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  • This is a series that will leave you totaly gob smacked and in denial that such an incident could occur, but it can and this is what happens after and astroid hits earth. How do you survive? Are you the only survivors?

    Just as viewers were recovering from the plethora of nuclear war-inspired dramas in the 1980s, the late 1990s saw a spate of films and documentaries on another disaster subject. Realisation had grown that the type of doomsday asteroid impact that contributed to the dinosaurs' extinction was not a one-off event. This had been backed up by scientific evidence that pointed to a series of impacts in Earth's history.
    Programme makers were not slow to follow this up and two movie blockbusters, Deep Impact and Armageddon appeared in 1998, offering differing versions of what would happen if Earth was threatened by an asteroid on collision course. However, neither showed the aftermath of an impact. This was where The Last Train came in, with one of ITV's biggest-budgeted efforts: a six-part drama showing how a small group of people could attempt to survive in the water-contaminated, buildings-destroyed aftermath of such a collision. They are passengers on a London-to-Sheffield train that is in a tunnel at the moment of impact. The tunnel and most of the train is destroyed and the survivors are frozen by the gaseous contents of a canister carried by scientist Harriet Ambrose. When they awake and emerge from the wreckage, everything they knew has gone, and at least two decades of decay has been added to it. Most of the computer-generated special effects are in episode one, where a Sheffield laid waste is seen in detail, but parts of the city were also recreated in a disused psychiatric hospital, and several location settings were also featured, including a disused holiday camp. The small group of survivors slowly take in what has happened, begin to form into a team that has its own triumphs and (very moving) tragedy to face, and heads towards a spectacular conclusion as they head north.
  • Post apocalyptic drama that could have been far far better

    I had high hopes for The Last Train.

    The very first episode was superb - it set the scene brilliantly for the horror that was to follow. The sense of impending doom, the feeling that you know what was coming when the characters had no idea, all added up to lure you into the programme.

    Unfortunately by the next episode, all that had kept me glued to the TV during the pilot had disappeared.

    It become more and more improbable with each plot twist; I still found myself unable to switch off but only to see how the writers would cover up the plot holes and try to maintain some realism in an increasingly bizarre, confusing and really trying storyline. Eventually I found myself saying why bother? Still I stuck with it to the end in the hope of a conclusion that would make it all worthwhile but unfortunately I hoped in vain.

    It could have been a really good series but never mind. It was worth a shot.
  • The Last Train is simply fantastic, was the best drama/sci fi Tv show i ever watched!

    The Last Train is my favourite Tv show of all time, since it's first episode in 1999 i have been hooked and since i was only 10 years old when the series was first shown, i think it increadible that i can still remember the show. For the last few years The Last Train has been repeated on ITV2 and the Sci Fi channel, and both times i have missed the show due to having no digital TV. Since 2003 i have started a petition to get The Last Train relised onto Video/ DVD. My webpage is
    and once i get loads of signtures i will able to sent my petition off too Granada/ Sci-Fi channel, and see if it will ever be possible for this Great series to be relised to the public.

    Please sign my petition, the most signtures the better, Thank you, Kylie.
  • Post apoloclyptic survival story.

    The Last Train, as the title suggests, is about a journey that a group of strangers take from Derby. As they go into a tunnel, a girl acts mysteriously, and a container falls out of her satchel. They are cryogenically frozen. They awake 50 years later, and she explains that earth is no more as they remember, to them it is only a few minutes into the tunnel, but life has changed. A meteorite has hit the earth, and everything is different, dogs roam the street, tearing apart flesh, and they go on HIld's mission to Ark, where they learn it is a lot more than 50 years have passed. Fantastic drama, and just the right length not to bore. Stars Amita Dhiri better known as Millie from This Life.
  • I don’t usually review anything that I see on TV but yesterday the Sci-Fi channel showed all six episodes of The Last Train. It was interesting to see the show without all the hype of 1999’s original broadcast and this was a good idea…

    I don’t usually review anything that I see on TV but yesterday the Sci-Fi channel showed all six episodes of The Last Train. It was interesting to see the show without all the hype of 1999’s original broadcast and this was a good idea…
    Looking back at the time the programme was originally broadcast we were after watching the Hollywood sweetened “what if” scenario of Armageddon and Deep Impact but never thought about a more local point of view. The choice of Sheffield will touch a nerve with those who remembered the Horrifying (but brilliant) Threads that coldly looked at a world after a nuclear war. This time Sheffield was only a bit player in a story that finishes with a visit to the so-called “ARK” in Scotland. But the impression is no less shocking.
    The story surrounds a group of people in a train heading north from London but mainly surrounds Harriet Ambrose played by Nicola Walker who is a scientist who is racing to get to her bunker in Scotland before the world ends. Of course the rest of the passengers do not know but they are mysteriously hibernated when Harriet’s canister of gas is deployed by the disaster. Again the audience still wonders what happens but this becomes clear. What happens is that an asteroid hits Africa and the world, as we know it is destroyed. Simple as that. Up to this moment the show is simply unforgettable with drama at every turn. However, sadly, the show starts to slip with too many holes in the plot. For example, if it has been so long since the disaster, how did they manage to get a van and fuel? I know they try and explain but forty years is a very long time remembering that. Second, no one seems to know what is going on in the beginning but Harriet’s race to get to Scotland leaves no one curious. I know I would be. Finally towards the end it doesn’t answer any questions like, Geddes and Harriet must have had some kind of relationship but when his tag is added to the collection as Hild is giving birth, we are led to believe that his son was one of the chasing group. How is that possible? One other thing, what happened to the rest of them, did they all die or survive? I know I am asking too many questions considering I found the programme unmissable every time I saw it. But I get the feeling that the writers were leaving space for a second series and the powers that be didn’t go with it. It is a shame that this did not happen. Even a narrative by Anita (which I found brilliant) would have solved this. Still, I would not have missed it for the world and will watch it again.