The Last Don II

Season 1 Episode 1

The Last Don II Part One

Aired Unknown May 03, 1998 on CBS



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    • Rose Marie Clericuzio: (confessing to Priest about her husband's murder) It was my brothers who killed him [Husband Jimmy Santadio] and, if they knew I was telling you this, they would kill me, too. Still, after all these years, they would kill me. I live in fear, Father, every day of my life. They've taken my son, Dante, and they're hiding him.
      Father Luca Tonarini: You must look to God. He has all the answers.
      Rose Marie Clericuzio: What God? Where is he?
      Father Luca Tonarini: Well, he's always listening.
      Rose Marie Clericuzio: He's not listening. This is just a great, big empty space with nobody in it. And, if he is sitting up there somewhere, then why doesn't he give me a sign?

    • Cross De Lena: It was never the Borgettos! They were innocent. The Borgettos were completely innocent!
      Billy D'Angelo: I wouldn't go that far.
      Cross De Lena: Borgetto was punished for something he didn't do. We killed an innocent kid, Billy!
      Billy D'Angelo: Come on, Cross. Maybe the kid wasn't so clean. Hey, you know what they say. If your mom is a garlic and your dad is an onion, how can you smell great?
      Cross De Lena: Hey, this isn't a joke. How do I sleep at night with his blood on my hands?
      Billy D'Angelo: It was my call. I'm the one that's going to have trouble sleeping.

    • Cross De Lena: I'm not too big on parties anymore, either. The dancing…my mom and dad-they were the dancers in our family. They were something. You should have seen them. (looks longingly at a picture of Athena, his wife) And Athena too.
      Josie Cirolia: You never talk about her. I think it would help Bethany if you spoke about her mom. It may help her understand.
      Cross De Lena: Understand? Understand what? She saw what happened to her mother. It's not going to help her to remind her. I'm trying to shield her from that…I'm just trying to be the best father I can be.
      Josie Cirolia: I know. Perhaps you're trying too hard. Be patient. Let her come to you. Let her initiate it. She just needs to be loved, like all of us. We all need to be loved.

    • Don Clericuzio: The future of the Clericuzio is there-my niece Claudia and her fiancé. Such a beautiful couple. How sad. They may never be so happy again. They don't know someday their bodies are going to fail, and then they're going to grow old, and die.
      Billy D'Angelo: What are you talking about? You're invincible.

    • (Lia Vazzi delivers 'telegram' with bullets and muscle.)
      Dirk Von Schelburg: I got the telegram! I got the telegram! (runs out naked as bullets bounce by his feet)

    • Petie Clericuzio: Make a wish, Pop.
      Giorgio Clericuzio: How about 86 more years?
      Don Clericuzio: It defeats the purpose if you wish for more than you can get. I'd settle for 14. I'd like to make 100.
      Giorgio Clericuzio: You've got it, Pop. 100 years is in the bag.
      Don Clericuzio: Aw, nothing's in the bag, Giorgio.

    • Rose Marie Clericuzio: My family doesn't have accidents!

    • Cross De Lena: Hit him [Borgetto] where it counts. An eye for an eye.

    • Cross De Lena: Open your eyes and ears to the slightest hint of betrayal.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dirk's character is patterned after Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is filming The Fumigator which is meant to pattern Arnold's own blockbusters, like The Terminator.

    • When Lia Vazzi first sees Cross, he bends down to kiss Cross' ring. This is reminiscent of the kiss given to Michael Corleone's ring at the end of The Godfather and typical in Mafioso movies to denote godfather/don status.

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