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Show Summary

On January 3, 2005, Craig Ferguson became the newest face in late night television. That's when he took over The Late Late Show. Ferguson was selected from a number of guest hosts after previous host Craig Kilborn stepped down in August 2004. Many people might recognize Craig as "Nigel Wick", Drew Carey's boss from The Drew Carey Show. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson follows the traditional "late night talk show formula", which includes the host coming out from backstage and talking to the audience for a few minutes, then sits down at his desk, interviews a couple guests, and brings on an occasional stand-up comedian or musical talent to perform. The Late Late Show airs Monday-Friday at 12:35 am on CBS, following The Late Show with David Letterman. Theme Song: It's Hard to Stay Up It's Been a Long, Long Day and You Got the Sandman at the Door But Hang On, Leave the TV On and Let's Do It Anyway It's OK, You Can Always Sleep Through Work Tomorrow, OK? Hey Hey Tomorrow's Just a Future Yesterday Performed by Craig Fergusonmoreless
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  • One of my favorite talk/variety shows

    Most recent ep (13-14)
  • Everything different

    Watch anything else late night and you get the exact same show over and over. Networks only seem to use the same cookie cutter that Steve Allen started in 1956. Well, I've seen enough of that.

    Now I can watch Craig Ferguson smash cookie cutters every evening and never guess where he'll go next. It's one of he very few creative shows on TV and the only one that's been aired late night in decades.

    I see that some don't like political jokes now that it's at the expense of their guy. Too bad for them. Obama jokes are funnier than the old Bush jokes that bitter old Letterman can't seem to get beyond. Leno is good but much too predictable. Too bad he's being replaced by the pablum kid. Craig is doing just fine and I hope he keeps mixing it up.moreless
  • I Want the old Late Late Show Back

    Let me start by saying I Tivo Craig every night so I haven't missed a show in years.... I used to have such a crush on him... was actually disappointed when he got married... as if... He used to be so hot, and his show was, and still is the best late night show.... but its lost a lot of what made me love it... He used to be cute, but then he got that Mr. Cleaver crew cut hairdo... and started wearing three piece suits and got rid of the puppets and his monologue is now about his penis instead of interesting stuff that he used to talk about.... . I anticipate everything he's going to say now, because he says the same thing over and over... "See what I did" for example. The only part of the show that's good is the opening before the intro, with audience members, and guests if they're good.... the penis monologues the tweets and emails... terrible.... I rarely watch the whole show past the monologue unless a guest is someone I really like. Its a shame its going downhill.... it seems to be related to moving to the bigger studio, although he had the bad haircut before that.... if you look at the picture he shows sometimes, with his ferrets that's the haircut that made him so hot!moreless
  • Sean Connery meets Larry King

    There are only three things to remember about LATE LATE.

    1) There are no rules and no band.

    2) He works every night without a net.

    3) If you don't find this funny go watch the competition. I dare you. You'll keep coming back to see what Craig is doing now.

    No one has made LATE night most Fresh than Craig. He appeals to all. Is great with his guests. Is inappropriate for your mom. But she'll laugh out loud.

    For eight plus years and several trips abroad Craig has taken puppets where no man has gone since Bob Keeshan and his Moose. Everything is always in play from the dancing interns to his kangaroo balls.

    You watch other Late Night shows to see what the guests are doing. You watch Craig, well, because you watch Craig - he makes you happy.moreless
  • A clever title

    I absolutely LOVE Craig Ferguson! Just turned on to him couple months ago, and now I am up til 1230am M-F, watching this crazy guy and Secretariat and Geoff!!! Love, Love the show....

    Report: British Actor James Corden Will Replace Craig Ferguson as Host of The Late Late Show

    Corden is best known for his award-winning role in Gavin & Stacey, which he co-wrote and co-created.


    Craig Ferguson Is Stepping Down from The Late Late Show

    The funny man announced his departure during the taping of Monday night's episode.

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