looks like it would lead to sex, and we find out Dusty was only in for tax fraud! I thought that was hilarious. It was cool to see Helena start getting closer to Dusty because you can tell she likes her. However, i think knowing what Dusty is there for kind of takes the mystery of dancing on the edge of danger away a little.

    Kit-Kit also played a part in introducing Adele to Max and to Jenny. Kit walked into prison to visit Helena and stormed through there like she owned the place. I thought that was pretty funny. Kit explains to Helena that when Jackie (the woman who attacked Helena) said to "click up", it meant to join a gang. She explains some more things to Helena and when Helena asks how she knows all this, Kit says she's been places. Her facial expression was funny when she said that. She was funny in this episode and i was glad we got to see more of her.

    Shane-Ok, i'm going to try to do this without writing a novel about it. Shane gets a gig at the weddding that Jenny had to go to, to do the hair of two sisters, (one being the bride) a mother, and a friend. They are of course absolutely smitten with her. Shane makes her rounds and finally winds up with the mother when two of the girls walk in. Shane runs and the three women give chase! When shane can't find the keys to her vehicle in time she hops in the back of Jenny's car while they are taking off, and the episode ends comically with Shane waving out of the back of the convertable while the three women are chasing after the care. I thought that was extremely funny. This was a great episode and i can't wait to see the next one. I also want to add that i still think the writer's are geniuses and i love the new additions to the cast that stated last season. I hate that this show is only on one night a week!
  • Tina, Jenny and Shane go to a wedding, and Jenny meets an obsessed fan.

    This episode was definitely very good, but it definitely wasn't the best episode ever of The L Word. I absolutely loved the teaser for the episode. It was absolutely hilarious. It was great getting to see a lot of Tina and her story line in this episode. I thought that Tina in general was very funny, and she definitely had some great lines in this episode. Jenny was another highlight of the episode for me. I also loved her new assistant Adele, and I can't wait to see where that whole story line goes. Max's story line was also very interesting to me, and I only wish that we had been able to see more of it. The only thing that I didn't like about this episode was Shane's story line. I absolutely hated that story line. It just seemed way too unrealistic to me. Other than Shane's story line, I absolutely loved everything about this episode.