The L Word

Season 5 Episode 11

Lunar Cycle

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

The gang is at The Planet, sitting around a table, staring silently at their breakfast with grumpy faces and a bad mood. To make things worse, Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi show up and, after seeing their mood, tease them asking if they all got PMS (hence the episode's title). Denbo makes a shocking announcement: after tracking down Kit's silent partner, Ivan Aycock, they have just bought 51% of The Planet. Kit loses her temper, throws the table over at them and blasts out. At this reaction, Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi hurry up to leave, just few seconds before Jodi shows up, surprising everyone with her appearance. Tina is all apologies but Jodi ignores her and heads straight to Bette; she signs to Bette that they need to talk, right away. At Bette's place, Jodi throws all her anger at Bette for mistreating her. Bette says she didn't mean it to happen but she and Tina have a lot of history and they have Angelica together. Jodi is determined to fight for her relationship with Bette. Upon deciding that they should move in together, Tasha and Alice are now looking for a house. Alice is happy with the first one but Tasha complains it's too expensive: eight times her current rent. Alice reminds her that they would be splitting the rent and, besides, they wouldn't have to pay equal shares. Alice expects to get the TV job, which should help them with the money. Back at Bette's place, Jodi starts crying so Bette tries to console her by putting an arm around her. Jodi plays on this and starts kissing Bette, who initially tries to resist but then, maybe feeling a bit guilty, gives in to Jodi. In her office, Tina is texting a message to Bette when her boss Aaron calls her for an extraordinary meeting. Jenny, Adele and Niki's managers are already sitting around the table. Adele goes straight to the point and shows them the sex tape Jenny and Niki made in the Pink Ride trip. She threatens to send copies of it to all the major talk shows and tabloids in the country if she doesn't get her way through. Tina wants to know what her end game is but Adele just looks at her schemingly. At Bette's house, Jodi tries to arouse Bette, but when the phone rings, Bette gets a chance to push her away. Frustrated, Jodi picks up her clothes and marches out. Bette stops her because she doesn't want it to end this way. She's worried that Jodi's so upset that she might try to hurt herself. "Don't flatter yourself", Jodi snaps back. Since Bette has some important meetings to attend to, they both drive to the university. Jenny runs to Niki and asks her to come away because the high ranks are plotting against her and the movie. The producers and Niki's manager come after her. Jenny asks the crew to stand up with her, against the treacherous people who want to fire her. No one except Shane comes forward. Aaron calls for the security guards to escort Jenny out of the lot but Tina stops them. She tells Jenny she's on her side and asks her to come away with her in a respectable way. Jenny once again pleads Niki to come along with her but Niki's manager reminds her that she's under contract. Niki just stands and stares as Jenny walks away. After Jenny's exit, the cast and crew wonder how they're going to continue production without a director. Aaron tells them they have a new director as Adele makes her entrance. Alice and Tasha disagree about sharing the rent. Tasha says she wouldn't feel right not paying equal amounts; Alice tells her she doesn't want to live in a "shithole". Tasha points out that the place is nicer than anything she's ever lived in. She then tells Alice she's going to see her old friends in Long Beach. Alice is disappointed because she thought Tasha would come to the taping of The Look. Outside the Lez Girls set, Tina tries to console Jenny about Niki's behavior but she replies Niki's dead to her. Tina promises Adele is not going to get away with their movie. Jenny nods and hugs Tina. Later on, Niki is having a hard time focusing on a scene after what happened to Jenny. Adele carefully directs her and Begonia through a kissing scene between Jesse and Karina. She is very absorbed by the scene. On The Look, the hosts announce their guest of the day is a fashion designer called Clea Mason who has just put out a gender-bending clothing collection. As the taping goes on, Alice tries to act funny while coping with some off-handed comments by one of the hosts. Meanwhile at The Planet, Kit is walking up and down her office hysterically. Finally, she pulls out the gun she had been keeping in the safe, loads it and drives off to SheBar. On The Look, the interview with Clea Mason turns out awkward as Clea stutters in answering questions and makes eye contact only with Alice. She picks up that Clea is very nervous and tries to fill in the awkward silences. They seem to hit it off immediately across the table. In Tina's office, Shane asks her why exactly was Jenny fired. Tina can't tell her – but says it's bad – and advices Shane to spend some time with Jenny as both of them are worried about her. Kit reaches SheBar and tries calling Bette before doing what she's planning to do. Unfortunately Bette is stuck in the traffic with Jodi and cannot answer. When she reaches California University, James, her secretary, updates her on all her work matters and tells her W magazine called to ask permission for a story on Bette and Jodi as a lesbian power couple. Jodi is eager to do it but Bette declines the offer and closes the meeting room door on Jodi. After the taping of The Look is over, Clea invites Alice to an after-fashion-show party for the next weekend. Alice thanks her and Clea notices a fan of Alice standing at the rafters: it's Tasha. Alice is surprised and very happy Tasha could make it. After the meeting, Bette finds Jodi waiting in her office. She explains it's not honest to have people think they're a couple. Jodi thought Bette wanted to save their relationship so Bette clarifies that by "relationship" she meant their friendship. Jodi doesn't want a friendship. Instead, she proposes they see a therapist. Bette has had enough therapy to understand there's something missing between them because they're fundamentally two different people and can never find that "something" together. Jodi asks her how can she be sure of that and Bette says it's because she found it with someone else. James interrupts them to inform Bette that the babysitter is sick and cannot pick up Angie from play-day. Bette cannot leave Jodi so she calls up Tina who's caught up in a meeting. Tina's surprised Bette hasn't finished yet with Jodi but she herself is in a really big chaos and cannot go and pick up Angie, either. Bette then calls Kit just in time before she could do anything foolish. She comes to her senses and tells her sister she will take care of Angie. As she's about to leave, she notices Cindi has seen her but didn't warn Dawn of her presence. Done with yet another problem, Bette asks Jodi whether she needs a ride home. Jodi has thought over Bette's words and decides it's time to let her go. She wants to drop in at Bette's place to pick up her belongings and move out. Shane and Jenny are at home, smoking from a bong and talking the whole situation over. They conclude Adele and Niki are worthless people and no matter what happens, the two of them will be best friends. Later on, when Max comes home, they call him an oracle. Max joins them on the sofa and they admit he was right about Adele and they should have listened to him. Jodi walks out of the bedroom pulling her trolley sideways. Before leaving, she gives Bette a gift; it was going to be her birthday present to Bette. After Jodi's gone, Bette opens the gift: it's a very expensive watch. "Oh, Jodi", Bette sighs. At the end of the day, Kit is at The Planet, preparing supper for Angie. She takes the food to her office where she's left Angie. She stops abruptly on the entrance when she sees "little baby girl" handling the gun like it was a new toy. Kit gets scared but trying hard to not show it, she gently removes the gun from Angie's hands. She heads straight to the backdoor garbage bin and throws the gun away. Coming in, she sees Tina has arrived and is happy and relieved to hand back Angie safe and sound to her mommy. Soon after, Bette joins them and she hugs and kisses Angie. They tell each other what a crazy day they all had but Kit avoids any mention of the gun. As Bette and Angie are about to leave, Bette looks at Tina and asks, "Do you want to...?" Tina accepts: yes, she'd like to go home with Bette and their daughter. Kit watches them go home like a family.