The L Word

Season 5 Episode 2

Look Out, Here They Come!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2008 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • There are two conversations that refer back to previous episodes.

      1) In the scene where the girls are at The Planet having lunch, Bette tells Jodi about the saying they used to have: "We used to say that every time Shane walked into a room, some girl left crying." This was first used, also by Bette, in episode 1-1: Pilot.

      2) When Phyllis turns to Bette for advice on breaking up with Joyce, she tells her the same thing she said to Alice (ironically, regarding breaking up with Phyllis) in episode 4-6: Luck Be a Lady: "Some lesbians you have to break up with more than once."

  • Quotes

    • Aaron: I think Bev and this make-up artist should totally hook up.
      Jenny and Tina: (same time) That would never happen!

    • Abigal: (walking in on Shane and Isabella) Mother!
      Gina: Shane! Get off of her you cow! She's mine! (Shane gets up.)
      Abigal: Yours? Shane, tell them about us!
      Gina: What?
      Isabella: Shane needs a woman to take her places she's never been before. Not some little twerp who barely knows how to tongue kiss.
      Abigal: Yeah, just wait until Daddy finds out.
      Isabella: Daddy will not find out. (They all notice Shane getting out and chase her.)

    • Isabella: I saw the way that you looked at me when I walked up the stairs.
      Shane: You did?
      Isabella: I did, and it made me horny. I'm not crazy am I, Shane?
      Shane: No, no, no, I don't think so.
      Isabella: You know, Shane. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, there's not a lot that I haven't experienced. I can go anywhere I want, I can buy whatever I want, (she takes off her shirt) and it's starting to wear a little thin. And I want you to take you somewhere I've never been.
      Shane: I really don't think I could.
      Isabella: You can and you will.

    • Alice: I just got a text from Shane, she says your boss' house is really huge.
      Tina: Not as huge as his ego.

    • Madison: Are you married, Shane?
      Shane: No.
      Abigal: Do you have a boyfriend?
      Shane: No.
      Madison: Do you have a girlfriend?
      Shane: Not anymore.
      Madison: But you like girls?
      Shane: Yes, I do.
      Gina: Does that mean that you'll never get married?
      Abigal: Gay people can't get married, idiot.
      Gina: Yeah, I know. But they can still pretend.
      Shane: Well, I don't think it's for me, but I admire people who do it.

    • Jenny: Hi, Shane. Guess what? Willie loves you. He said the girls can't stop talking about how you did them. And I said, Willie, can Shane please do hair on the movie? And guess what he said?
      Shane: What?
      Jenny: Yes.

    • Shane: Do you see anybody here you like?
      Tina: Are you kidding me? This has gotta be the straightest wedding on earth. No lesbian's ever gonna get laid here.
      Shane: Yeah... Probably.

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