The Last Templar

Season 1 Episode 1

Part One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2009 on NBC



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    • Sean: Are you always this cynical?
      Tess: Is it cynical to doubt and to question? I mean, after all, it's the basis of the scientific method.
      Sean: Well, I don't hear doubt; I hear dismissal. Look, if religion is as much of a fairytale as you make it out to be, why does it matter so much to so many?

    • Sean: (to Tess) Okay, this is how it's gonna work. You will not question suspects. You will not investigate these murders. You will allow me – for once – to do my job, and it will be a good day when I don't have to rescue you!

    • Tess: (to Sean) The Knights Templar were guardians of the Church. They were guardians of the Holy Truth that you believe in! Now, the decoder will unlock their writings, and… if it's lost, their message that would mean so much to faithful people like yourself the world over, it would be gone forever. That… is the power of archaeology.

    • Tess: By the way, if you're not gonna thank me for making you guys look good and catching the bad guy and all that, the least you could do is replace my Manolos.
      Sean: I'm sorry? Your what?
      Tess: (extending a grimy foot with a tattered shoe) My Manolo Blahniks.
      Sean: Manolo who?
      Nick Aparo: If you gotta ask, you can't afford 'em.

    • Sean: Let me get this straight. You steal a police horse, ride off into the park after bad guys who just beheaded a cop. You chase them down, you corner one and nearly impale him with a stick. Is that right?
      Tess: Yes. And it's not a stick! It's a crozier, it's a ceremonial staff used by popes.
      Sean: I stand corrected. Are you insane?

    • Tess: I don't steal artifacts from museums; I dig them up out of the ground.
      Nick Aparo: Mrs. Indiana Jones?
      Tess: (sarcastic tone) Ha, ha, ha ha. That's it. I'm the sequel to the prequel.

  • Notes

    • The US broadcast used a modified end credits, excluding the actors listed below (all with little or no dialogue), and some of the lower level crew, such as all but two of the stuntmen. Additionally, the same credits ran each night, not differentiating who appeared in which part.

      Ken C. Tran (Martial Arts Instructor), Jennifer Marcil (Turkish Airlines Employee), Elkahna Talbi (Turkish Airline Passenger), Igor Ovadis (Older Man on Plane), Michael Mando (Necla First Mate), and Patrick Costello (Groom).

    • Special billing was given to Kenneth Welsh (with), Omar Sharif (with), and Scott Foley (and).

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