The L.A. Complex

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • Its about time for.....Kal

    A mixed episode for me. I loved the plot's progress, but am not sure i loved an introduction of a new drama (Connor's -maybe-sister). Isn't this the time we get to know the two nerds more?.Cam crushes on Beth and Kevin (??), that being said...

    Simon didnt go far, and was hiding in another apartment/room which is now rented to Connor who got kicked out nicely by miss Bell and her on-again husband. I loved how Connor was able to help Simon see things by drawing parallels to his own life. But the plot moved ahead for Kal and Raquel (walked out on the show so lets wait for the consequences of that).

    Kal woke up at Chris' office,and may i say i love Chris character. Chris asks him about Tariq coz Kal mumbled his name while he was dreaming, and Kal stormed off, not wanting to discuss Tariq. Then Kal went to confront Infinite Jest (lol!) at his house. Jest calls him a hypocrite for rapin about living in a corner while Kal lives in a mansion. Later, Kal goes to Chris' place , kisses him crazily. Chris stops him and tells him the speech someone should have nailed into Kal's thick head ages ago. To paraphrase it " like you, but dude you got issues,i have had issues, dealt with them,now i only accept issues-free-love.So go fix ur issues.Start with Tariq, then you can call me". He was more eloquent.

    Are we finaly gonna see Tariq?..missed him!!

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