The L Word

Season 3 Episode 2

Lost Weekend

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Lame stereotyped nonsense

    More lame stereotypes from this failing, miserable show. Everywhere outside of LA is unenlightened hick country stuck in the 1950s where homosexuals are attacked just for walking down the street according to the ridiculous writers.

    It's too bad that the lazy Hollywood activists got in control of this show, what was good in season became just a collection of ridiculous, recycled B-movie plots, bad dialogue, and horrible writing which dragged down a group of otherwise fine actresses.

    This is what happens when a show forget s that it's suppsoed to be about characters and the writers use the episodes as soapboxes to rant about their own prejudices and personal issues.
  • This is a good episode, but it isn’t outstanding!

    We can consider this as the effective start to the third season, because the last episode took a look at the last six month and with this episode the “daily” life starts again. Helena tires to help Alice and well it seams that it could work, but I’m not so sure about that.
    Dana and Lara are still happy, but there is still the hint about Dana’s cancer. But actually we didn’t see that much of this couple. I think it’s sad, but considering the future part of Dana, it might be better.
    Bette and Tina are still struggling with the social worker especially after Kit’s son denies being the man in their daughter’s life.
    Shane and Carmen move on in their relationship too, but I think that it’s too much for Shane even she says that she loves Carmen’s family. Carmen looks better ever time!
    Jenny also hooked up and is travelling with her new girlfriend trough the States, far away from home and they have fun, but also get in trouble. But Jenny’s message to the kids they are fighting with made me laugh: “We're not faggots, we're dykes, you asshole!” It show’s how strong she has become, but sometimes we still see the week Jenny. For example in the hotel room when she just lies there and just thinks and doesn’t say a word. But I think that’s just how it has to be, because she’s a writer. She needs that soft spot.
    Alice is still struggling with her life, especially when she realizes that the birthday party isn’t for her, otherwise everyone is in a lucky relationship. Helena/Alice we don’t know hoe it will hold up, but still everyone is with someone. I’m wondering how long that will be. Not that I hope for some break-ups, because I like the couples Carmen/Shane, Dana/Lara and Bette/Tina really much. But I think we’ll need some trouble otherwise the show could get boring.
    After all this is a quite good episode and I hope everything is now taking off.