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On January 3, 2005, Craig Ferguson became the newest face in late night television. That's when he took over The Late Late Show. Ferguson was selected from a number of guest hosts after previous host Craig Kilborn stepped down in August 2004. Many people might recognize Craig as "Nigel Wick", Drew Carey's boss from The Drew Carey Show. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson follows the traditional "late night talk show formula", which includes the host coming out from backstage and talking to the audience for a few minutes, then sits down at his desk, interviews a couple guests, and brings on an occasional stand-up comedian or musical talent to perform. The Late Late Show airs Monday-Friday at 12:35 am on CBS, following The Late Show with David Letterman. Theme Song: It's Hard to Stay Up It's Been a Long, Long Day and You Got the Sandman at the Door But Hang On, Leave the TV On and Let's Do It Anyway It's OK, You Can Always Sleep Through Work Tomorrow, OK? Hey Hey Tomorrow's Just a Future Yesterday Performed by Craig Fergusonmoreless

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  • America is a continent not a country

    Monique Daviau, I just wanted to let you know that there is not a country called America. you see America is a continent of which the United States are a part of... Canada Mexico and many other countries are also a part of AMERICA

    I LOVE CRAIG, I started watching him every night at 14 years old and have watched him every night since, but anyone who says craig hasnt grown bored and tired is kidding themselves. He wanted to leave years ago and the network should have just let him go because his heart's not in it anymore. Its literally all the same penis jokes and gay innuendo, the monologue has like 2 jokes and then some really awful ad libbing between Geoff and Craig about wieners and things that sound semi dirty. The intros with guests are okay but mostly awkward, and the horse bit has been done to death and needs to go too. He is done trying to be creative and really funny, and can you blame him? about a decade of this crap 5 times a week! Id be bored too, anyone who just started watching him go back to 2005-2010 Craig back before he needed a sidekick to lean on for comedy, the man was a genius and even more lovable and endearing than Carson in his prime, although Craig lacks the longevity of Carson as seen by the crap the show has become.

  • 2 out of 3

    8.8 is awesome buddy!
  • One of my favorite talk/variety shows

    Most recent ep (13-14)
  • Everything different

    Watch anything else late night and you get the exact same show over and over. Networks only seem to use the same cookie cutter that Steve Allen started in 1956. Well, I've seen enough of that.

    Now I can watch Craig Ferguson smash cookie cutters every evening and never guess where he'll go next. It's one of he very few creative shows on TV and the only one that's been aired late night in decades.

    I see that some don't like political jokes now that it's at the expense of their guy. Too bad for them. Obama jokes are funnier than the old Bush jokes that bitter old Letterman can't seem to get beyond. Leno is good but much too predictable. Too bad he's being replaced by the pablum kid. Craig is doing just fine and I hope he keeps mixing it up.moreless

    Will Arnett, Judd Apatow, and More Will Guest-Host The Late Late Show After CraigyFerg Steps Down

    CBS is calling in favors from a few famous friends to bridge the gap until James Corden takes over in March.


    CBS Confirms That James Corden Will Replace Craig Ferguson as Host of The Late Late Show

    Corden is best known for his award-winning role in Gavin & Stacey, which he co-wrote and co-created.

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