The L Word

Season 3 Episode 10

Losing the Light

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2006 on Showtime

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  • It wasn\'t painful in a bad way, it was painful in an emotional way. The episode was bloody fantastic but it was a bit too close to home for me.

    To be totally honest, I honestly didn\'t think Dana would be killed off. I tend to avoid reading spoilers about the show because it ruins it for me...but Dana\'s death totally surprised me.
    This really difficult to classify. The technical stuff is easy enough: The acting was at it\'s usual high standard and it was a great episode, like the others...just a lot more emotive.
    I wasn\'t so much surprised they were dealing with breast cancer in the show, more that they killed Dana off and everything happened so fast. When I read the show synopsis the day I watched it I figured everything would be alright at the end of the episode and Dana would be fine in the end, and she\'d get back with Alice etc etc, I really thought that\'s how things would turn out....but she died.
    Not long before I watched the episode a very close friend of mine found out she had cancer (again) and things really aren\'t looking good. I guess watching the episode without knowing what would happen was a bad idea this time, had I known that Dana would die I would\'ve missed the episode because I wasn\'t exactly in the right state of mind to see that happen. Y\'know what? Cancer\'s a b*tch, and this episode proves that...even more so when you have cancer youself or know somebody with it. Dealing with it for real is absolutely horrific, for the person with it and for those around them.
    Needless to say, I cried so much when I saw this episode, I just sat there hurts so much and I know it\'s gonna be 1000 times worse when it happens for real.
    Losing someone you love hurts so bad, and this episode nailed every emotion, it really did, for me anyway. It showed how quick things can go bad and how much it affects everyone. I\'ll give props to the show and everyone involved for that but i\'m not happy Dana got killed off, her acting was first class though. They did well with the storyline though, they dealt with it well and pretty much made it true-to-life...which sucks but it\'s good in it\'s own way.
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