The L Word

Season 3 Episode 10

Losing the Light

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2006 on Showtime

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  • ...and so it happened

    Random notes about this very special and crucial episode of The L Word:

    - Okay, they finally did it, they killed Dana. I can't help but being surprised when I read so many times people saying that they didn't expect it. It was obvious Dana was going to die from the very moment Lara finds the little lump in her breast. I wasn't shocked or surprised, and sadly, I wasn't even moved in the way I was expecting to be.
    - This was a very slow, cold episode with no music (which reminded me a lot of "The Body" from Buffy, in which Buffy's mom dies. Could we talk about rip off? I think we can).
    - The counter was not a very good idea. It made the ending so predictable and, again, cold. It was a low trick...
    - I can't help but wonder why they left Dana vanish in that way. I was expecting the writers to sort her inner conflicts out in some manner, but instead they let Dana go without giving her some kind of redemption. Saying "I love you" to Alice as last words was nice, but also unnecessary and made to play again with our emotions. I didn't feel her words to be totally true, I don't know why.
    - Alice crying over the final credits was another low trick. It seems the whole episode was intended to make a huge impact on us, but instead of that, it left me cold.
    - Why do I give this episode an 8.7?. Well, simply because apart from those important issues, it was satisfactory in the way the whole season is being to me: Dialogues were full of melancholy. The actresses were stunning. The cinematography was amazing. These characters are so true that it hurts so much everything that happens to them. It's so sad that they had to ruin that with a "special" episode like this one.
    - Letting the Dana issue apart, the rest of the show was more or less satisfactory as always. However, I can only remember the negative elements in it...
    - Carmen and Shane ZZZzzzZZZ. Why are they making their storylines soo incredibly boring? Can't they come up with something more interesitng and original than "I cheated on you because you cheated on me"?
    - Helena and her legal problems. How many times have we seen this???? Another symptom of exhaustion on behalf of Ilene and the writers?
    - Tim's special appearance served to bring psycho Jenny back (or al least a part of her). I didn't like those scenes at all. However Jenny was not the worst thing about it, it was Max. Okay, I began liking this girl/guy, but now he has become another low point in the show. I gess I know how Jenny and Max' story will end (you just have to pay attention to their talk about married life in the car).
    - That's all I can remember right now, thanks for reading!

    Best: Leisha Hailey, I love her.
    Worst: Many things, but to stress one that I haven't commented above, Bette screaming and "sharing" with those strangers was just a bit embarrassing...