The Last Templar

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  • Bad story and very bad actors.

    At 1st I was quite intested in the story, but the actors just killed my interest. The girl has no idea and no skill about archeology, the FBI agent... maybe he should work on how FBI agents think and react. The story might have been interesting, but the way it's told... and the bad perfomance of both main actors just kills anything. Try to avoid it, but I am sure the book is far far better than the movie. Also the Vatican side of the story that's even worse. The Vatican for sure knows what the decoder is for and how important it is. The part of the story that should have been interesting is not only how to find the missing scroll but also how the decoder was made and how the code was used. But there are just details... the main actress is more interested in shoes rather that in acting.
  • No where near as good as the book but also no where near as bad as some people say.

    The plot is based on the book of the same name and of whichi was a big fan. This is surprisingly faithful to it in many ways and unlike other adaptations of quazi-historical/ religious material it makes no excuses for its content.

    Having said that the two lead characters were woefully miscast and although they did a good job there are a dozen other actors that would have been far more comfortable both with the roles and with each other.

    Still the direction is solid and the writing is spot on with a lot of dialougue very well transferred from book to screen.

    All in all a very solid effort and wel worth a watch if it is on.
  • such a lame investigation on Turkey side of the story. such weak logic in story setup.

    Bodrum is civilised city,with modern airfield,beautiful town,yellow cabs.
    Scenery is nothing like aegian coast,in real it is sand and soil but still with alot of vegetation.
    Cast is definitely arabic origin. Clothings are not like local people of area.
    Movie makers even didnt bother investigate on Turkish car plates. It is bluesign with TR but plates are "43 AB 110", not "43 32 ALD".
    Movie is shot definetly in middle east or north africa, nothing close to anatolia. Why shoot the movie somewhere but insist on naming it Bodrum? Make the story in Damascus and shoot there if to insist on middleast scenery.
    Also, the buried village was covered with ashes, roof they found was intact but the walls became cave walls. The courtyard towards chuch was not filled with ashes(how come), roof cover (such a large area)was strong enough not to collapse for several hundered years. and after everything she said about uncovering secrets and history, she lets the parchments fly off the cliff. with what mind she opens the bottle and tries to read them(so frigile by age)in such wind?
    So many funny mistakes.
  • Very loosely based on historical evidence, twisting it with every turn it takes. Decent acting and direction, and some adventure which makes it watchable, but just that.

    I think the main problem with these episodes is that they are based on a ridiculous book, with a storyline so little believable that it doesn't manage to stir the reader's imagination at any point. The characters are as generic as can be, a few pages into the book and you can already guess what their next line is going to be. The historical background is virtually non-existent, and the writer gives the impression that the only points he wants to keep of it are the ones which will cause the desired emotional response from his readership : romance, faith and the pursuit of true christian belief. Other than that there are gaping black holes in the story, that simply cannot be fixed without re-writing it.

    As a result these episodes suffer from the same lack of credibility and interesting storyline, so the best that one can make of them is a relatively pleasant afternoon in the couch, and some time effortlessly spent. Not bad, but you can find other things to watch. I'm giving it a 6 because of the direction and the actors.
  • Just 2 words to describe this mini-series: historical inaccuracy...

    When I saw this mini-series on TV guide, I said to myself "Why not ?, it can't be worse than the Da Vinci Code" but you know what, it was.
    At least Dan Brown had the historical background more or less right: that program in the other hand sets the Templars' downfall in Jerusalem (which, by the way, is not located next to the sea, thank you geography class) in the 13th century whereas it is well known that it occured in France in the 14th century under the French king's authority (Philippe IV to be precise) thanks to his self-appointed Pope (Clément V).
    After this short history class and to cut a long story short, this show is crap.
  • Painfully Awful! AVOID! (warning MAJOR* SPOILER about the end)


    I knew it wouldn't be great, but I was willing to be entertained by a Dan Brown/DaVinci Code ripoff. And that's what it was - thought not as amusing or interesting. I suffered through lame dialogue, fake CGI - to find the last 15 so painfully bad I wish I had never watched.

    She let's go of a document that needed to be examined to find out if it was true or not-- all because she had Suddenly FOUND GOD and decided that if a belief made people happy there was no reason to question any of it or examine anything that might reflect negatively on that belief. Seriously????? That actually angered all of us watching and we screamed at the tv as we saw it coming.

    I was about to turn it off and give it 2 stars... when it got WORSE....

    we're then shown that the Templars FAKED the document ... (just in case any of us were worried that there might be any doubt to Jessus' story and any question about the bible's veracity).

    and then as if we weren't already wishing we could give NEGATIVE stars....

    her new BF wakes up because she prayed for him and found god.
  • I don't know what to say.

    So, I am not sure what to say about this miniseries. I found myself slightly entertained and the romance is kind of cute. However, as an anthropologist I could not help but be a bit offended for the archaeologist I know. As they are not actually grave robbers and do not just travel to other countries and start digging up other peoples history with out any sort of official okay by the government. Also, you never ever work alone! That is just silly. Digs are big productions. So, now that I've ranted on a point of professional pride the show wasn't bad. It was not great, but like I said kind of cute and not a total waste of time.
  • Single mom, archiologist chases down theives/Knights of Templar on horseback, wearing her cocktail dress in NYC. FBI agent asigned to the case joins in search for the Templar's secrets. Action, romance, history, comedic moments.

    I love the 2 main characters & the actors portraying them. However, there is a lack of believability in the way the scenes are being played out. seems the script writers did not do enough homework in the facts department. The most glaring thing to me is how any archiologist with an oz. of experience/training would not just start digging willy nilly without taking measurements, pictures, recording findings, etc. Unthinkable to just dig a hole & dive into a hidden city! This could have been so much better. We certainly need more successful, independent women heroines. Would love to see it as a series with better writing.
  • I have not read the book, but I have no doubt the author is angry. Someone took a good plot and storyline and butchered it into something really bad and unbelievable.

    Working my way back from the end of the first part, an FBI agent gets on an airplane bound for Turkey with no luggage, does he carry his passport @ all times? What did he do with his gun? He certainly doesn't have it, he would not be allowed on the plane. Also, as an FBI agent he has no jurisdiction outside the US. His boss just let him take off to Turkey? Laughable. That man would have lost his job along time ago, like after the first time he put cuffs and threatened an the American citizen without cause.
    In the church when the FBI agents were being shot at, uummm,, what happened to collecting the spent casings to find the fingerprints of the shooter? How about call for backup WHILE the shooter is still there.

    Too many holes, too much lame dialog. Maybe next time the producers should hire a proffesional to do the script