The L.A. Complex

Season 2 Episode 13

Don't Say Goodbye

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on The CW

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  • What a finale!!..

    This show is my guilty pleasure..none of my friends watch it and i get grief for even talking about it its only fair i get to review it here. Yes it can be a little over the top with the story lines but its A GOOD SHOW!.

    The finale...Since this site's The LA complex synopsis covers Abby, let start with her..So, Abby married (Las vegas style) her gorgeous fighter pilot, work up with major anxiety,annul the marriage and annul the annulment! (see over the top!) but it was cute and believable, big romance and the guy is majorly hot!.. This gal have always been impulsive and it annoyed me, but for the finale i gave her a pass, since that said impulsiveness means she decided she is gonna follow her husband who is back on duty stationed in Germany!. Open season!! but good luck Abby.

    But its Kal's story that moved me more (as usual). Man this guy cant catch a he is damaged!! we get it, but aside from Christopher (who is so amazing!), dude is always with some problem.I get it he is the cause of 70% of them but duh!! . Rook messed up and infinitejest (ish! name) ends up with the tap of Kal and Tariq banging in the studio. Rook confesses to Kal, and Kal asked if he have seen the tape, when Rook tells him, "I've known you since I was 4, I didn't need to watch it," I finally understood Rook. We haven't seen too much of Rook, but he cares about Kal and wants to protect him. With Kal's father in the hospital dying, Kal cant deal with with infinite jest blackmail, so he orders to pay him, and be done with the issue. They pay him but in the end Rook takes the matter in his own hands and shoot Infinite. In Rook's mind, shooting Infinite Jest means Kal's secret will stay a secret. Little does he know Kal has decided to finally come out of closet in form of a letter to his dead father and he post it online with Christopher by his side. I hope we get season 3, just to see the response to this. Its a very current issue. I am so proud of Kal even though he is just a character. From attempted suicide to accepting who he is and coming out to the world. wow!

    Oh yeah! the other character,

    Connor's sister really suprised me. A little incest happened, and of course repulsed by his sister's kiss. She is horrified and bailed. Those peeps at Scienetics Center (Hey is this a cheeky nod at Scientology??) wants his sister out of Connor's life. Connor resists but kinda gives in and think he is finally taking control of his own life. He even told Raquel he used to burn himself (after Raquel saw the burns- Connor now without the bandage to hide the burns). Welldone, Connor.

    Speaking of Raquel. Man, girlfriend needs a break too. She hooks up with The bar owner, quits her credit card scheme and focused fully on Kevin and Cam's film. I was happy for her, cause she finally was making sensible decisions . Happy endings?? its the finale, we end with police handcuffing the bar owner, Mark for the credit card scheme.

    I cant wait for season 3!..

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