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Phil Miller is the last man on Earth. Which makes him the world's greatest: handyman, athlete, lover, driver, collector, bowler, shopper, mixologist, marksman, plumber, slugger, daredevil, and survivor. The Last Man On Earth is an end-of-the-world comedy that chronicles the life and adventures of an average man who discovers what life is like when no one is telling you what you can and cannot do.


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    • UPDATED 4TH TIME Really Improved, Tandy's Bother Mike Good For The Show!

      Now Season 2 in a half is ok, not horrible, not what I expected coming from the first and I'm mostly banking on his space brother at this point, however they really improved the character development of Phil which was really needed in the show, because he was a character I started to not like at all. There's still room for improvement, I would love if they reset the show with his space bro at this point and just took it in a completely new direction and sort of give us that 1st episode magic. It's characters are not bad theirs good humor and even emotional scenes that are really good, but with the introduction of the brother, its a perfect time to reset the shows direction. So fa what there doing is entertaining me, not what I was hyped for, but its enjoyable so far. I'm really glad to see the explanation of the dead bodies in the show and the brothers introduction to the show was very funny.moreless
    • Meh. Sometimes it's good.

      My favourite episode was the first one. He's all alone in world, what will he do? Ah, ofcourse, stupid things. In his position I'd do some of those as well. Well, I'd get a lambo, for sure, and drive the country looking for gas.

      After that, it went down, maybe because after that first episode he's no longer the last man on earth... so... title doesn't apply anymore, unless it's all in his head. I was really looking forward to what you could do with a one man cast. I thought that was really interesting and I'd keep watching after the first episode, but I realise it could become sad and boring.

      Anyway, adding his brother to the story was nice, made it a bit more interesting.moreless
    • Will Forte's Therapeutic-Venting Vanity Project

      Last Man on Earth, Will Forte's therapeutic-venting vanity project, offered some promise of relief in Season 2 Episode 1, but returns to its sole focus on the noxious, narcissistic, neurotic, rarely-funny Tandy in the following episodes. The post-apocalyptic premise offers endless opportunities for plot and business, but series creator, head writer and star Forte decided to ignore his talented cast in favor of an endless series of adolescent, self-promoting, repetitive "what if Phil Tandy did" sketches -- the TV equivalent of someone's deadbeat uncle telling the same misogynistic story over and over. What a waste of a great premise, a talented cast, and a room full of accomplished writers. Who greenlit this thing?moreless
    • The Funniest dark show out there!

      Great lead, Great characters, great story and funny as hell!

      this is the show i'm waiting for every week!
    • Great Potential

      Wow did this show ever start out great. I was really looking forward to how they would introduce the other characters! Boy was I ever disappointed. The next character to come onto the show was so amazingly annoying, I didn't last more than a another few episodes. Never have I ever encountered a TV show where one of the characters was so bad that I literally couldn't bear to watch. So much wasted potential.moreless
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