The Last Resort

ABC Family (ended 2003)


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The Last Resort

Show Summary

The Last Resort is about troubled couples that go on a hawaiian vacation for five days. To see if there love will re-live once again. When the last day of the vacation comes, who will get back together and who won't? You'll just have to watch to find out!
Total Episodes: 15 Episodes! (5 Season 1, 5 Season 2 (Part 1), and 5 Season 2 (Part 3))


Is The Last Resort Cancelled? Nope, a second season is currently airing!

What are the differences between the first and second seasons? In season one the show based on 4 couples, in season two it will base on 3, another 3, and finally another 3 (Season 2 has 3 parts). Also, Season one aired on weekdays, while season two will air in a weekday time slot (Part 1), then air on weekdays (Part 2), and return to a weekday time slot (Part 3)

Broadcast History

Season One - August 2002-September 2002 ABC Family, Weekdays at 10:00pm.

Season Two (Part 1) - January 2003-February 2003 ABC Family, Mondays at 8:30pm

Season Two (Part 2) - Week of February 24th 2003 ABC Family, Weekdays at 10:00pm.

Season Two (Part 3) - March 2003-April 2003 ABC Family, Mondays at 10:00pmmoreless