The L Word

Season 4 Episode 6

Luck Be a Lady

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on Showtime

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  • This was a great episode and it was written and directed by Angela Robinson so it has to be good!

    In this episode, Bette enjoys a new romance even as she fights with Tina about the baby's preschool and tries to get by with Alice's split with Phyllis, her boss. Meanwhile...Shane and all her friends go to a movie premiere where there are many pictures of Shane everywhere. They show the quote"You're looking very Shane today" which made her really uncomfortable. She didn't even want any of her friends at the premiere, but Alice called and invited everyone.During those scenes the camera views were one of the things I loved about this episode. The camera views make it very obvious that this episode was directed by Angela Robinson and I loved that. This is a great episode and I recommend it. Angela Robinson is of my favorite writers and directors and that makes this episode that much better.
  • The girls go to a premiere to support Shane's underwear campaign. Papi shares her poker tips and Alica and Tasha get to know each other more. Bette and Jodi hook up (finally!).

    In my opinion this was definitely the best episode of the whole series! I loved the Vegas-style phone montage at the beginning, it went on for over 10 minutes and amazingly did not get boring. It was a brilliant start to a great episode.
    Alice inviting everyone when Shane specifically told her not to was classic Alice. I loved Jenny's fake Italian accent and her Italian pronounciation of Shane McCutcheon. The poker game was great and it gave us a chance to see more of Alice and Tasha in a more chilled out environment. When they had the argument on Iraq, I felt Tasha came on a bit strong but all in all it was a great scene. And we could see that Alice really likes Tasha. We could see that at the premiere too, Alice was hot for Tasha the whole night. And can I just say, Alice looked very sexy when she was talking to Tasha about her type and if she liked her dress.
    I didnt understand why they brought on Paige so soon after Carmen, in the sense that Paige very much means family. But after the whole series it starts to make sense that we're seeing another side to Shane, sticking with this woman who seems to care more about getting laid than her son. It's gonna be very interesting to see what happens to them in the next series. Bette and Jodi were very touching in this episode, I really like them together. I'm not sure where the Max storyline is going, it's almost as if the writers dont know what to do with him. But so far they've been really good so I hope they have something good for us next season. I liked Papi and her matchmaking skills, and she was funny with the you look 'very shane today' Kit was practically nonexistent in this episode but anyone who's seen the whole series will know what I mean when I say 'something this way comes'.

    I loved this episode so much I watched it over and over again. TLW rocks!
  • ...

    This episode was a little out-of-the-ordinary but I enjoyed it. When it started with the split-screen/phone-call thing I was a bit wary...that gets done on so many programs, but I was genuinely impressed at how long and how well they managed to keep it up for! It must have been nearly 15 minutes...or maybe it just felt like it? :P

    Bette and Jodi...Oh I love them together :D I love their immediate obstacle (Jodi's dislike of kids) and then change-of-hearts by the end of the episode. The sex scene seemed really loving, and Bette making an effort with sign-language was sweet.

    Jenny... I liked how she felt some remorse for her actions, but it wasn't a build-up like we were encouraged to think. She had been making evil plans that very day. I do like Stacey's girlfriend, but I really don't see her as Jenny's type so it's odd that Jenny seems genuinely attracted to her in a sexual way.

    Max... Interesting. I'm wondering if the woman who was discriminated against will A. Be Max's new love interest or B. Freak out about Max and back-out of her claim, leaving Max in the ****

    Tina... All of 3 minutes screentime :roll: Though I did feel she was in the right, not Bette. There is no justifiable reason for a toddler to go to a pre-school 2 hours away and however much money it cost. If Bette wants Angelica to learn music and art she can take her to groups at the weekend!

    Angus... I'm confused about whether he just slept with 'Hazel' the one time or more?

    Tasha and Alice... Interesting relationship. They clearly have some chemistry. The discussion about Iraq was cool to hear. I think the question in the end will be whether Tasha is too Army-atised for Alice; she's so used to being the strong, stern, silent one it seems that spontaneous emotions would be hard for her.

    Phyllis... Have no idea what they can do with this character.

    Helena... How could she not realise she was being set-up? That other woman was so clearly waiting for her. I doubt The L Word will make Helena prostitute herself, especially after her storyline with Dylan last year. I'm really curious to know what's happening. Something corporate and connected to her mother's wealth? Anyway, if Helena is ever in big trouble I'm sure she could still call on her mum to bail her out.

    Shana... I don't like the idea of her with Paige much. I liked Paige in her first episode, then I disliked her last episode and now I'm pretty indifferent. But could she have worn a bra with that dress??! Shane had Carmen, and wouldn't commit. What's the point of bringing in Paige so soon after?
  • Great episode

    I love how Shane went and did the campaign for her little brother, she's really grown a lot and this episode shows there more to her.
    I love Shane so much this season, I was so worried about her during the first episode, she was so messed up, I feared the worst, but then Shay was there and he made it all better.
    Really makes me love this show even more because they writers aren't afraid to change the characters.
    But I do still miss Dana for some reason.
    And I hate Jenny this season.

    I still wonder whatever the hell happened to that Mark dude.

    And can anyone tell me who the hot Asian guy was in this episode? I can't quit staring at him...
  • luck is NOT a lady...what more can i say?

    so yet another great episode. i can't express how happy i am that this season has picked up it's (previously seemingly plummiting) progress. i don't think the producers/writers will be hearing as many bad reviews as the last season. (let's just hope none of the writers acted as jenny did to get the show back on track!)...speaking of jenny.

    Jenny-i was definately not impressed with her the last few episodes. i thought what she was doing was extremely over the top. she was being way too vindictive, vengeful and deceptive. i mean let's face it jenny, you're a WRITER. you can't expect every piece you write to acquire all positive feedback. not every review will be what you want to hear. that's what happens in the writing industry when people have their own opinions! i thought what she did with Sounder the dog was low, and trying to get Lindsey to sleep with her just because she wanted to get back at Stacy was definately taking it too far. however, because i do like jenny; (whether the reason be that she shows the dark side of us that we all have encountered at least once) i do feel bad for her. i feel bad because every time she starts to have real, deep feelings for someone, something always happens for her that screws it up. in this case it was her own fault (unlike the marina situation.) i would LIKE to see those two try to get past it because i'm tired of seeing jenny miserable, and even she deserves happiness and love. (by the way, i loved the scene where Jenny was on the phone with Lindsey and referred to Stacy as a Vagina Wig" without her knowing what Jenny was talking about. lol i love that nickname. and also Jenny saying that Debbie was a childhood nickname...oh poor Jenny. that really sucks.)

    speaking of Marina...where is she? i was under the understanding that she was supposed to make 2 appearances this season. i don't like how we never heard from her OR jenny's supposed girlfriend (or whatever she was supposed to be.) we assume that she and marina slept together, then they just disappear.

    Bette-first of all i want to say how funny i thought the beginning of the episode was. poor Bette is stuck in the middle of stress city, and what better way to express it than "oh f*** you James, just f*** you". lol i feel bad that she's caught in the whole Alice-Phyllis game, but what can she do? i'm glad she broke it off with Nadia (who we also don't hear from anymore.) i think her and Jodie are a fantastic idea, and i was happy to see them finally hook up. i was disappointed when jodie said she didn't like kids, but redeemed hope when she showed up at Bette's house apologizing, and asking if they could try it again. i was so happy.

    Alice-i was glad she tried to break it off with Phyllis. i think Alice and Tasha are also a great idea, though it really puts a damper on alice when Pyllis said she asked her husband for a divorce. i thought it a little strange that Tasha just walked away at that point, but at the same time i can definately understand. Bummer about getting socked in the eye alice. "it hurts like f***" lol. i also loved the scene when she was confronting jenny and jenny acted like she was talking to that famous writer, and alice acted like he was talking to her and said "ok...he says don't ever F***ing compare yourself to him LOL.(by the way, doesn't Tasha remind you a little bit of Candace, the one Bette cheated on Tina with?)

    Shane-so we know she's not thrilled about the whole modeling male underware. i think Shane and Paige are a good idea. i'd like to see Shane settle down with someone she could actually be happy with, especially now that she has her brother to look after. and Paige has a son which would be good for Shay. i think when she called Shane saying Shay had a bad dream, that the story was a little fabricated however. i think she woke him up and made him say that. however, than can be easily forgiven i think, given the circumstances.

    Helena-so she let her overconfidence get the best of her. that's probably the worst thing you can do in a high stakes poker game. i do however think it's absolute crap that she should have to basically sleep with this girl to pay off her debt. that would almost be like prostitution. Not to mention how unfair it was that the girl already knew Helena couldn't afford it. i'd like to see Helena happy sometime soon, which reminds me...wouldn't it be a great idea to bring Dillon back right about now? (hint hint.)

    Papi-not much going on with her this episode except the flirting with the actress, and the cat fight that caused Alice to get clipped in the face.

    Max-so i guess the cat's out of the bag. i wonder if he'll lose his job now that his boss is about to find out the gender he was born into. of course, that would be discrimination. part of me still hopes sometimes that he'll change his mind about this whole transformation and revert back to Moira. Anyway, if he doesn't get canned for that, i'm sure he'll get canned when they find out it was HIS idea to sue the prick at work.

    Angus & Kit-i thought it was absurd that Angus had an affair. so ok, you got screwed on your record deal. yes it sucks and you might even have been depressed, but you don't go out and cheat on someone (who just aborted a child you two made together i might mention) that you are supposedly in love with, who is being good enough to introduce you on her OWN new record. what a crock! just like a man...(forgive that comment, it comes out sometimes.) i also think it's crap that Kit's own sister and her friends (ex. Tina) don't tell her what's going on. yes it may break her heart, but Bette is basically advising Angus NOT to tell her about his infadelity which i think is wrong. (if someone was cheating on me and my friends and family knew, they damn well better tell me.)i think that will only make things worse because when Kit finds out (and she will) she's going to be angry 1. at angus first for cheating, and then for not telling her, and 2. she'll be angry at everyone else for NOT telling her. Screw it Kit, dump him and go back and find Ivan again.
  • Sex, Scandal and Gambling. THIS is what the L word should be about.

    This episode was the best in a LONG time. It was less "Soap Opera-esque" and much more fast paced, stylish and quirky. I loved the telephone scene, that was well handled, didnt get confusing and looked awesome. Its good to see a lighter episode storyline.

    Though, Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, JENNY. Always have to be involved with the dramatics, Dont you? Ah, you had it coming, it WAS a horrible thing she did. I would really like to see her character lighten up in the next few episodes, Im so sick of her moping around. All in all, Jodi and Bette = BEST EVER. Screw Tina.
  • Jenny and her fake Italian accent were hillarious!! "Big kiss to you!".. and the way she refers to Shane "The a-Chana Maccatchann", priceless.

    The whole phone connection was long but so incredibly well crafted, i loved it. And nothing compares to when Alices while listening to Shane's complaints yells to a random homeless guy "I dont have any money, I don't have any money!!!"
    I thought Shane and Paige are sooo cute, although I do miss Carmen. And Dana, but well, let's move on.
    If I were Jodi and on a date with dean Porter I would absolutely not say that I don't like kids knowing my date has a toddler. lol
    Helena... poor thing! That's all I have to say about her. Like she said, she loses money no matter what she does.
    I think this is one of the best episodes this season, as well as the competitive basketball scene.
    Keep it up
  • Everyone was doing things out of the normal. The phone calls at the start were funny to watch.

    I was worried about the calls. I thought someone was going to call someone by the wrong name. They did a real good job keeping it straight. I loved the way Bette was in the middle of most of the conversations. She was great. I am not sure about the relationship with Jodi. I feel Bette is looking for love in all the wrong places. Jodi might be good for a little while but I don't see it lasting for very long, especially with her not liking kids. She might try to change, but I don't think she will be satisfied. Shane seems to be having a good relationship with Shay, I just hope the underwear job doesn't backfire and cause trouble. She acts like she might be interested in Paige. Tina needs more air time. The only time we see her she is upset with Bette about something. I wish IC would give her some quality time with Bette and Angelica. Angus is being a real a**hole with Bette. I think he needs to come clean with Kit and not wait 'til she hears it from someone else. I don't think it was right for him to come down on Bette the way he did. Hasn't she already paid enough for her mistake? Alice needs to break it off for good and move on too. I think Tasha would be great for her. The make a cute couple. Helena is headed for trouble again. She needs to stop being so nieve about life. I thought she was really cute when Alice said she needs to eat. Helena was stuffing her face with cereal. By the looks of all the junk food on the table she was doing a fine job of eating. I thought everyone was very adventurous in thid episode. They were all doing things out of the normal. Jenny is still up to her dirty tricks and I think this time it got the best of her. Can't wait until next weeks episode. Bring it on!!!!
  • Brilliant episode!

    I simply loved this episode. The first part where they were all on the phone, was sooo hilarious. It was very well done, I loved this episode!
    Everyone's getting involved with someone new, some I like, some not so much. That army girl is weird and I don't know what to think about Papi. And Phyllis is so funny!
    The artist Bette is getting involved with is weird. How can you say "I don't like kids" just when you found out the other person loves their child? Weird...
    I really like the new Helena and I hope she's not doing anything stupid having that debt now.
    Shane and her brother give the story an amazing new twist and I think that's just what Shane needed after leaving Carmen at the altar - a new responsibility that she can't deny...
  • Purely amazing...!

    Oh. This episode was so hot and perfectly plotted... I mean, every scene just seemed to be in the right place in the right time... I admire Jennifer Beals for her acting... She's hitting it off... And Alice is still so funny and cute... Come on, these ladies are just awesome...

    I especially loved the phone tree scene at the beginning of the episode... It had really nice drift... It was kind of like waterfall or better said snowball rolling down the hill... And of course the poker scenes were fabulous... But poor Helena... She is in a deep moral trouble...
  • The ladies play poker.

    Luck Be A Lady is an amazing episode. In my opinion, it's definitely the best episode so far from the fourth season. I also think that it's deifinitely one of the best episode from the series as a whole. The phone chain was great and very well done. I absolutely loved the Bette and Jodi interaction in this episode. I was very worried when they got into a disaggreement about kids on their date, and I was very glad when Jodi came back to Bette at the end. I've really been enjoying the Bette and Jodi relationship, but then again, I am a huge fan of Marlee Matlin. I also really liked the girl-fight, especially Alice's reaction to being hit. That was very funny. I also really liked the Tasha and Alice stuff in this episode, and I think that I'm really going to like them even more as a couple as the story unfolds. The only thing that I didn't like about this episode is the lack of Tina. I really like Tina, so I want to see more of her. All in all, this was a great episode, and I'm sure that it's going to go down as one of the all-time best episodes of The L Word.
  • An amazing episode! There wasn't anything I didn't like...

    The cell phone scene at the beginning was done so well - it was hilarious! Had us roaring - I kept waiting for someone to mess up with the call waiting, and say something to the wrong person, but man, those women are pros!

    I even liked Max in this - he outed himself to come to the defense of a fellow female employee against a male chauvinist in the office - I'm so hoping his boss reacts well, but I think we all know he won't. Pity - Max loved that job and was good at it.

    Shane - poor Shane. I really felt for her, with the premiere and the "Shane Look." Ugh - the Shane look doesn't work on anyone but Shane, lol. But this was so not her scene. I loved that she left it early and went to see Paige. I'm hoping, in spite of her warning to Paige that if they get too close, she may end up pushing her away, that they can make it work. What a couple they would make! I'm hoping the Paige character stays.

    Papi, too, was great in this episode - she was fun and showed us that she's not just all about making more notches on her bed post. Not sure about her friend Tasha, though. She looks so stern. The only thing I can see is that she needs someone like Alice to lighten her up. So, can Phyllis just go away now, please? Very uncool of her to be sitting on Alice's doorstep. She's a mature woman, for God's sake - she's acting like a teenager in the throes of her first love (I know, I know - it's her first lesbian affair, but still....)

    And can Tina just go away, too, while we're at it? There is nothing remotely entertaining about her anymore. I wish she'd give up custody to Bette and move to Utah or somewhere with her "man."

    So many things going on - too many to list. All I can say is if you missed this one, you need to catch it on Demand - so totally worth it!
  • hot...

    So my favorite part of this entire episode was when Bette and Jodi finally hooked up. That kiss that they almost shared was really hot and I have been waiting for the inevitable hook-up. I know that Marlee Matlin has signed on for a few seasons so I am hoping that this hook-up turns into something nice and long term. We need at least one stable relationship on the show. Anyways – back to the hook-up. It was very sweet. Bette learned some sign language to tell Jodi how she feels and Jodi gets emotional back. They find that they might be good for each other and do this kissing strip thing through Jodi’s sculpture.
  • By far the best episode of the season ... in fact, the best in years!

    Can we petition to have Angela Robinson write and direct all episodes? Please?

    The spilt screen phone calling in the opening sequence was brilliant. They bounced around so much ... yet we were still able to keep up with the action.

    How does Bette manage to get anything done in her office? With the love struck boss to the angry ex to lecturing her sister's cheating boyfriend to swooning over facilty to playing mom. Did I mention Angela Robinson did an incredible job?

    Bette and Jodi steamed up the screen ... then you could almost here the sound effects of the tires screeching to a halt when Jodi told Bette she didn't like kids ... lucky for us though it doens't seem like the end of that relationship just yet.

    There are far too many things to comment on.

    Helena is even more entertaining flat broke then she was stinkin rich.

    Max eared brownie points for sticking up to his woman-hating co-worker and outted himself as a herself to the boss (you know that won't turn out well since the boss set Max up with his daughter)

    Even Jenny was tolerable and almost sympathetic. Her charade was exposed and we learned why she was so determined to expose the "saint" for a sinner ... of course being Jenny it completly backfired.

    Shane - after all the nasty stuff she pulled last season - is finally honestly growing up and not just trying to play house. I'm really beginning to see why we were introduced to her brother Shay. There storyline is becoming quite endearing ... here's hoping things don't spiral downhill the way last season ended up.

    Thank you - again - to Angela Robinson for a classic episode that will be watched again ... and again.
  • Runs the gamut of emotions.

    How I loved this episode. At the beginning I was laughing so loudly I had to keep pausing or I'd miss some dialogue. The cut away shots of multi 'phone conversations was inspired. About 20 mins in I was crying (with a smile on my face) because there was such a beautiful moment, such inspirational words from Jodi (Marlee Martin) to Bette (Jennifer Beals). I'm new to the series (having only watched since the start of this season) but thanks to the Editor & contributors on TV.Com I've managed to read all the recaps for all the previous 3 seasons. Thank you, thank you, thank you, guys - your hard work produced a new "convert". lol
    This is my first review for the show because it's the first one that hit me emotionally. It pulled me apart and put me back together again. I love the pathos. It's what all TV should be about. The awkward but quickly diffused moment between Alice and Tasha, shortly followed by Max having an awkward moment of his own was great too, a lovely juxtapositioning. It seems that although he's a fem-male transsexual he really doesn't think much of mens attitudes to women. Possibly because he has been surrounded by such amazing women for such a long time? I look forward to the rest of the season with relish.