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  • WOW

    Ok I have no ideal how I first came across this show. I do not get the channel it came on. But when I saw the show I thought WOW what is this. I had never seen a show like this before. I had to order the dvd on-line that day. But I relized that they were about to start their last season and my heart broke because i was getting in on the end of the show. This is not a lesbian show it is a show about friends and how the differences and the likeness in us bring us together and push us apart. My favorite couple was Alice and Dana. I love the way it was written for them to get together. And although I love them as a couple. I love the car chase scene after they had broken up. funny as can be.
    I have seen videos of the creator talking about what she would have changed if she could and she said that it would have been Dana's death. I hate that she died but they did do a wonderful job of telling that story. I do think the show changed so much after Dana's Death thought. The only bad thing I have to say is that I didn't like the last episode. The whole last season was Who Killed Jenny and we were never told who did it. I heard rumors of a spin off that Alice killed her and went to prison. I never liked that ideal since Alice is my favorite charator and I would hate to see here in jail. The whole last season felt like it was pushed. Like the creator didn't have enought time for the story lines to evole more. I wish we had a answer to the question of the last seasons murder/death but I would have to sugest to everyone to watch this show.