The L Word

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on Showtime

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    I loved this episode mostly for the ending. I think it has got to be my favourite L Word ending so far in the series. The whole episode Bette controlled herself so well, and was rewarded for that at the end of the epispde. It was so lovely seeing her friends finally gather round her again after neglecting her for so long; they all realised that she was hurting and she needed their love and company as much as Tina did, who has now turned into the betrayer in their eyes.
    The rest of the episode was also decent and the other characters had quite light but enjoyable storylines mostly.
  • We learn about Shane's past.

    This episode definitely showed a lot about Shane's character. She's been voted most favorite on the L Word series, and is my favorite as well.
    The encounter between her and Carmen revealed how Carmen's words seemed to have hurt her. Despite Shane's hard exterior, you know she's feeling something for Carmen. I loved how the writer's had told a lot about Shane's childhood experiences. She's Catholic, but hadn't entered a church in 16 years. They show she's from Texas and that her mom was a drug addict, trying to get clean. I loved how they had her explain how she hadn't been in a church for sixteen years, and that her reasons for liking confession were that you can't see the person's face. You can't see how much they may be hurting while they speak.

    Ironically, after Shane overdoses on X, she calls Mark. It says a lot about how she's beginning to trust people, and even when she invites him to hang out next door it proves that maybe there's hope for Shane to change and finally open up to people. You see Shane's struggling to ignore Jenny and Carmen's relationship by pushing Carmen away. Typical Shane behavior though, so you can't really expect any less.
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