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Season 1 preview so far. Thumbs Up!

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    [1]Aug 18, 2014
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    This season started off slow like most new shows. Those of us that hung in there with it got the pay off. The show has a solid foundation now and a cure as season 1 reaches finale. The character development was slow at first but has solidified throughout the season. This episode brought new characters and hints of what is to come in future episodes.

    I think the last three episodes really took this show where it needed to go and fans that have stuck with it now have some solid emotional attachments to the characters they relate too. If season 2 continues progressing the story of the one ship that can save humanity and the struggles they will face while trying to survive and complete the mission they took upon themselves this show is destined to become one of the greats.

    I choose to stick with it for the long run. I am impressed with how season 1 has played out so far and appreciate how the writers and production have not tried to be exact with the science or the military conduct but are really producing an entertaining show.

    The Last Ship after this episode coupled with the last episode has won me over as a fan for the duration. I'll stick with this show now til the end.

    It's worth your time if you enjoy this kind of programming.

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    When does Sting show up?

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