The Land Before Time

Weekdays 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Mar 05, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • A great show!

    This is one of the great shows i've ever seen. it's good and funny. I always like the movie and i'll also like the series too. I would like to see more episodes cause it is getting interesting and good too keep it up Cartoon Network. Well this ends my review.
  • do u like it/ Cause I liked it as a little kid like when i was 1-6

    i havent seen it since i was a little kid, but i love it as a little kid
  • i hate it

    worst show on earth i gotta say i cant stand it thats not all im going to give resons on why i hate it

    #1 makes no sence ex who calls a dream a sleep story i mean realy

    #2 not funny sometimes the think the most stupied stuff is funny when its realy not

    #3 makes no sence i mean realy i dont get it

    all i can say is that it is the WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but if u pepole think that this is a good show thats fine soooooo im going to give you a link to a website that gives you the land before time epasode downloads and more here is the link
  • WHAT WAS THAT? they are still showing this?

    ok first i had nothing to watch all day so i turn to cartoon network in the morning. They were showing Land before time the tv show. What is up with that. All they did was sing the same song over and over again. they also had nothing beter to do it has a lost of a good show. Ya when it first came out (the first movie) that was good because i was a kid. even at my age i like to watch old school cartoon that i once watch. this makes my child hood feel real bad. I would love if they cancel this show.
  • A surprising Great show

    I did not think I would be interested in this show. Then I found out Chomper was in it (Ive always liked chomper) so I guess I would give it a try. It was awesome and I couldnt believe how well they could make this show. I personally however find the songs annoying so I fastfoward through them and at my observation if those random songs were not there this show would be better, however I know that wont happen because thats the only way that the creators think thats what kids love and thats all they think about cause its for them not for teens like me. Anyway this show is terrific. A+
  • I don't know what to say.

    Fair, very fair. Kinda bad if you take my word for it. When I was younger, I loved the movies a lot, but now I think there is waaaaaaay too much singing. The songs are pethetic, too. I like it a little bit. Some parts you grimace at and others you think is weird, it's one of those shows. Sometimes there are parts you laugh your head off. Not really, though. I'm hypethiticly speaking. Plot good though. I don't like how they speak, exept Peetri, he's funny. The voices like Duckies are kinda whimpy, don't you think. The show is not a favorite.
  • The Land Before Time

    when this first came out to the movies i took both my kids and they loved it. Then from there one they made one video after another and buy this time there was a whole collection of them. I have them all starting from the first one to the last one. the first one I got when my kids were still in diapers and til now they are grown up and I got the last one to pass on my kids favorite show to my granddaughter. Her and I both will sit down and watch from start to end. This one of the nices show to let your children watch.
  • Our Favorite Childhood animated film series is now becoming a TV cartoon series. Guess how much I like it? It's great! Click on countine to read more....

    My 4th Review after a Failed-misrably cartoon, Squirrel Boy.
    This show is impressive. Just as good as Donkey kong country. I loved the Land before time movies as a kid and they were great and Pouplar I nearly cried in some of the movies.
    Here's the chracther list:
    Littlefoot: the main dino in the Land before time trillogy.
    Cera: She's a brat! Don't get her ticked, or else your done!
    Ducky: When she says: "yep, yep, Yep!" She Cracks me up laughing hardly!
    Spike: He's pretty useful when you need help pushing a large obstacle down.
    Petrie: Maybe the weakest out of them all. He annoys me a lot with his Scardly mouth.
    Chomper: Easily be best friends with. He'll like you when you become friends with. He'll always be kind to you as well!
    Ruby: Chomper's nanny. Since when did that happen?!?!
    Now what am I gonna give this cartoon? I'm gonna give this a B++. Here's the results:

    Voice-acting A+ 9.2/10.0 Chomper's young voice is Outstanding. All the others chracther voices are decent.

    Animation A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect Animation and very Colorful!!!!!!!! The animtion were based on the 2000's Land before time movies. That's how we want Original Animated cartoons to be.

    Sound: A 8.5/10.0 Good Music. It matches barely with this show. A lot of prestorinc music are added. Sound effects are decent too.

    Dialouge: B 7.1/10.0 They are some good scripts in some of the episodes, but some are pretty corny, like Petrie's scripts. Grapihcs: A 8.8/10.0 Great Grapihcs! It looks a Land before time half-hour long film Title use of Quatily, However, there are some minor color glitches in some of the epiosdes in this Animated series.

    Educational Value: B 7.0/10.0 There are some Educatioan in some scenes, but this is perfect for young children that want to learn about true meanings of dinosaurs.

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.0/10.0 Superb. Young Children will be Amazed. Older people will be Enthralled.

    Overall: B++ 8.0/10.0 This series is an Impressive spin-off of the film series, but not nearly as good as the movie titles. This cartoon is really worth your chance to see it.
    They're more episodes aired in Canada on YTV, If you want to see and download all the episodes go here:
    It will be my Pleasure to show a link to you if your a land before time fan. You're Welcome! :) One more thing. It would be nice if someone makes a hacked rom of this for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Why not the rom be published and Devopleped for both versions, by one of the best Japanese video game companies: Konami, in the USA rom hack version?
  • It's about time

    When I was in high school I babysat for my cousins son who LOVED the Land Before Time movie (there was only one back then) and had all the puppets from Pizza Hut. I got a set of them so he would have them to play at our house. Now I have children of my own and they too enjoy the stories about Littlefoot, Ducky, Spike, etc... Over the years the movies have grown to include many new friends and this tv is long overdue in coming. The time slot is perfect for my youngest to watch an episode in the morning after he is ready for school and before he has to head out in the morning. He gets up and gets completely ready then has that half hour to relax and enjoy the show before school starts for the day.
  • I've been a fan of the movies since I was three and the show was in no way disappointing to me.

    I've been a fan of the movies since I was three and the show was in no way disappointing to me. I enjoyed this half hour show even more than I enjoyed the last movie "The Great Day of the Fliers" This show probably will get very good ratings by people who loved the movies on account of the fact that the show is much like the movies except with a couple new characters. The first episode I saw was today "The hidden canyon" and I still need to find out about the Oviraptor Ruby I think her name is and this Redclaw fellow. Chomper lives in the Great Valley which seems a little weird to me but works for me seeing as I love Chomper. From what I've read about her Ruby is Chomper's sister figure or something like his guardian. Overall really really cute show I plan to watch it much more.
  • dinosaurs

    The charecters from the land before time now have their own show and go on adventures in the great valley and beyond. the often get into trouble or stickyn situations during these journies. they always find away out of trouble though and always seem to have fun no matter what happens. they also learn valuable lessons along the way. it is an okay show because the story has been stretch too far because of all the movies. littlefoot cera spike petri chomper and ducky are back as well as their parents and grandparents. plus new dino such as tria and the pink girl whos named has slipped my mind.
  •'s ok doesn't get my vote for favourite.

    Well when I was younger I was in love with the movies. I bought almost all of them. Then I got older and stopped. It does have the land before time feeling but the thing is I think that universal has capitalized on the Land Before Time long enough. I mean they have atleast 12 movies and now they make a tv show. I personally think it won't last long because it will get kind of old after awhile and this type of show won't be able to have many new episodes very much. Like in the more newer movies they seemed to be something universal put together in their spare time. And the show seems like that aswell. I think they need to let the Land Before time rest in peace before people look at it and think "What happened?"
  • "I'm sure it'll be a decent show."

    I used to watch the movies over and over again when I was younger. I think it would be a great show for younger children and I personally might decide to watch it depending on how good it starts off but since I'm older now and it isn't really all that interesting I can still watch it with my younger siblings and cousins. This show is basically made for the younger peoples and the first Land Before Time movie was a great classic that I'd definitely recommend it to anyone young or old. P.S. Don't judge the movie by all hell-load of sequels, I only recommend the first movie.
  • The Land Before Time TV Series is a new show that was aired almost exclusively by Cartoon Network. The show involves all the original characters from the land before time movies, but two more members are added to the gang; Chomper and Ruby.

    The first few land before time movies were more family oriented. Then we saw the sequels gradually be targeted towards a younger and younger audience. The TV series continues this trend. The land before time TV series is hardly a family show. It is mostly targeted at much younger audiences. Despite this fact, it's nice to see Universal churning out more of this timeless classic. New land before time material doesn't come out nearly as frequently as other movies out there. Despite the fact that I'd rather have a new movie than 10 new TV episodes, they are still moderately entertaining and I will watch them. Of course, this is the opinion of an older individual. I'm not exactly sure how young kids feel about this drastic change in theme and target audience throughout the sequels and now the TV series. But they're kids, so they probably didn't notice much of anything.

    Visit to watch all the land before time TV episodes.
  • Based off of a Don Bluth movie... I really think Don should be making the shows/sequels. You know what? This isn't bad.

    The TV show is okay. The movies were a lot better, imo, as the songs were not only better but so were the stories. It's true that no LBT movie was better than the first, but that's because Don Bluth had nothing to do with the sequels. And now we have a TV show.

    Personally, I find it okay. The voices are the same as always and the plots are kinda similar, but more childish.

    The songs... sorry, the only song I like in the show is the Lone Dinosaur reprise. The others are just crap... but hey, props for trying to make the show a musical like the movies franchise kinda was. (I say kinda because each movie didn't have nearly enough songs to be called a musical, but the franchise had more than enough movies with songs in them to be called such)

    Reading over some reviews, it almost seems like the members are reviewing the movies and not the show. The show is okay. The movies were great until they made number 10, IMO, but the show... it's alright every now and then. It's actually a bit better than the more recent LBT movies.