The Last Ship

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AIRED ON 8/24/2014

Season 1 : Episode 10

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The Last Ship is based on the 1988 novel by William Brinkley, and it recounts the story of the crew of a US Navy Destroyer when faced with a global crisis created by a pandemic of a virus that destroyed most of the human population, after they return from a 4 month long mission to the Arctic, where they were escorting two scientist who's mission is to study the virus and find a cure.

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

XO Mike Slattery

Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra

Dr. Rachel Scott

Eric Dane

Eric Dane

CO CDR Tom Chandler

Travis Van Winkle

Travis Van Winkle

Lt. Danny Green

Marissa Neitling

Marissa Neitling

LT. Kara Foster

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  • Really exciting show

    Have chewed my nails past the quick and am tearing at my fingers flesh now. This series is excellent and one of the better shows out there. I just hope and prey that it continues into series (sorry, season) 2 and doesn't let up and please, please doesn't go downhill by giving up on the ship and ending out being yet another survival series like all the zombies and vampire and other plague shows. Keep with the military aspect and The Last Ship and hopefully my fingers will have heeled in-time for season 2.moreless
  • Nice!!

    Loved the first season up until the moment a simple police officer with a simple gun manages to take on a uss navy boat full of navy personnel, after the bad russians loaded with nuclear weapons failed like three times, seemed like the only capable personnel was with the captain on the ground the rest is nice lovin mcsteamy :)
  • Really ?

    This is so bad in so many ways ! The stereotypes of the bad Russian who BTW is smoking cigars the bad terrorists and the very very good USA navy is too much fr me to watch I wonder who paid for this piece of propaganda ? A good show shows all flaws and the grey area. Not to mention idiotic story lines where the whole command goes on shore . This black and white stuff brings me back to the lold western with the white hero and the gruesome Indians A definite no-no for me But I see al ot of people enjoy the show.moreless
  • The Best show Ever

    I have never wrote a review for any show before, but this show is bar non the best most gripping show I have ever seen. The charactors, the story line is so realistic so probuble I can't wait to see more absolutly amazing

    keep up the good work I can hardly wait to see the next season all I can say is THANK YOU keep it up
  • Quite enjoying this show and well written.

    I was worried after watching the pilot that it was going to loose my interest half way though but it has keep me wanting more and waiting for the next episode. I hated to see season 1 end with only 10 episodes but ending on a cliffhanger i hope to see more very soon.

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