The Larry Sanders Show

Season 1 Episode 1

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 1992 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • During Larry's second time doing the commercial, Artie watches on a monitor where Larry is seen to be holding a Garden Weasel. Uninterrupted, the camera angle shifts to directly on Larry, where he's simply standing there without a Garden Weasel in hand.

  • Quotes

    • Hank: That one Green Giant spot has been a real monkey on my back. I'll tell you one thing: If they ever ask you to put on a pair of green tights, no matter how much they offer you, you just walk away. Walk away.
      Larry: I'll remember that.

    • Artie: Fine, you just go home. I'll come over there later; stick a red hot poker up your ass. We'll call it even.
      Larry: Okay. You have my address, right?

    • Artie: That was a very funny show.
      Larry: I thought so, too.
      Artie: I didn't know Harrison Ford did impressions? His Carol Channing was terrific!

    • Larry: The only reason I'm not running for president this year, I swear to God, is I am afraid no woman would come forward to say she had sex with me.

    • Larry: Did you like that joke, Hank?
      Hank: I liked it very much.
      Larry: Well, you're mistaken.

    • Larry: Sonny Bono did not get elected to a Senate seat here in California. That's when you know you live in California, when you look on the ballot and Sonny Bono is running for a senate seat. I was really towards running for the Captain of Captain and Tennille, because evidently, he at least has some military experience.

    • Larry: Actually, I'm a little frustrated because we had Jerry Brown on this show. He didn't actually play a number with the band, but he did score them some great coke.

    • Larry: So how many of you saw Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall when he played the sax? Well, good to know you're watching my competition.

    • Hank: And now, because he brings out the natural luster of the wood… Larry Sanders!

    • Hank: You see this gentlemen? He's giving me this sign and it says, "We're on in ten seconds." So get ready to have a good time. All right, here we go. This is exciting, isn't it?

    • Hank: You folks see that flashing sign up there? Now, that sign says "applesauce." No, no, I'm kidding. It says "applause." Ray, do me a favor. Could you flick that once? (Crowd Applauds) All right. Now remember. You're all a big part of the show, so the better you are, the better Larry is.

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