The Last Don II

Season 1 Episode 1

The Last Don II Part One

Aired Unknown May 03, 1998 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Cross De Lena: I'm not too big on parties anymore, either. The dancing…my mom and dad-they were the dancers in our family. They were something. You should have seen them. (looks longingly at a picture of Athena, his wife) And Athena too.
      Josie Cirolia: You never talk about her. I think it would help Bethany if you spoke about her mom. It may help her understand.
      Cross De Lena: Understand? Understand what? She saw what happened to her mother. It's not going to help her to remind her. I'm trying to shield her from that…I'm just trying to be the best father I can be.
      Josie Cirolia: I know. Perhaps you're trying too hard. Be patient. Let her come to you. Let her initiate it. She just needs to be loved, like all of us. We all need to be loved.

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