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  • Where is Asian?

    I just have watched season 3 and am wondering where Asian characters are. A few Asians I saw were all weird, mean or hysterical. This show itself is fun. I enjoyed it, but I think I'm quitting to watch it.
  • Favorite Words

    There is a whole social network based on favorite words out there: (a perfect name) - it's intriguing.
  • An Eye Opener

    I am a straight guy and this show really opened my eyes to the fact that lesbians just don't make love and there is more to it than that.

    The storyline about Max was a little confusing but I totally think that there's more TranSexual Female to Males out there that would find it hard to understand why Max would allow a man to penetrate him. As I have always thought that a TS F-Ms would really freak out with the thought and then the "female" pregnancy.

    I would have to say that I kinda wished that there was more seasons as there is so many answers and further scenes that should of been done, ie; Tina's and Beths NY move, Max baby and many more.

    I finished watching them today and now I am borid as I got nothing to watch

    * A Good Show To Watch *
  • The cast of L Word

    The cast of the L Word is unique and fantastic!
  • I have had mixed feelings about this show since it first began. While it's pleasant to see lesbians on television, it's not always the most flattering portrayal.

    I loved this show when it first began. It addressed some interesting issues, and it was groundbreaking to have a show revolving around the lives and loves of lesbian and bisexual characters. As the show progressed, I became more and more fed up with the way the characters were handled. Besides the ever-annoying Jenny, the characters I had loved from the start started to degrade into generally bad people. EVERYONE cheats on everyone. In the season 6 opener, Alice even admits that this is the standard lesbian thing to do. This is the message we want to be sending? Angus, the one positive male figure on the show, was turned into a cheating bastard. And when Tina is involved with a man, what happens? None of the lesbians want to talk to her because she's somehow betraying her kind. So much for being allowed to love whoever, regardless of gender. The show essentially shows the message that it's ok to cheat, bisexuals aren't good enough to be friends with lesbians, men are evil, and everything boils down to sex. That's not the message that should be sent in the one lesbian drama on television. That said, I suppose it's still entertaining television.
  • I am not familiar with the lesbian community -yet- but I think this show pictures it in a sincere and real way. The actresses did a great work and made a good decision by choosing to star in this show!

    I love this show! It's sad I started watching it too late! This show permits to learn a lot about the lesbian community, it deals with a lot of social topics I have never thought about before. Plus as a French native speaker, I learn a lot of vocabulary :-) The other thing which is good, is that the show directors know how to consolidate their fans through the website and the L conventions' existence. And above all, Katherine Moennig (Shane McCutcheon in the show) is very very hot!! This woman has such a power!! Her attitude, her husky voice, her smile... I think that just for her, the show is worth to be seen!
  • WOW

    Ok I have no ideal how I first came across this show. I do not get the channel it came on. But when I saw the show I thought WOW what is this. I had never seen a show like this before. I had to order the dvd on-line that day. But I relized that they were about to start their last season and my heart broke because i was getting in on the end of the show. This is not a lesbian show it is a show about friends and how the differences and the likeness in us bring us together and push us apart. My favorite couple was Alice and Dana. I love the way it was written for them to get together. And although I love them as a couple. I love the car chase scene after they had broken up. funny as can be.
    I have seen videos of the creator talking about what she would have changed if she could and she said that it would have been Dana's death. I hate that she died but they did do a wonderful job of telling that story. I do think the show changed so much after Dana's Death thought. The only bad thing I have to say is that I didn't like the last episode. The whole last season was Who Killed Jenny and we were never told who did it. I heard rumors of a spin off that Alice killed her and went to prison. I never liked that ideal since Alice is my favorite charator and I would hate to see here in jail. The whole last season felt like it was pushed. Like the creator didn't have enought time for the story lines to evole more. I wish we had a answer to the question of the last seasons murder/death but I would have to sugest to everyone to watch this show.
  • L Word is the best!

    L Word relates to people with any kind of sexual orientation. I love this show. I ordered all the seasons right as it came out. I actually was "straight" before but a woman came into my life and opened up a new kind of lifestyle to me, kind of like Marina did for Jenny. So I love how much I can relate to this show. It's the best thing to happen to television. It can be unpredictable, sexy, classy, moving, and everything all at once. This show is very un-obtainable to re-create. Each character will touch someone. One of my favorites to watch.
  • The L Word was a groundbreaking, unique and interesting show, that anybody not matter his or her sexual orientation could relate to.

    The L Word was a groundbreaking, unique and interesting show. It broke down the barriers of television and changed society. The L Word offered an outlet into world where I didn't have to hide who I actually was. It offered a world with characters I, and almost anyone, straight or gay could relate to. The L Word let me be myself, when in the real world I couldn't and still can't. The L Word was funny, drama-filled, and you can't forget the amazing sex scenes. Each character had their own problems, but each one still stayed close to their friends. Bette and Tina are, in my opinion, one of the best relationships on the show. Though both Bette and Tina have their conflicts with each other and with themselves, they do truly love one another. Alice is definitely the funniest character in the show, though she still has her own conflicts and does struggle with love. Shane is a very complex character. She cannot commit to relationships, even though she may love the person. She puts herself through torture, even though she does not deserve it. Helena, in the beginning of the show is selfish and manipulating. However by the third season she begins to soften up and becomes a real friend. Throughout the show, Helena struggles with trust issues, but after living without any money, she learns how to take care of herself and be independent. Jenny is one of the most interesting characters. She is one of those people that you either love or hate, and your feelings can change instantly. At first, Jenny is an innocent girl living with her boyfriend, but as the show goes one Jenny changes drastically. By the end of the fourth season, Jenny is arrogant and manipulative. Jenny for some reason tends to ruin relationships, though I don't think she always means to. All of the characters bring something different to the story and I think everyone can relate to at least one of the characters. After six seasons, The L Word ended, and a jam-packed six seasons they were. The L Word ended with a controversial bang, in season six. Despite the many opinions on the ending, The L Word ended the similarly to the way it started. The show started with Jenny's "birth" and ended with her death. We are never supposed to know who killed her. It will remain a mystery forever. Anybody can watch The L Word, no matter his or her sexual orientation. The L Word was about people with flaws trying to find love, and I think everybody can relate to that.
  • Oh Wow, Great Show; for many reasons:

    When I first watched this show I have to admit I figured lesbians everywhere how can I go wrong, but then something happened. As I was watching the show "Jenny" played by Mia absolutely blew me away, her inner conflict with love for 2 people was exactly how most of us feel when that unfortunate instance occurs. So after the very first episode I was like wow, what just happened. I felt a connection to Tim because I am a male and have been in his situation, but also I felt a connection to Jenny as I have also been in her situation. Needless to say 5 seasons later I still watch the show and I am still amazed by how the show is about love and how it transcends through everything. It doesn't matter if you are a woman and love another woman, its not gay it's LOVE. I wish more people could see and understand this. The solution is; watch the show.
  • I really loved the show and really want it to continue

    I watched all the seasons and this last season was the most unsettled and confused one of them all. Even though I thought this, I will still miss the L Word terribly. I loved the show. We really cared for the characters and their struggles. They are all great actresses. Glad Tibette is together, and that is all I really cared for.

    I still belive there could have been more issues brought out, so more seasons could have been done.

    Thought the "who Killed Jenny" theme was totally stupid. The ending didn't give us closure and gave even more unsettled thoughts. Why would they change our beloved characters to possible murderers makes me unsettled.
  • I'm left feeling unsatisfied

    This season and especially this episode have been nonsensical.Too many loose ends,too many out of character moments and if i had to see one more person get so obviously mad at jenny or say they were gonna kill her,i was going to throw my remote at the tv.Just a mess and not a great way to end such a decent show.It was nice to see some of the older characters popping up in the video messages though.But like i said before,not a nice clean way to end a series.Possibly its been done like this because of the spin-off? Another way to make sure people tune in i guess
  • Jenny's character is completely out of line.

    I have been watching this show from the beginning and Jenny has always been my favorite character because she was the new girl and a writer when it started, and I can totally relate to that. But now she has become such a hateful and impossible character. I understand that every group of tv friends needs the "village idiot" or "evil witch" to set a balance, but it's just crazy how she has grown into this egotistical and vindictive person. It started around season 4 but now it's just out of control. I love this show and I'll never stop watching it during reruns or dvd marathons, but I just wish that they could have found a different character to turn into a maniac.
  • A really good show

    Now look, I'm usually not into these kind of shows. I liked "Will And Grace" but I wasn't willing to watch another kind with a little more seriousness in it.

    My friend started to say how good it was and I'll just say it's one of the best shows out there now. Nobody knows that I watch it because I'm more of the sitcom person.

    I really like drama shows so this was really perfect for me. Plus it's different because the whole show revolves around lesbian characters, tell me how many shows like this are out there. One, and it's this one
  • Story of a group of lesbians and their lives in general.Basically what their everyday life is for them.

    This show is a great one its the story of a group of lesbian friends.There are Bette and Tina they have been dating for a long time and want to start a family,Alice who is a bisexual and her bestfriend is Dana who is a tennis player and hides to the world that she is gay,her friends were the only ones who ever knew.Shane who is out for a good time and also wants to find the love of her life.Jenny who is confused by her sexuality and falls in love with a girl(Marina) even though she was engaged.There also is Kit,who is Bette's elder sister. The show has a great cast and they all project diiferent behaviors and different people.The script is well written and seems to be going somewhere. All in all a great kudos to the cast and crew they did a very good job.
  • Mish mash of some interesting characters, and some not. Sometimes its good and sometimes its cringeworthy

    I'm a guy so people might disregard this review, but I watched the first season and really liked it, then stopped watching in season two when I thought the plot was getting outlandish and got HBO instead. I recently resubsribed to Showtime and started watching the show on demand and I find it really uneven.

    I thought the first season was really well done and I thought Jenny and her boyfriend's relationship was really thought out and very reaslistic when she was caught with a woman, and the tennis player (forget her name) was a very good actress and her character was compelling. I was alo pleasantly surpirsed that it didn't put the gay characters on a pedestal like will and grace did and showed characters like Jenny to be selfish and with faults.

    The last season is very uneven. The whole movie in a show idea is not compelling and the Jenny character just seems loopy, selfish and mean. This was ineteresting in season 1 but now the rest of the characters can't seem to stand her and its hard to see why they are friends with her. why they would keep talking to her?

    The show seems to veer from compelling well done story lines (usually involving alice) to over the top cringe worthy (transexuals and the older lesbians) If they are intentionally trying to be funny with them, then that's something, but it just comes off to me as a stunt. The main problem with the show is they could never decide seems to be the same as when I stopped watching in season 2. What is it, a comedy, sex in the city for lesbians, a soap, a serious drama? I remember in season 2 watching a dramatic scene with Bette tending to her prejudiced father who was dying and the next scene being a funny one or a sex scene. It gave you whiplash watching it.

    For a show about identity it never developed a coherent one of its own.
  • Shaky start, fantastic ending.

    The writers of this show are so good at making the endings so powerful that you forget how boring the rest of the show was. It wasnt great for the L word standards but the ending was so powerful. Somewhere down the line, the show has gone off the rails. It doesnt deal with LA and Love and laughter but more with Fame, money and what the *** was Cybil on the show for? I got the feeling that this season might go back to its roots after watching 601. Its such a shame that there are only 6-7 episodes left. Mia"s acting in this episode was just fantastic as usual. She is a true talent. It was as though Jenny was written just for her.
  • I am a huge fan of this show.

    I saw this show thinking I wouldn't like it and was quickly proven wrong. I this show is well written, and the actors are great. They play amazing roles. I don't think this show would be as good on basic cable, part of what I love it showing gay relationships in a different light. I'm not even gay but it's fun to watch. I find myself getting girl crushes on the actors. I can't wait to the show to come back on air, waiting to the new season is killing me. The drama is great and I can't even begin to see where it is going.
  • You don't have to be gay to love this show.

    This is one of my favourite shows because it is so well written and has an amazingly talented cast. The acting is world class, at times the characters seem so real that you start to believe that they are real people. My favourite character has to be Shane, she doesn't care about what anyone says, she is who she is. She has had so many different relationships, but her character's not all about sex, she has a heart.
    This show is addictive, once you've seen an episode that's it you hooked. The first episode I saw was in season 2 and I've watched it ever since. It gets better with every season, there is never a boring moment on LWord, never. Season 5 definitely has to be the best season in my opinion, mostly because of everything thats has happened with Adele and Jenny. It was absolutely fantastic when she went from a sweet girl to a monster, when she took over Jenny's movie was classic, a perfect example of an amazing storyline. The last episode of season four again was classic, I couldn't believe it hen Shane left Cameron at the Altar, it was heart renching to watch, but it left you wanting more. This show has to be one of the best shows that has ever been on TV. It doesn't matter if you are a man, women, teenager, gay or straight, you can't help but love it.
  • Smart,funny and hot, hot, hot!

    This is just a really well put together show. It has everything! It starts with awesome scripts. Stories that most everyone can relate to and empathize with. As they say, "If it ain't on the page it ain't on the stage".

    I hope the casting director got an Emmy because this cast is incredibly talented and totally HOT! I have been in love with Jennifer Beals since Flashdance. Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Leisha Hailey and Pam Grier make a wonderful nucleus and then the interesting rookies along with star studded cameos. Rachel Shelley, Cybil Sheppard, Marlee Matlin, etc, etc, etc...

    Gay, Straight, Martian it doesn't matter... WATCH IT!
  • watch this show ^.^ it'll BLOW YOUR MIND.

    This is definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen. I've been with it since season 3, and I have to say that it's getting better and better. The drama of Shane and all the "relationships" she has. Alice with her big mouth and most complicated relationships. Better and Tina, two soul mates who get mixed up in the world after having a child together. Kit and her club, and all the drama that goes down in it. Jenny, and her movie madness and all the drama that goes on in her life with her different relationships. Helena and her fortune, Max and his sex change, and all the other characters that have entered into the show! It's one big mess of drama, with a fantastic storyline that always has something interesting to say!

    Dana lives on forever in our hearts.
  • A show to think about those who had "different" sexual inclination

    The L Word is the intimate story about the lives and loves of a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles. The show has received a lot of praise for its brilliant storylines and its portrayal of the lesbian community.

    The story its awsome about lez girlz living in the big city, love, betrayal blah blah blah its an interesting show like Queer As Folk different story not eh macho guy, the girl, the friends Different from the regular Tv Shows like The OC "oh the guy that came to town have love..." Interesting watch it its a great show
  • About love and life

    This show is very different and the same as any other show,It's about friends and life.I follow actors that I like,wasn't sure I was going to like this show,but I like jennifer Beals,Laurel Holloman and Pam Grier. I'm so glad I gave it a chance,it's 1 of the best shows ever,fell in love with it.And now have more favorites.Leisha Hailey where the hell did she come from, she's great,Kate Moenning,who cares who shes cousins with,awesome as Shane,fantastic actress.1 of a kind.And Erin Daniels,one of the best storylines.To bad one of my favorite characters had to die,but great/sad story.This show is not just very well written,but very informative.I watch this show with my daughter & some of her friends.Some are straight some are not.Love them all think,that more parents should watch it,because some are still have no clue who thier kids are.
  • The show is based on the lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered women living in Los Angeles...

    The show is based on the lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered women living in Los Angeles. I started watching the show rather abruptly two months back and I've been through it's five seasons already. This has to be the best drama series I have seen yet. The show has a more or less linear story with a few things happening to the other characters in the background as well, but once in a while, an episode will so completely sweep you off your feet ("Liquid Heat", anyone?) that you'll find it very hard not to fall in love with the show. This is one of those very few shows that need any defending at all. Go and WATCH THIS. Kudos to the creators... can't wait for the sixth season!
  • A show based on the lives of LA women, not just any LA women but lesbian LA women. Their smart, beatufil, and down right bad a**. You'll fall in love with eact of these women and their stories.

    Well all the seasons I seen I loved them all. I fell in love with these woman and their stories. This show is great and by far enjoyable. You come into the lives of these woman and you began to see how there is so much more to these women than just sex and being'll began to realize that theirs drama, love triangles, family, and most importantly theirs friendships. All the seasons are great and full of surprises. Point blank if your not a fan of the show, then I would definately start becoming one, especially of this show. Watch it.
  • To anyone that is interested in viewing this Showtime original series I highly reccommend it! It is the creme de la creme of tv dramas.

    Since it first aired in 2004 I have watched it and the show has just continued to get better and better with each season. It has been reported that Season 6 will be the last season for the show and I will miss it dearly. In the world today there is so much violence and economic hardship all over that it is just so refreshing to see a show that packs humor, truth, realism and cutting edge drama all in one and pull it off successfully. The storylines have been original, funny, sad, dramatic and very real for the most part. I hope that another show pops up real soon for the LGBT community. It has been a wonderful ride and one that I will truly miss. I wish all of the individuals involved on this project much luck and good fortune on all of their future endeavors.
  • The L Word is by far my favorite show aired on tv these days.

    I just found out about this show at the beginning of Season 5.... and I can't get enough! The L Word is excellent! It shows the lives of lesbians in a way that does not go over the top or degrade them at all. The Cast and Producers do a wonderful job at telling the lives of everyday lesbians and do it in a way that keeps their audience captivated! "Tina" being my personal favorite. I was so sad to hear that there will only be one more season aired. I am looking forward to watching seasons 1-4 before Season 6 airs.
  • Thank god I have Showtime now or I never would have found this!

    This show is mostly about the lesbian community in LA, but I haven't seen all of the show yet! I just started watching it a few weeks ago and now I can't stop watching! I've only watched season 5 and parts of the first and second seasons but I still can't get enough. The characters are all great and I must admit that Tina is my favorite character. I love the relationship between Bette and Tina, they are so great together. I love Alice because she is just so priceless. It's funny to see her try and fail to keep things to herself like when she told everybody that Tina was pregnant and Bette was second to last to find out. Shane is amazing too because of her relationships or her lack there of. It's amazing to see her when she actually tries though.

    It's nice to see a show about the lesbian community and the things they have to face because it is so real. People all over the world have to deal with their sexuality and not being accepted because of it and I love that they show that in this show. I loved in season 1 seeing Jenny trying to cope with her sexuality and how that caused problems with her and Tim and Nikki is dealing with the fact that her relationship with Jenny can't be open right now because of Lez girls. Dana had to deal with that in season 1 and it's nice to see that the characters have to deal with coming out too. This is such an amazing show that teaches people about sexuality. Even if your not a lesbian or bisexual I think you can enjoy this show!
  • Lesbians in L.A. look lovely and live loudly- I'm liking lots.

    When I introduced this show to a friend she describe it as like watching a train wreck, you can't look away. Once you get past that initial.... okaaaaaaay... feeling of the show. The characters are very real and it's very easy to get invested in their lives, their loves, and their friendships. The writing is good, and there honestly is not another show like this on the air.

    I have only two issues with this show. The first is that the characters tend to make incredibly stupid life choices, in almost everything that they do. Especially in the third season that was like the season of pain. My other is that a lot of the time many things are very unsubtle, which can drag you out of the show. Neither of these things make the show bad, just a bit frustrating at times. It is nonetheless, very very good.
  • Stumbling upon this show was a gift from heaven!

    A show that showcases different emotions. May it be drama, comedy or romance the actors from this show never fails to deliver.

    The actor's onscreen chemistry is undeniable that you can't help but think that they actually live the lives and characters they play on a daily basis.

    Each and every actor from the show are able to bring their characters to life. From Jennifer Beals playing the Alpha Female Bette Porter and Mia Kirshner being the neurotic Jenny Schecter, there is no mistaking that this is one show that we all love to watch and see.

    I can only guess that most people who has watched this show are not able to let it go!
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