The L Word

Season 5 Episode 12

Loyal and True

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Bette and Tina celebrate the fact that they're officially back together, and Jodi humiliates Bette.

    I would just like to start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode, and I think that this is the best season finale that The L Word has had so far. It was great to Bette and Tina back together and happy again after everything that they've been through as a couple. I'm so glad that Helena is back again. I've really missed not having her around for most of the season. I thought that it was great that she bought SheBar from "Lover Cindy" for Kit and then hooked up with her after Cindy breaks up with Dawn Denbo. I absolutely loved the scene where Cindi breaks up with Dawn Denbo. It was so funny. That scene was definitely the highlight of the episode for me personally. All in all, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the story lines were great. This episode was so well written and so well acted by everyone involved. As for the ending of the episode, it absolutely blew me away, and I can't wait for season six to start so I can find out what happens next. Finally, as I said earlier, I absolutely loved this episode, and it definitely reminded me of exactly why I fell in love with The L Word in the first place.
  • great season ending

    Well-written plot! Great ending! Shane was escalating and finally she made her final mistake. I am expecting to see some development in her character during the next season. Jody did something really painful to Bette as Bette is very keen on her career. That was a stab in the back, mostly because Jody found the joint in Bette's armour and took advantage of it. Tina and Bette dancing together was just amazing..the dresses, the song.. the kiss- everyting was a piece of work! EXCELLENT! Let's pray that Tina and Bette will stay together. Laurel Holloman and Jennifer Beals are pretty amazing!