The Last Don II

Season 1 Episode 2

The Last Don II Part Two

Aired Unknown May 05, 1998 on CBS
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The Last Don II Part Two
Cross becomes the Last Don of the Clericuzio family.
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • There is a continuity error. In the kitchen scene, Cross mentions that Billy's birthday is on March 29. At a later dinner, Cross explains to the other family heads that Billy's birthday is on March 28 instead.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Cross De Lena: Go ahead. Blow out the candle. Make a wish. (Billy blows out candle.) It'll be your last.
        Billy D'Angelo: This has to be some kind of joke.
        Cross De Lena: Well, that depends on what makes you laugh, Billy.

      • Rose Marie Clericuzio: I wish you luck, Della. I hope you'll be as happy in this house as I've been.

      • Giorgio Clericuzio: My father would have been so proud of you. You saved everything he worked his entire life for.
        Cross De Lena: He thought he was the last Don.
        Giorgio Clericuzio: That's what you've become.
        Cross De Lena: That's what I've become because you refused the job.
        Giorgio Clericuzio: You were born for it.
        Cross De Lena: Who knows what I was born for?

      • Josie Cirolia: I didn't want to believe that you were a murderer.
        Cross De Lena: You know what I do. You didn't come here with your eyes shut. This is my life.
        Josie Cirolia: You can get out of it.
        Cross De Lena: Athena said that too.
        Josie Cirolia: I want to believe that you can stop, that there is a way out.
        Cross De Lena: There's no way out. It's too late. It was too late from the day I was born.

      • Claudia De Lena: Is that how you take care of everything? You just knock people off?
        Cross De Lena: If that's what it takes. It works.

      • Pippi De Lena: Human beings are flawed, son. We age, we forget, our sight fails. Flies can see better than we do. Can't you see nothing?

      • Cross De Lena: Well, look around. We're getting to the end. Widows, widowers.
        Billy D'Angelo: An all-out Mafia war is not what we need right now.

      • Cross De Lena: You killed me, Pop. You killed everything good in me.
        Pippi De Lena: No.
        Cross De Lena: You put a gun in my hand and you taught me how to pull the trigger…You're my father and you taught me how to kill.
        Pippi De Lena: Hey, I was looking out for you. I was teaching you how to survive. It was the only way I knew. You're half of me, Cross, maybe not your better half, but I love you son. You got to know that.
        Cross De Lena: Yeah, I know, pop. I know. I love you too. I love you too.

      • Billy D'Angelo: Time for you to get your hands dirty. Here we are, end of the line, last stop for the bottom feeders. No way out.
        Cross De Lena: Nope, no way out.
        Billy D'Angelo: I was so close, about that far away from number one.
        Cross De Lena: It was yours. I never wanted it.
        Billy D'Angelo: I couldn't have it. I'm not blood. But I'll tell you something, if I can't have it, I'm glad that you can. Go ahead. Take me out.
        Cross De Lena: Maybe I should let you do the noble thing. (gives Billy a gun)
        Billy D'Angelo: (Laughs) You still love me after all, don't you? (Billy pulls the trigger but the empty chamber clicks)
        Cross De Lena: No, I don't. (Enter Liz Vazzi) He's all yours.

      • Cross De Lena: (to Josie) I have nothing else to offer. No kind of life. There's not much hope for a future. This family and everyone connected to it could all be killed tomorrow.

      • Cross De Lena: You ever worry about bugs? With the Rico laws, you just saw 'Cosa Nostra', you end up in maximum security.

    • NOTES (1)

      • The Church, St. Cecilia, that Rose Marie runs to is located at the intersection of Annette St. & Pacific Ave. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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