The L Word

Season 5 Episode 12

Loyal and True

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Lez Girls receives an offer from a major studio of distribution on condition that the movie's ending is changed into Jesse going back to her boyfriend.. Tina is strongly against this possibility but Adele sends her away from the set because of her loyalty to Jenny, and changes the movie's finale in her absence. Unaware of Adele's schemes, Tina explains to Bette how important the ending of the movie is to her since it conveys a message of hope to so many gay women out in the world. They talk about their own relationship over the years and Bette proposes they enlarge their family. The two Peabody ladies land with their helicopter on a hospital helipad because Peggy Peabody has been poisoned by a jellyfish in one of her exotic holiday trips. Fearing for her life, Peggy's only concern is to settle her business matters across the world. Much to Helena's surprise and annoyance, Peggy decides to re-establish Helena's position in the family by leaving her money and wealth to her only heir, her daughter. Helena then drops in at The Planet and surprises Kit with an unexpected visit. Kit is overjoyed to see her and, sitting in front of a steaming cup of coffee, fills her in on the recent developments at the cafe. Helena feels sorry for her friends and, following her mother's advice, she buys Kit both The Planet and SheBar, with some precious help from lover Cindi, who finally stands up to a stunned and now powerless Dawn Denbo. When attending Jodi's latest art exhibition as the Dean of the School of Arts of California University, Bette faces public humiliation before friends, colleagues and students as Jodi unveils her art piece: a video projection of Bette with some embarrassing voice recordings running in the background. In this same gathering, Phyllis acts very mean to Shane and warns her from treating her bright and intelligent daughter, Molly, like any other of her meaningless conquests. Unlike Bette who finds solace in Tina, Shane decides to act drastically on yet another parental interference in her love life, with an excuse, she breaks up with Molly, who surprisingly reacts in a classy way and leaves Shane some time to reflect. Tasha and Alice drift away as Tasha struggles to find her ideal job (eventually enrolling in the Los Angeles Police Department after taking her friends' advice), while Alice, now a regular host on The Look, discovers mutual attraction with fashion designer Clea Mason after a fun day at the Venice Boardwalk. The entire gang is reunited at the Lez Girls wrap-up party, including Helena and Cindi. Everybody is elegant and glamorous and is having a good time. Tina and Bette engage in a very sensuous dance regardless of everyone's eyes on them. William and Adele thank the cast and crew members for their commitment to the movie but, right in the middle of Adele's speech, Jenny makes her entrance and is greeted by a loud applause. She openly accuses Adele of stealing from her but mainly focuses on thanking her ex co-workers and especially her friends who were loyal and true to her. She says she wants to tell Niki she's madly in love with someone and sets out to find her. Meanwhile, Niki and Shane are outside the main hall, each one depressed with their own love matters so they decide to ease their pain by making out together. Unfortunately Jenny walks in on them and, looking incredulous, turns around and walks away with the two of them ashamed and following her close behind. Meanwhile, Tina loses her temper upon discovering that Adele, William and Aaron have changed the movie's ending to please the distributing studio. All her friends obviously back her and are ready to leave the party when they overhear Niki's, Shane's and Jenny's voices approach from the courtyard. Shane tries to apologize to her best friend but all that Jenny has left to say is a sad and tear-jerking "You have broken my heart".