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  • Thom, newspaper reporter for the local "Island Gleaner", investigates the infamous local "John Doe Murders" when he gets a tip. As his investigation unfolds, things spiral out of control into a world of sex, betrayal and vampires he didn't see coming.

    This is a mature show for a mature audience and is not appropriate for children. It deals with mature themes and has both graphic and implied violence as well as some moderately-to-strongly-explicit sexual content. This review will cover some of the show's mature content.

    Thom, a local newspaper reporter for the "Island Gleaner", is investigating the "John Doe Murders" when he receives a tip. Following up, his personal life intersects with the investigation and things spiral out of control into a dark world of sex, betrayal, and vampires he never saw coming.

    "The Lair", for those unaware, is a spin-off series from Here!tv's successful "Dante's Cove", and like its sire is a gay supernatural soap-opera. Set on an undisclosed island (which may or may not be the same one in "DC" - the producers say not, but dialog in the first season references places and things in the "DC" universe) with a moderately-urban feel, the show is populated with a great-looking cast of mostly-established actors (and one actress) ranging from backgrounds in the pornography industry (Colton Ford, Dyllan Vox, and Michael Von Steele for example) to more mainstream fare.

    The show primarily revolves around the characters of Thom (the above-mentioned reporter), Damien (who owns the epinonymous Gentlemen's Club known as "The Lair") and Colin (who works for Damien), and follows their actions and the repercussions each has upon the others.

    The show seems to suffer from typical freshman issues - the writers are still finding the characters, and so are some of the actors. The road to understanding of what's going on by Thom hits a few strange bumps and makes a couple of odd leaps, and limitations in sets and available cast make some characters do the strangest things just to get the right people together in a room for an important conversation to take place. All in all, though, it's a strong start - stronger than "Dante's Cove" managed - and it was really enjoyable.

    Now, it should be remembered that this is a gay-themed supernatural soap. There is sex gay and plenty of it, especially in the first episode where they're trying to hook the audience. Given the setting, the show has surprisingly little full-frontal nudity, and most of what it has is understated and in locations that make sense, both in setting and plot. All in all, it actually generates a stronger "hot" factor than pointless nudity would, and the acting is very good - which makes for better sex scenes in my book anyway. There are a couple of places where actors are in group sex (Gentlemen's Club, remember?) and are shown soft, which is jarring - after all, they should be enjoying themselves, yes? I would opt for either allowing them to "firm up" a bit, or having tighter edits to show everything up to but not including. Either would assist with suspension of disbelief, which is vital to supernatural settings, and which is also vital to the illusion that people are enjoying themselves during the act.

    All in all, I find it a potent mix. I enjoy Gothic and Supernatural themes in movies and TV, and like any red-blooded person I enjoy seeing some skin and hot action on screen as well. The cast delivers good acting (the above-mentioned core actors all deliver good performances, and Michael Von Steele and Colton Ford both deliver stronger-than-expected work as well - it was a fantastic surprise!), the writing is survivable (and with time should improve, as was the case with "DC") and as the show finds success, perhaps we can get more varied settings as well. David Moretti (Thom) turns in a particularly good performance, and I look forward to seeing more of his work now that I've found him. I recommend this show.
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