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  • Season 6 Episode 7: Last Couple Standing

  • Goof: Before the dance competition, Alice is talking to Shane while Shane puts on her tie. When the camera changes angles, she is putting it on again.

  • Music Featured in This Episode:
    - Distant Dreamer by Duffy

  • Season 6 Episode 6: Lactose Intolerant

  • Goof: When Alice, Tasha, and Jamie return to the apartment after their workout, Jamie starts stretching. As the camera angle changes, her position is inconsistent between shots.

  • Season 6 Episode 4: Leaving Los Angeles

  • Goof: When Alice and Shane meet in the cafe for lunch, the camera alternates between the two of them. Each time Shane's back is to the camera, she's holding a menu, but when the camera is facing her, she is sitting with her arms crossed.

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Least Likely

  • Some of the other items from Alice and Tasha's pro/con list that they didn't mention out loud include:

    A: snores after she's had a cocktail
    T: is a germaphobe
    A: makes fun of T's movies
    A: doesn't understand my upbringing
    T: talks down to Alice

  • Goof: When Bette and Tina are at the art showing, Bette has a large bracelet on her left wrist. When they get home and she starts to take off her jewelry, it is now on her right wrist.

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Lunar Cycle

  • Deleted Scene: Niki and Begonia get into it before a scene
    Begonia, Niki, and Shane are in the make-up room. While Shane does Begonia's hair, Niki chatters about the Subaru Pink Ride. When the make-up artist pulls Niki's blouse off her shoulder to cover the tattoo underneath, she quickly replies that she's not taking her shirt off today. Begonia says Niki doesn't know what she's talking about: they're shooting a love scene today. Niki's adamant – she doesn't want to take her clothes off. "Sweetie, I don't wanna get naked with you, either", Begonia retorts. Niki storms out of the room to get to rehearsal while Shane tries to calm Begonia down. "Today's going to be a fun one", she says to herself when the actresses have left.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: Lifecycle

  • The "Previously on..." part contains a scene not included in the previous episode. There is a scene with Alice, Tasha, and Kit at The Planet where Alice says that Tasha is getting a lot of job offers. This differs drastically from the actual scene from the previous episode, where Alice was just asking Tasha to come with her to the SheBar meeting to protect her.

  • Deleted Scene: Niki has some fun with a video camera
    This scene takes place in LA before the Pink Ride. Niki is filming with her new video camera, given to her by Jenny, of Adele packing Jenny's things for the ride while Jenny lounges on the bed. Niki complements Adele on her bone structure, causing Jenny to ask "Are you flirting with Adele?" Niki responds, "Maybe." Niki throws Adele on the bed and tells Jenny that they kissed the other night. "It was really hot." Shane pops her head in the doorway to ask if the girls are ready yet. Niki then starts to flirt with Shane, saying the she's noticed Shane looking at her. "You think?", Shane asks. Jenny notions Niki and her camera to her and says, "They can't have you -- you're mine."

  • During the first day of the Pink Ride, Niki is wearing a Girltrash t-shirt. Girltrash is a short web series created and directed by Angela Robinson, who has also written and directed many episodes of The L Word. One of the stars of the show is Rose Rollins (Tasha).

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Liquid Heat

  • Deleted scene: A series of tremors hit Los Angeles
    Bette is home alone. It's another blackout and she's walking around in the house with a flashlight. She turns on her laptop and finds IM messages from Jodi, asking her whether she's felt "all those little tiny earthquakes". A car alarm goes off outside and the house starts to shake.

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Lay Down the Law

  • Goof: When Shane and Jodi are talking about doing the charity bike race and the party Jodi is going to give, the sunglasses Shane has on her shirt keep disappearing and reappearing between shots.

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Lesbians Gone Wild

  • Goof: At the movie set, Bette and Tina are lying on the bed in "Bev" and "Nina"'s room. The voice over the comm system interrupts them, and they quickly get up. Bette is sitting on the side of the bed and you can see her purse behind her in the middle of the bed. When the camera first shows the person standing at the door, you can't see the purse as it is cut from view. The view changes to Tina and then back to the door again. Now the purse is right behind Bette next to where she is sitting. In the next shot, the purse is again in the middle of the bed.

  • Deleted Scene: Jenny plays mediator to settle a cast dispute
    This scene takes place after the event of the opening teaser. Begoña and Niki are in Jenny's trailer. Jenny's telling Begoña to cut Niki some slack because she's "young and unexperienced". Even though Begoña's more experienced and studied, she should learn something from Niki's "rawness". Niki goes on a rant that the reason why she became in unprepared for the day's shooting was that she attended a fund raiser the previous night because "the Earth is in serious trouble". Begoña storms out of the trailer stating that Niki's "stupidity is staggering". Niki then pleads to Jenny: "Are you gonna let her talk to me like this?"

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Lights! Camera! Action!

  • Nitpick: The opening teaser includes the scene based on an actual event that happened between Bette and Tina, but there is no physical possibility for Jenny to be so precise about it since she wasn't there.

  • Goof: When Bette throws Tina on the bed, you can see a bunch of books and one of Angelica's teddy bears on the bed. Bette brushes them all off and then starts to take off Tina's pants. Suddenly there is a bright yellow book next to Tina that wasn't there in the beginning of the scene.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Lookin' at You, Kid

  • Goof: At the end of the episode, Adele is in Jenny's bedroom picking up empty bottles and glasses when she hears Jenny and Niki getting it on in the closet. Each time the camera switches views, she has the bottles and glasses in different positions in her hands.

  • Goof: When Niki is trying on clothes, Jenny's hair keeps switching from behind her shoulder to in front of her shoulder.

  • Goof: When Shane is baking the "party brownies", Alice comes over and tastes the batter. She's holding her cell phone in the same hand as she dips her finger into the batter and then licks it. When the camera switches views, her hand is suddenly empty and she's getting the phone from her other hand.

  • Deleted Scene: Bette is trying to deflect blame away from Jodi
    Bette explains to Jodi that the board of directors wants someone to blame for the provocative piece of art that upset a student in Jodi's class. Jodi wants to stand her ground and speak to the the board herself but Bette thinks it's better to just let the board "cool off".

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